geohot pausing for the cameras

A few days ago we talked about GeoHot and the amazing fact that he seemed to have a jailbreak for iPhone 4. It turns out the picture he gave us was actually a fake. Bummer!

In an update to his last blog post, the wonder kid destroyed the few credibility he had left. He says:

Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I won’t say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(I’ve been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place it’s in now). I didn’t fully realize most of the current scene don’t care unless they are getting something. Now I do. It’s late tonight, I’ll think about what to do about this in the morning.

The real reason behind no release isn’t technical. It’s just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.

Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake 😀

I have a lot of respect for GeoHot’s work. The guy is clearly a genius (let me remind you he was the first to unlock the first iPhone back in 2007), but like everyone notices, he’s just too cocky and egocentric, which is probably why some call him EgoHot.

So what now for jailbreakers and unlockers? The good news is that the Spirit jailbreak for iPhone 4 will be released soon. In the meantime, the Dev Team is working on an unlock as well.

The world is not going to stop but it’s just too bad GeoHot won’t invest himself in what he’s obviously good at. Oh well, after all he’s free to do whatever he wants.

What do you think?

  • Duetschpire

    What we think mmmm…
    Good question lmao!
    I’ve been defending this sick smart ass through all the blogs and against all the people that were saying he’s sick and egomaniac like someone said.
    what do we think? For me, I won’t have to think no more, I think me and heaps of other KNOW it very well now, he IS sick, and he IS EGOMANIAC, and he IS fame chaser.

    I loved blakrain and blacksn0w, I stil have them on 4 devices lol.

    We know how good his work is when it’s there, but we know he’s mentally ill somewhere somehow.

  • Thefallen

    I think he’s an asshole

  • Zenin

    lol harry potter lost his glasses. (pic)

    im glad spirit is guna be released! – its the easiest jailbreak.

  • VnABC

    @Thefallen lol that was exactly What I think!!!

  • Robzy


  • Chris

    So geohot doesn’t have a jailbreak oh well.New spirit will be out soon, and we will forget all about this and move on. Maybe he’ll comeback
    and surprise us all with a new jailbreak tool and then all the haters we love him again who knows At the end of the day geohot got evey ones hopes up and then took them away which is not cool. I for one don’t care what he does . Dev team all the way from now on then

  • musclenerd

    he is not genius

    he used to cheat alll

    he use the code by dev team and make a software like Blackra1n

    so when dev team will release thieir software he modifies it
    and make a new jailbreak
    called limera1n

    so dont see his blogs any more

    use dev team which is the best hack team of apple gadgets

  • Brian

    Like I’ve been saying..they GUY IS AN IMMATURE EGOMANIAC who is not happy if he is not the center of the universe looking down at the rest of us from his supposed pedestal.

    So, the pic was a fake? Sheez, just shows us yet again that this guy has some serious mental issues to work out.

    I dont care if he was the first to walk on venus. THE UNLOCK/JB WORLD will be BETTER OFF WITHOUT this SCUMBAG!!

    Good riddance GEONUT…but why do I have this feeling that this is just more B.S. and he’ll be back soon enough?

    Because without the attention and without suckering newbies to donate, he has no life other then getting caught with a 19 year old GUY in a friggin gay bar bathroom stall!

    The only thing I do like that I am seeing is people are not defending the creep like they did before….Go to almost any blog and he is getting reamed bigtime. For good reason I might add!!

    The guy has made ALOT of enemies and honestly, I would not want to be him right now…A) he is easily recognized B) he has painted a huge bullseye on himself.

    I personally would be afraid to go out in public if I were him….I personally would never ‘harm him’, but this world is full of sickos and I have little doubt that there are plenty of whackos that would love to ‘run in to him somwhere’ and then seek revenge.

    Good luck Geo. Your gonna need it, imho.

    And BTW, how can a genius such as him allow himself to be caught with a 19 year old GUY doing some…um….NON heterosexual activities? Not very bright, imo.

  • Leroy brown

    It sure is sad when you see the mighty fall down like this. But it’s all self inflicted. He had the chance to bow out on a high, but he let his ego get the better of him. One thing I’ve learnt over the years by following hackers or groups is that real hackers talk less-FACT. With this and the PS3 shenanigans, it’s obvious that this guy is nowhere near as good as he would have us all believe….

