GeoHotIt seems GeoHot is done with the iPhone jailbreak community. After teasing us with what ended up being a fake iPhone 4 jailbreak, GeoHot put an end to it all by completely shutting down his Twitter account. Additionally, he made his blog an invite-only place.

GeoHot has been complaining for a while about people harassing him about jailbreaks and release dates, which is probably what motivated his decision. While he didn’t clearly say goodbye to the jailbreak community, GeoHot seems to be retiring from the scene, at least for now.

I was able to read GeoHot’s last tweets last night but unfortunately I didn’t take screenshots of them but my Twitter buddy Farouk Zouari did. Basically GeoHot was saying that he was tired of hearing the same questions all the time. He also mentioned that some of us care way too much about the iPhone, which in the end is “just a phone”.

GeoHot Last Tweets

GeoHot had been flamed for a while by many who see in him as an egocentric kid. While you can’t argue the kid has a very strong ego, he still has the freedom to do whatever he wants and we should all respect that.

Something tells me we will see GeoHot again. Until then, let’s wish him good luck.

  • Aaron

    I was following him on twitter up until yesterday. I followed him because his name was all over everything Jailbreak a while back. If he was smart he would have used his GeoHot account to talk about JB news and created a personal account to talk about his thoughts of how cool Avatar was…..

  • You can get the screenshots of his last two tweets here.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    thanks for you yime Geohot. thats all i can say. i can also thank the people that spammed the guy demanding his time for free for their own selfish pleasure. cause in the end it gets you nothing. i honestly dont blame the guy.

  • Aaron

    ….and I actually sent him a “tweet” telling him that most of the people following him are expecting JB news, and most of us do not care how cool he thinks Avatar is. Maybe I am a jerk, but I was sick of him always crying about people asking him what he was working on…..

  • SoCoMagNuM

    im sorry but people just need to be patient. people always want NOW NOW NOW. good luck in the fast life.

  • Aaron

    Nah, that is fine. But he should expect that people are going to ask him questions, he seems to get so damn defensive. It is not like he is the only person on earth that is harassed with questions on Twitter.

  • Brian

    Stop defending this egomaniac!!

    Yes, he does have the right to do what he wants and no, he doesnt owe anybody anything.

    That is quite obvious.

    But when the little twerp starts to screw with people, then he should expect the REAMING he is now getting.

    The balloon fiasco was a joke…..

    Then he puts out a FAKE pic claiming he has a JB, BUT says TOO BAD…I AINT PUTTING IT OUT.

    To act like that he should expect to get flamed…his actions are simply immature and egomanical……Its as if he gets off on screwing with people and acting like he is ‘above others looking down at them’…..he seems to get off on jerking people around…he gets off on the attention…

    Yes, he can do what he wants and no, he does not owe anybody anything…but that does not excuse his actions….HE DOES NOT OWE people a ‘screw job’….yet that is what he enjoys doing….

    How do folks feel who have recently donated to him? I see plenty who said they donated recently and were wondering if he was going to give back the donations. Obviously, he is not. And he shouldnt for past donations, but he most certainly should repay anyody that donated to him recently.

    Did people also take note that on twitter he said ‘I am not working on a JB’, and 2 days later he is tweeting to somebody telling them to DONATE A NEW IPHONE 4 to him and he would get a ‘shout out’ on his blog for doing so?

    Good grief….The JB/UL world DOES NOT NEED THIS TWERP. Hell, the world in general does not need people like him…..He aint the only person who can hack a device and in fact, most of his stuff was buggier then hell anyway……HE IS NOT NEEDED!!! NOR is his ME ME ME, egomanical, immature, head games playing, attitude needed.

    I am THRILLED he closed his twitter account and thrilled his blog is now private….it stops him from playing these endless games of his with the MASSES. He aint an idiot. He is well aware that gazzilions of people hang on his every word….and he knows this allows him to screw with gazzillions of people at the same time and he LOVES DOING JUST THAT, VERY OBVIOUSLY! Now he cant do this anymore….and to me that is a GOOD THING.

