I told you this morning about PlanetBeing’s unlock for the iPhone 4. PlanetBeing put up a video on YouTube explaining the unlock, which is the very first carrier unlock for the iPhone 4 in the world.

According to PlanetBeing, this unlock is still a beta version and needs a lot of cleaning before being potentially released to the public. PlanetBeing also confirmed that MuscleNerd is working on a software unlock as well, and they will decide which of the 2 methods to release when they are ready to.

  • Stone Dagger

    Fcking Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • kenny

    they guys are amazing ! love the 3gs unlock will bee getting a iphone 4 from o2 and unlocking next month 😀 cant wait 😛

  • Jimmy

    I’m so fucking excited!!!! I paid full price for the phone and still locked to motherfucking AT&T!!!! Thanks to these guys that I’ll have an UNLOCKED iPhone after all!!!!!

  • baba

    Can’t wait need my 3gs and iphone4 unlock, i am tired of us carries locking the phones even though i paid full price

  • Z

    Word to everyone angry at locked phones. It is relatively annoying, especially when you can go to Canada and buy an officially unlocked phone.

    Congratulations to the challengers on the achievment! Well done and good luck!

  • Chris

    If u live in uk your iPhone 4 might be unlocked officially anyway

  • Chris

    @ Kenny
    buy your iPhone on the network you use. In uk there are 4 networks that sell iPhone 4

  • Kenny

    I need tmobile but it just says comming soon so just wait till my contract ends and maby swap to 02

  • Jeb Lawrence

    Hahah, he’s so happy; grinning ear to ear the whole time. Awesome. Nice work dudes.

  • Great news from the DEVTEAM, I love these guys they are so humble in what they do, not at all like that little egotistical genius freak Geohot.

  • NaThom

    I just wanna tether! I’m stoked! These folks kick ass!

  • Kenny

    Just got iphone 4 on o2. Amazin jailbrake lol wifi problems now tho