  • Drk_knight

    His attitude reminds me of my cousin. A genius with a big head, no wonder he can pack his brain with lots of knowledge. Seriously, Geohot’s attitude is typical for a person with a high IQ level which is too bad cuz people don’t care how smart you are if you see people around you as idiots. If you don’t want the people to bother you then lock yourself in your room and hack all dat long but at the end of the whatever you achieve after all the hacking is going to be a waste. Why? Because, you don’t other people to benefit from it and see your work. Oh yah! I forgot Geohot is selfish, oh well let him stare and admire his work for we all know there are a lot of people out there who are working for a jailbreak because they love what they do. Not because they seek attention. After all the hoopla with Geohot, I would still be loyal to the dev team.

  • SpookieG

    I wish i had the talent to do what egohot can. If I did I would use it to share with the world. Luckly for all of us there are others that can do this and help the masses without having such a big head about it. To comex and dev team… We salute you!!!!!

  • Apoc2k8

    I wonder how much he got paid. Not to release a jailbreak for the iPhone 4.

  • UzukiC

    #8, maybe he doesn’t care if he gets caught?

    is it really a surprise that he attempts to keep up an aura of superiority when it doesn’t disadvantage him to do so? besides, it isn’t like he has any obligation to do anything for the blagosphere. so get off him, especially if the only reason why you care is so that you can leech off of his work so you can enjoy cydia. believe it or not, it is noone’s obligation to give you access to anything other than what apple offers on stock os.

  • Oscar_14A

    I think that maybe geo said all of this to get us off his back, and then he’s going to surprise us by bringing the jailbreak to us really soon but if not then I’m wrong. By the way I thought so, I thought the jailbreak iPhone he showed us was a fake, it’s just a jailbroken iPhone 3 picture

  • Pascal

    Hi lot!! I have been watching what it is going on with all the comments made to this young boy… I have my iPhone 4 from 24/06/2010 and I want the jailbreak to be out like most of you, but do not blame him, he does what he wants… Go back in time and put yourself at the same age… Will you do better? It revolts me having people like him whom can jailbreak the iPhone but won’t do it, but at the end of the day it is his life… Can you ask yourself: last time you used his jailbreak did you donated? But if so was it enough? I do believe that it can be frustrating having spent so long to develop it and at the end every one using it and not contributing…

  • Hfitcher

    he is a little bitch he needs to just relax and release jailbreaks for him. i mean he flips out just cause people are calling him names and hassling him. he can just delete the profile. he just needs to relax! he is just a little bitch and a cry baby. what is he in kindergarden and his feewling got hurt. lmao

  • David

    Musclenerd Actually blackra1n came out before the dev teams tools pwnage and redsn0w.were updated to jailbreak my iphone 3gs, and blacksn0w was out before ultrasn0w was updated. In fact redsn0w was so pathetically late I wondered why they released it at all. It was 3 months after blackra1n. I have a feeling hes lieing about the picture being fake because he doesn’t want all the messages. Either way he is a bitch.

  • Andrew Smith

    Maybe he was just saying it was fake to get people off his back. He said he didn’t want people hassling him for a release and that’s exactly what people have done…on a massive scale. Maybe if people had just let him be for a while, he would have released it. But, I know if I were him, I would mow tell every last one of you where exactly to stick your iPhone 4’s.

  • Hfitcher

    also he can do what he wants i just hate him bitching and moaning and using stupid reasons not to release it. he needs to grow up and learn to just laugh at idiots who dont know what they are talking bout. i actually think he’s a smug asshole but that doesnt mean he should stop realeasing stuff just cause i think that. he just is immature and needs to learn that he shouldnt listen to all critiques

  • drk_knight


    I actually do donated to his work which I deemed appropriate and which I give credit for. What people makes people mad at him is his attitude and how immature he is. If you want to be the celebrity in the jailbreaking world then be prepared because people is definitely going to ask for updates and releases. He made himself the go to person since he was able to jailbreak every iphone released. If he wanted to be left alone then he shouldn’t made the announcement the he just made about jailbreaking the iphone 4. If anyone needs to chill, he should be the one and shut up and say nothing about what are you up to. Don’t wanted to be asked? Then he should delete his blog account or even twitter, he can also use a different name, unless his bigger than the universe ego gets the better of him then its not effective. I find him like a girl yelling and scowling at people asking him. The point is no matter how much geohot is defended by people who believes in him, in the eyes of other people he is still a selfish, brat, immature
    jerk and a lot can agree with that fact.

  • Technogeek

    The guy lost his credibility and mind. He is an asshole. Why? Isn’t it obvious people look at him for jailbreak for he was the one who released it first. People expect he will do the same, continuously.

    He mentioned.

    The real reason behind no release isn’t technical. It’s just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd.

    Of course jailbreak will not end. As long there is iPhone there will be jailbreaks. Isn’t it he was the main reason jailbreak exists.