    He should stick with his 19 year old butt buddy (sickos!!), and ream eachy other rather then reaming the masses.

    Again, he can do what he wants and no, he doesnt owe us anything…..which means he doesnt owe it to SCREW with a gazzillion people with FAKE B.S. and by doing so, he deserves to get reamed as he is.

    • Joe

      I bet u feel stupid now how’s limera1n a**hole

  • SoCoMagNuM


    If its his goal to “toy with people” then congratulations. Hes successful. You proved you point. What makes you any better than he? Really? Name calling? Really?

    Again reason he prolly did that is to get people off his back. He asked to cut him some slack yet people failed to comply. You said so yourself he doesnt owe anyone anything…so why is it such a big deal? He isnt the only person in the JB community that can do the software.

    If hes all what you claim he is then why not be the better person and not entertain it. Im just sayin that in anyones defense.

  • Irha

    Nice to see a change in your tone lately about GeoHot (but it is too late). You used to be one of those ignorant guys who used to think he has responsibility to serve the community (and might have indirectly influenced his decision to retire).

  • steveb

    good riddance to the irritating little twerp!

  • Dann

    What a fucking baby, of course people want their fucking iPhones jailbroken.

  • its just a phone

    called it.

    -it IS just a phone.

    -Brian types way too much, will get his comeuppeance back from the free market system later on (a couple dollars?), and will have an excellent self-revelation whilst studying psychology of fears.

    -Geoman will get a nice job in a place where brains are required, and has launched what should be an excellent career. Good on him!

  • Banghouse


    Yes you are 100% right…. Good Riddance! The funny thing about all this is that people are behaving like the man is God. When you pay someone that much attention he/she will start believing he is holier than thou.

    And yes Brian is right, his program was buggy as hell… I used Spirit and it made everything seem seamless. There are others out there that can hack iphones, so f%@k the little nerdy looking twerp!

    Oh btw I suggest you iphone fanatics drop this BS phone for the HTC EVO 4G. Just by going through all this nonsense makes iphone an inferior phone to the newer droids. PERIOD!

    I’m just laughing at all the idiots that bragged about how many sales Apples had on its first day as justification for why its a superior phone. LMAO……. Yes a million people ran out to by a shoddy phone that has to be recalled…. oh, did I say recall? Sorry, Steve doesn’t recall anything. He just takes your money, tell you hold your horses then tells you to wait for a firmware upgrade…..LMAO!

  • Fastfro

    Im glad he is retiring just cause I was tired of hearing him whine about people asking him questions. The community has questions, he makes the jb, ask for donations it is his responsibility to take care of them. Seriously dude you ask for donations for something that apple deems illegal? thats asking for trouble, people donating deserve to ask questions. Yeah people want the JB and you giving it to them makes them ask you for it. I agree for the point someone else made, that he should have had a twitter account dedicated to his jb stuff and a personal one, that way he wouldnt see all the questions and stuff every time he checked twitter and it wasnt to update the jb scene. I could care less about a jb for ios 4.0 or the iphone 4. both are a joke to me. I love my 3gs and im 3.1.3 and satisfied. On July 22nd my iphone will be a ipod and ill have the htc aria or the samsung captivate. Screw apple and there BS with the iphone 4!

  • FFS! I can not understand why this kid is getting the non stop exposure due to all the bullshit this goose has provided the world over the last couple years.

    How can he bitch and moan then just say ‘I give up!’ due to something so silly as having peoples requests and asking for info regarding ETA’s when the tool is happily going out and making things public of what he has achieved.

    If you can find a totally rewritten (not based on a decompile of another persons/teams) jailbreak/unlock, please do paste the link to me and I too will go through the code to prove that George Hotz is no bloody hacker/cracker/coder.

