These are PlanetBeing’s own words, talking about the iPhone 4 unlock on Twitter. The Dev Team has been working on the iOS 4 and more specifically the iPhone 4 unlock for quite a while now and it seems we’re not too far from an official release, as we talked about yesterday.

PlanetBeing iPhone 4 Unlock

Looking at MuscleNerd‘s Twitter activity, one can only assume that the famous ultrasn0w iPhone unlock will be updated soon to give access to an iPhone 4 unlock to the masses. However, we need a jailbreak first, and the word going around is that Spirit for iOS 4 will be released as soon as the unlock is ready.

With Apple rumored to push an update to iOS 4, the Dev Team might want to wait a bit before releasing a jailbreak and unlock. We’ll see.

  • Nice one!
    I want it too!!!

  • suhteevin

    The Dev Team and Comex are the reason why I enjoy my iPhone so much. The iPhone is loads of fun w/o being jailbroken, but it is a whole other world when it is. Great job guys! Can’t wait for the release.

  • Javier

    I have a question. My 3GS is still at 3.1.2. If apple releases 4.01 and the jailbreak/unlock is only for 4.0, how come will I be able to update to 4.0 if apple stops signing 4.0 SHSHs ?. Do I have to hurry up to update to 4 and save the blobs on saurik’s server ?. Thanks.

  • Bona P

    Yes!!! Jb for iOS4 !

  • blah

    Not again… PLEASE wait until Apple releases their update. They are clearly waiting for the update to block it, but are should be obligated to release their update soon, whereas the dev team has no time line so they should just wait it out.

    I know they won’t read this, but hopefully someone on their team is thinking the same thing, obviously sebastien has at least thought of this too

  • JUN

    Way to go Dev Team we will contribute for your hard work…keep up the good work

  • Tom

    @Javier as I understand it you can always upgrade your firmware but you can’t downgrade unless you have shsh blobs. Just wait don’t ever update to firmware with no jailbreak as you then lose it. Why go to 4.0 now as it sucks..