Broken Antenna

Well, it took Apple just about 3 weeks to react to the negative press they were getting about the iPhone 4 antenna issue. Apple sent an invite to a few tech journalists for a press conference this Friday, and while it’s not clearly said the conference will address the “Antennagate”, one can only assume this will be the topic of choice.

The fact this problem was brought to the mainstream when Consumer Reports said they don’t recommend the iPhone 4 is probably the reason why Apple is having a press conference on this matter. The conference will be this coming Friday, at 10am PST.


  • mike.main

    You mean they “don’t” recommend the iPhone 4 yah?

    • @Mike Good catch. It’s been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Javier

    I think a couple of drinks and sushi, salmon and caviar aperitives is pinuts to apple compared to the cost of a bad image. Bad reaction timing though.

  • Flo

    Hi everybody!
    What about the other issues? The yellow desease, the dead pixels stuff and so on…
    I wished I had an iPhone 4, but I don’t feel this one is such a big surprise! The system except multitasking wich I already got with the jailbreak and facetime is really not enough to make me step forward!!!
    If Steve is not clear and persuasive enough, maybe some of his customers -me first!- will check what’s going on with HTC and Android… πŸ˜‰

  • Z

    A few Apple martinies and Apple cool aid will definitely solve the problem πŸ˜‰

  • ghettocowboy

    They will demonstrate all the phones have their g-spot like iPhone 4. Just that you have to look little harder in other phones…

    And they will tell you to not use your left hand when holding the phone. Problem solved

  • Gayan

    I use my iPhone 4 in japan also I bought it in japan. The thing is I tried to hold the iPhone to find the Antana GSpot but I don’t get the issue .
    Maybe I’m not a GSpot man :), maybe I’m lucky…?
    Also I don’t hear any complains from Japanese friends who use iPhone 4 over drop calls or any antana issue πŸ™‚
    Is there any possibility this could be a network. Issue like an AT&T issue??
    Searously guys I don’t get any drop calls, but I had connection errors with my 3Gs.
    Also I don’t have any yellow disease. πŸ™‚
    I love my iphone

  • That Guy

    Haha, Gayan. Masked fanboi.

    Just do any search, watch video after video of not just watching the bars drop when someone touches the spot, but also look at the videos of people running speed tests during the process.

  • Well, I’ve tried to do the death grip and I’ve watched my phone drop to 2 or 3 bars but I’m on edge when it happens and we have a horrible AT&T service in my town. I put a case on it and it doesnt’ drop, the only thing is even when the bars drop it doesn’t drop a call and I have to admit(even though I’d love to look at Apple and say “see your not perfect”) it gets far better service than my 3G that I had before I got this one so I’m confused. It show’s less bars but I get better service??? I don’t like to say it but maybe the issue truly is the OS and the way they coded the amont of bars you get? I’m not a fan boy….this is my second Apple product ever and the first one was the iPhone 3G, I just don’t think this is really what it appear but if they recall I’ll jump right back to my old iPhone 3G an wait happliy for my shiny “brand new” iPhone for non-death grip version!

  • screw all the broke haters

    i have had no issues with ip4 and i think its just people whos mom or dad wont buy them the phone because they have no job or ambition to get a job or just cant afford it, i also have several friends with ip4 and they have had no issues to all the whiners…get a life and a job and buy one for yourself and see….. because if you havent bought one yet you should not even post anything about it ……because you dont know for yourself ..”DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!” ……BUY ONE..and quit your bitchin!

  • @ screw all the broke haters – As they say there is no smoke without fire. Just the fact that Apple are holding a press conference is surely evidence in itself that there is some “issue”.

    I guess we’ll find out soon πŸ™‚