    GeoHotz: IF you do not wish people to “constantly bug you for release dates” then how about don’t bother making the information public that you’ve suddenly been able to jailbreak your damn phone. What the hell do you expect? And do you not know how to use filters? Move ALL emails with the words ETA, “how long”, etc. to another eMail Folder and then go through that folder when you do end up having some time to shit kick about.

    Honestly, I can only bloody imagine how you react to spam mail that gets past the spam filters used by the ISP’s. Are you going to evade Electronic Mail all together too? How about forums? How about Social Networking sites? Omg! You’ve practically just bitch and moaned about the whole fucking world wide network known as the ‘INTERNET’.

    Grow the hell up kid and stop stealing other peoples information &/or source, you end up publishing the most obvious bullshit that any kid could pull off and expect kudos without providing proof of your success. Yeah, its the worlds fault for wanting some specifics, not the tool making the bullshit information public.

    I suggest you try yoga, because it seems technology is kicking your butt and obviously you’re unable to cope.

    – Pieter de Bruyn

  • Lance

    For one i can say i agree with most of you guys here about GEODORK. I feel like a jackass now and I’m rather very piss with all his actions. Talking for myself i have defended this guy on so many post when people would bash him for whatever reason, even when someone guy said he was GAY and he likes a Ipad up his butt bla bla and when people would say his the biggest a-hole in the world i would always defend him in every way. I never asked him when would he release a new Jailbreak, or anything about any iPhone. The only time i ever ask for an opinion was last night on tweeter with the release of 4.0.1 coming out this week. That was the only time i ever asked a question to him. The worst part is that i made a very, very big donation to him, man what a sucker am I. This donation was giving to him a few months back now and i never receive ONE(1) freaking THANKS YOU back.

    Why would someone who receives a big donation not even email the donator back and say thanks or something. This guy really the biggest jerk i ever had to deal with. Yes i understand I’m the only one to blame for the donation, no one force me to do it. I did it on my own free will, just to say thanks for his work on the Jailbreak’s and to hope he can continue to work on future patches or future new IPhones, etc. Yeah am the idiot here for trying to show how grateful i was, But never expected for him to play games with his followers, his lies on the ability to jailbreak IPhone 4.

    But i will say this, I do hope he enjoys my Five Hundred Dollars. Maybe he can used them for a new wig, or a bar or soap for a bath. I will do everything i can to pull that transaction back cause his a thief to just walk away with all his donations. He does receive a lot of donations from a lot of folks, Donations he’s just walking away with them. That to me its call being a thief.

    Man am i freaking piss that he can just walk away with money he receive to help him with his time for a possible patch on apple devices..
    Just because he can do jailbreak a iPod, iPhone doesn’t give him the right to be a asshole to people. he really never answer any questions even when they were ask, all he did is bitch about people asking. He ignores all the questions anyone would ask him, then why would he cry about them. You can cry about it if u took the time to answer the questions. Well am glad that looser is gone. No one needs a looser who cry’s about things he alone release to the public.

    And as a update on the guy who said that flaming Nerd was gay, I now understand that you were right and i apologies for defending that Flaming queer of GEOQEEN.

  • gh0stryt3r

    I thought of a few ways to break it down, but this is how I see it:

    GeoHot produced a jailbreak for iPhone users.
    Many iPhone users liked it.
    Of that group, there were 2 factions
    Those who understand how stuff like this works
    Those who don’t have a clue.

    Those who don’t have a clue have screwed it up for those that do, as usual.

  • Stewart Lawson

    Listen to yourselves – talk about ego maniacs! It’s important to you? You need someone to do the work you can’t an never will be able to? Yes! so bombard him with messages calling names (what exactly is a twerp anyway?) then wonder why he’s told you all to fuck off. I bet his iPhone4 is unlocked.

  • Z

    He is young and gifted. We all need to take into consideration the fact that he IS young, he did jailbreak the phone (which in my opinion is genious, that’s the kind of employees they should have at apple) and yes, his name did get popular since he released the jb.