    I think he lost his credibility and he lost his technical ability. Im sorry but I think he just too arrogant to accept that there are huge community for jailbreaks. Thanks to people like comex…


  • Byron D Church

    Well first ..He isn’t exaggerating about the spoiled , whiney , bitchy , demands from all the takers out there . I hope he got his share of appreciation and donations . I would say , Make sure you are a worthy part of the relationship and don’t be so quick to judge .

  • its just a phone

    wow, hey geoman no wonder you have better things to do with your life. check out the leeching geek drama, epitomized by #8 “Brian” with the ultimate gaybash.

    in all seriousness, lets calm down a moment. we’ll all be able to lockfiddle and jailbait soon enough, closely followed by porn downloading aplenty 🙂

  • David

    He should be happy that after he finishes something there is something else for him to do. That way he keeps getting donations and if thats not enough he should sell his software… What is he complaining about? I have to keep releasing stuff to keep the money coming in? its like saying I don’t want to go to work anymore but still pay me money.

  • Rainrose

    awww Geohot is cute! LOL!

  • iPhone 4

    He is just waiting for someone to offer him $10,000 for the jailbreak like they did for his blacksn0w unlock.


    He was just being sarcastic. We all know he jailbroke his iPhone 4. I wish I could understand the coding and processing, so I could do it myself. I’m not a genius, but that’s why I’m in school to learn. I can’t believe people actually have negative feelings toward Geohot. My iPhone 4 works great without a jailbreak. I can always wait. I’m still waiting on Geohot with the custom firmware for PS3. To everybody just relax. He is young and smart.

  • Benexpertise

    This man is a legend. If I was as smart as him I would be cocky as hell. Dude broke code on ps3 and iPhone two of the most locked down devices around. Christ if I was even half that smart I would be cocky as f***. I think everyone needs to remember this guy has other exploits other than iPhone. Ultimately I think geohot is a clever f***er with enourmous talent and if people are going to get arsey about his ego and whatnot maybe they should go learn how to write code and make their own jailbreak. See how hard it is then wonder why he gets annoyed with thousNds of tweeds etc everyday. I mean imagine logging into facebook on your own account and seeing 2000 messages from a load of people asking you to do something difficult and time consuming for free, and then getting angry about it when you don’t. Nah screw that. Go geohot ! ! You are badass

  • Benexpertise

    Oh and what’s more if everyone in the world was calling you and ego maniac and a nut and an asshole why oh why are all you haters following up with release a jb ? If you hate him rely on someone else. But don’t dis him then follow up with just release something else. I hope he stays away from iPhone 4 purely because I don’t think anyone that has put him down deserves any of his talent. Done

  • blockhead

    Firstly, GeoHot is a genius with serious flaws… (i.e. vanity and greed).
    Secondly, GeoHot will be forgotten in the JB/Unlock world as fast as Zibri who created ZiPhone… anybody remembers him? His name & website faded into obscurity.
    Lastly, Dev Team still provides the best JB/Unlock tools for the iPhone. “All good things come to he who waits”.

  • he is a genius but just not smart enough to be humble. too cocky.

  • rs

    Sorry, but GeoHot is no genius. Just because he did something, doesn’t make him the only person able to do it. Remember the famouse quote “if you see one, there’s plenty more”…..I mean really, how many programmers out there could do what he did, but they don’t care, and don’t even want to try. I’ve been programming since even before the PC was born. I’ve done many, many things myself, including cracking Commodore 64 games, back when people didn’t even know the name “Cracking”. He’s just a kid, who got too big a head, and now he needs to bow down for awhile……But “Genius”?……No……..I don’t care what his IQ is either, unless you’re MENSA, you’re not a true genius.

  • Geohot is a wank. Apple is lame. AT&T is lame. Get with the program people. Android ftw.

  • ?

    Seems Geo hot has comeback with a real jail break lime rain but it is a big Fame eater trying to get the light on him trying to get the name from Dev team right when they where gonna release he released his to stop them and i waited and it works so much better….. GreenPois0n Rocks Limera1n full of bugs crashing your device and greenpois0n did break my iPod for 2 days until mac green poison codes where fixed it would freeze with codes at the end and go into dfu loops wouldn’t show on iTunes and then i did some stuff and looked into a new download a week later and re did it….

  • Matthew

    Have you seen the size of the f*cker’s forehead? No wonder the boy’s a genius. Anyway, I hope he gets raped in prison… along with all these other self important idiots who think they’re important ‘hackers’. I know for a fact Anonymous were the ones who brought PSN down, and I hope karma bites them in their butt. It’s all very well targeting the company, but this has caused lots of worry and grief for their peers… young people and gamers. Thanks Anonymous! I hope they don’t use a lubricant in jail.