pwnedThe iOS SDK 4.1 beta was just seeded to developers a few hours ago and believe it or not, you can already jailbreak it. The Dev Team didn’t even have to do any work on the now famous RedSn0w as the 0.9.5b5-5 version can jailbreak iOS 4.1 beta.

Instructions to jailbreak your iPhone iOS 4 with RedSn0w remain the same. However, remember this is still a beta version. To date, this version of RedSn0w is only compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G (non MC models).

Also remember that iOS 4.1 beta is called “beta” for a reason. It is released for developers and the general public should stay away from it.

  • brad


  • Duetschpire

    I think apple has more important a huge problems to deal with ATM than to care about patching the jailbreaks, that’s AWESOME roflmfao

  • Nick

    Is it recommended to just wait for Spirit?

  • Duetschpire

    it’s recommended to stay away from beta releases at all mate

  • Nick


    Lol agreed man, thanks.

  • OS X User

    @ Sebastien any news on that rumor that it will have a watermark for jailbeakers ?

  • OS X User

    Nevermind I just got a tweet from MuscleNerd and he said its fake, there is no watermark .

  • Lets wait for the full version to jailbreak it.But i have heard that there are some bugs in this beta.

  • Aliya Siddiqui

    hey check out this blog I found it useful to unlock and jailbreak os 4.

  • So, the watermark is just a rumor?

  • Jaylin

    I’m about to try this with final iOS 4.1 on 3G wish me luck ;D Will let you know 😛