    However, i’m sure that each one of us has a friend of a friend of a friend that spends more time hacking things than anything. It is only a matter of their personal choice whether to share their achievements, or to keep them to themselves. And I’m also sure that GeoHot is not the only genious brain jbing iPhones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Geo has a jbed iPhone 4, but doesn’t want to share it. Let him and his little genious brain be! He found himself a “girlfriend” – no time for putting a jbing tool together for us unintelligent and so blunt in hacking iPhone users =) Why not be happy for him? He might get laid! (hehe just kidding)

    But I definitely agree with Sebastien, this kid will be back. And hopefully he changes his profile picture and the name lol or else the return ain’t gonna be pleasant.

  • Oneg

    I think geohot will be back, maybe under a new alias. I would hate ppl bugging me about a the jailbreak n it’s release date. I think he should release a cfw to unlock the true power of the ps3

  • WTF_man

    Seriously people are straight asshole over zealous and greedy ,so what he had an ego so what he did this and that he’s fucking human people ya holding standards way too high,he has a life for
    godsake maybe something people should look into ,maybe?? So honestly ,all you hatres,bump ya ,he did good work and he did it for fun ,y’all stole that from him -_- peoples get over it it’s a phone !!!

  • I just find it sad that some of you actually believe that his software was coded up due to his own exploits. If one can not pin point the exploit within the firmware then it is pointless coding up the software, what’s are you going to do within the software MessageBox(“Make It Rain!”) or something alike? Boom. Go ask him how he went about finding the exploits within the firmware and how he was able to decode the damn schematic and identify each component on the board, its very much close to impossible just looking at it and thats where ya’s need to understand, without that info or without the spot on knowledge of what is used within the phone you might as well give up. Why do you see New bootroms and old bootroms? Mainly due to the electronics being different, no matter how small the change.

    There is no way this kid was able to identify everything and then use his brains in electronic engineering, extracting the firmware / rom information, easy, someone has already done that (god bless shsh file backups — these only contain very little bit of information but its the info that is required for your particular phone) and boom, Apple supply the firmware, its not just about reverse engineering the firmware so you are able to get a nicer view of the code, whether it be in hex, binary or even converted to something close to C. The instructions are stored in the firmware to operate your phone which tell the microprocessors how to behave opening gates to allow our good friend electricity.. Anyway, going off track sorry..

    Coming from a software engineering background (sorry kids, toying about with coding at age 5 beats your high school exposure to Apples Hypercards — It is quite a difficult process on being able to pin point the instructions which allow one to (jailbreaking reasoning to allow 3rd party applications primarily if not, only) stop the damn sync to send to the phone bad info which the phone needs to accept and not only that, needs itunes to accept also, therefore allowing unsigned code to be run.

    Now if that kid George can do that, how is it that:
    1) There hasnt been any major release since RC3 of Blackrain
    2) That Limerain? is nothing more than just a website
    3) The jailbreak for the iPad he so called coded up has the exact damn jailbreak interface as what is used by.. the tools within pwnagetool? Sorry, not familiar with those… to where his previous jailbreak had a nice lil image shown to say Ay! You’re using software I compiled!

    Reason being becase his software simply does not exist. The ONLY times he has jailbroken an iPhone / iPad is AFTER another developer or developing team compiled their solution and released it.

    He’s a fraud full stop, so there you go, a well explained post, and I challenge any one to say that I am bitter about him not releasing the tools, because in short, I never EVER had relied on anything he has thrown out.

    He is all talk, always was and god help us, if he’s putting presentations on at conferences, then I must be greater than what I actually ever thought.

    Yeah, the jailbreaking software titles might be a lil off, those were primarily examples, but in all, the definate result isn’t changed. His exe’s are nothing more than RIPS. If you were within the warez scene so many years ago, you’d understand why the hesitation was always there and why I am now pointing and laughing at people..

    You have all been thunderst0rm’d by GeoHotz — Spectacular! 😀

  • Haywood_Jablowme

    Leave Geohut ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the man just needs to get laid. Looks as if he never had sex in his whole life. Listen up Geo, get yourself a nice phat lady and relieve all that anxiety,stress or whatever! Than get back to work Biatch, we all need that jailbreak so hurry the hell up boy.
    P.S Thanks for your cause and I will gladly donate to “Help Geohut get laid foundation”

  • David

    @haywood_jablowme Hes gay, literary gay, takes in thr butt gay. get it?

  • Haywood_Jablowme

    @David, lolz whatever floats his boat man. Male or Female, the man needs to get laid, just look at him, he’s sex deprived!

  • BawhaHASAHaH @ Haywood.. That’s the first time Ive laughed in a long time opening an email which is just replies to this thread. Funny:D

  • Platt78

    He is and always will be a whiny little kid. He is Smart..but that DOES NOT make him better than anyone else. If your in the public need to learn how to handle it. And as far as him posting pics of a 4.0 jailbreak…real or not that was low. Once he grows up and enters the real world..someone will put him in his place.

  • AppAddic

    I don’t blame Geohot. He creates something everyone wants and gives it away for free. Then. as a reward, when he doesn’t put out regular updates on “other peoples schedule” they start whining and cussing at him. Maybe it’s the conributors to this, and many other forums, that are acting like children and throwing a fit when they can’t get what they want. Spoiled little f*cking babies one and all. Geohot has a right to get frustrated and pissed off.

    For everyone that bought a iPhone 4 (or upgraded to iOS4), quit whining, take your phone back to AT&T and get an Android based phone (that wont need jailbreaking). If you bought the iPhone 4 based on a jailbreak that was never a guaranteed (and only referenced as a possibilty), and it makes you feel stupid, then maybe you are finally growing up and acting like an adult. But there is great news for you – you are probably a member of one of the multiple class action suits against AT&T and Apple. And, 10 years from now when the case(s) settles, you’ll get a couple of dollars and can feel vendicated. Be sure you blog about spending your “winnings” after your done “whining”.

    Of course there is one other option besides just being an ungrateful b*stard. Go back to school, get years of computer/software knowledge (and hacking) and jailbreak your own phone. Then, when you’ve put in the time and money getting educated, let’s see how quick you are to just give it away to people who ask about it, then bitch at you about it, and then demand it for free, right now!. Maybe you’ll get an idea of how it feels to be Geohot.

  • Abc123

    Damm yu guyz have good opinionz. Fuck geohot! Bitch iz ah mutha fuckin cock sucker who toyz wit people! I really dont care if he stopz jb my fonez already unlocked! Hez juss ah lil stuch up mark ass bitchy ass no life nerdy ass fucker! N fuck apple n at&t for not lettin tha iphone go to othere carriers! Herez wat they needa kno. They lil slefish ass bitchez who care ah bout nuffin but money n that pisses me off becuz thatz summ fagget azz shit dat dey be doin! [512) haha fuck! Xbox live afc512 mw2

  • If you are star – behave like the star! otherwise you are nobody!
    If you have 100 000 followers – mean that many people already respect you! be patient too!

  • Bawhahaha @ respect… Maybe I should start making bogus rants regarding a upcoming release that will detect any iPhone model up to iPhone 4, detect baseband and bootrom status, search the local hdd’s for ipsw files, verification that firmware has right addresses for particular detected phone model, allow option to select update or keep current baseband and then patch the firmware file for the addresses required for the detected phone make/model. All this while running its only immatation of tinyumbrella to backup current shsh file for restoration to previous firmware along with a temporary patch that will allow itunes to be happy chappy with latest firmware update as well as to allow downgrade if required.

    Yeahhh.. Cmon guys, im doing that.. Lemme go download snowbreeze, jailbreak 4.0 firmware while running 3.1.3 spirit jailbreak, run the damn script (sh file) and just take photo’s of the iphone booting OS4. Hey guys! Ive been toying about with jailbreaking my MC131x 38 (old bootrom) and as soon as I resolve a couple bugs related to the user interface of the software, then ya’s will have to keep it in your pants. It shouldnt be long.. Plz dont msg me on twitter or direct via email asking for an ETA or to add certain features, the features already added to my software is very much all anyone would ever need.. Its is very much universal and yeah, will be made public as soon as I am happy that it has been tested in many different configurations and am certain there is no possible crashes that could corrupt the phones current firmware whether its backed up, or being copied to the phone to possibly cause malfunction. I will announce a download link once I am satisfied with the software… Until then, keep reverse engineering fun, it makes hackers as well as crackers out of us! Now lemme publish my findings @ a conference. I promise I made all discoveries myself and anyone else taking credit is just lame.

    My name is NOT George Hotz.. I am Cool so follow me on twitter! Follower #100,000 will get the jailbreak/unlock early! Peace:)

  • Brian

    I will keep it short and sweet.

    A) If people want to call me names or ‘call me out’, feel free. Doesnt bother me at all. I can dish it out and I have no problem if others wish to dish it out to me. My opinion is what it is. Nobody is going to change that.

    B) Yes, there are some ragging on me for how I come down on George. Feel free too, again, it doesnt bother me in the slightest.

    But very nice to see that the BULK of people agree with me and are finally seeing George for who he really is. A spoiled, egomanical, immature, DOUCHE bag!

    People dont like the ‘name calling’??

    LMAO….Um, does anybody not remember when GEORGE posted on this blog and told everybody that if BR was not working for you, then YOU ARE STUPID, IDIOTS….CLUELESS…MORONS….and claimed this MUST be the case because his exploit was PERFECT.

    I’ll never forget that and will never forget that I challenged GEORGE and he refused to take me up on the challenge.

    Any blog you visited was FILLED with people who had serious issues trying to get his buggy crap work. His answer to this was his stuff was perfect and the gazzillions having problems with it are IDIOTS.

    Quite an ego to claim your stuff is perfect when even the EXPERTS, THE DEV TEAM said it was buggy and everybody knew it was buggy…yet he calls EVERYBODY…IDIOTS!!

    LMAO…Good riddance to George….He will not be missed and the world is better off without him.

  • karatchov

    I fu**in love the comments in this page …
    Enjoyed reading every bit of ’em
    lol @Lance
    double lol @Abc123
    @Banghouse,@Brian:well said
    @Pieter de Bruyn:good point

  • nooneofconsequence

    He’ll be back once he gets that pesky ring to Mt. Doom

  • Tyler

    Well I think that we pushed him way to hard he’s just a kid and he has better things to do with his life not sit behind a computer to please everyones a*s to have a jailbreak for us you shouldn’t be so stupid to upgrade it’s no difrent just apple finds a way to fix the exploit!!! So don’t be a dumb a*s stay on your firmware and you will be ok.

  • Amanda


  • AppAddic

    Why don’t you join him Amanda? It would be good riddence.

  • i agree with him, i was annoyed with all the noobs on his twitter and blog asking about instructions and requesting untethered… i do miss the days when only a high caliber of people would read. and now all the noobs blocked off my only way of getting his progress in the technical stuff…

  • pempelis

    Look at Hotz’s face ;DDDD he looks like big pussy ;DDD shitface..

  • Mike

    Say what you want, but he came through on his promises and helped me out a lot. He was there with the 3GS jailbreak before anyone else, and for that I am still thankful. I understand his ‘retiring’ from the scene though. The magic of the iPhone wears off after a while and we are left with a brilliant device that we just expect to have in our everyday lives. It’s only when I upgrade or the damn thing breaks on me that I’m back in the scene myself. I’m even too lazy to go through normal updates at this point.

  • Pieter de Bruyn


    Are you sure of that? 100% Certain? Sure that no one else was out with their code before him? I guarantee you ain’t, therefore I’d check up on facts before commenting.