I’ve had my iPhone 4 for less than 3 weeks and I’ve already been through 3 of them…


As I had mentioned in a previous post, my first iPhone 4 had 3 issues that seemed to be hardware-related. The home button was loose, there was a rattling sound when you would shake the phone, and finally, the screen was yellowish overall.

So I took it back to the Apple Store on Michigan avenue in Chicago. The “genius” said although she couldn’t see the yellow screen, which was pretty obvious but anyways, she did replace it because of the loose button and rattling.


She gave me my new iPhone 4 and I went and sit somewhere in the store so I could sync my new iPhone with my laptop which I had brought with me. I synced everything and as soon as I picked it up and went to the home screen, I could see the screen was still yellowish.

I asked an Apple employee walking by if he could see the difference between my yellowish iPhone and a perfect iPhone used in the store for demo purposes. He acknowledged that mine indeed had a yellow tint to it. He advised me to make yet another appointment to change the phone again.


A few days later, I made another appointment at the Apple Store for exchanging my 2nd iPhone. I went there, explained everything, the genius entered my info into his iTouch and told me that he’d want to exchange my iPhone but he had no replacement units in stock. Great! I drove 30 miles and spent 1 hour sitting in traffic for absolutely nothing.

Back in California, I made an appointment at the Apple Store in Century City where I had to explain my problem again. This time, I also added that when I take pictures in a dark room for example, the picture gets all yellow, and apparently I am not the only one with this issue. However, the camera works great during bright day light.

She gave me a replacement iPhone, my third one. I checked the screen and it’s definitely not yellow anymore. It’s now perfect. The problem is I still have the yellow picture issue when using the camera in darker places.


I’m going to wait for Apple to come up with iOS 4.1 or 4.01 and see if they can fix the yellow pictures issue. If they can, then great. If they can’t, I will have to return it and get my 4th iPhone 4.

It’s great to be an early adopter but it sure comes with its downsides…

What about you? Have you had any issue with your iPhone 4? Did you have to return it?

  • Houli

    Wasn’t the yellow screen issue because of the glue that is used to seal the screen wasn’t fully melted? Some people said that issue went away after a few days presumably because the glue had properly melted from the heat of the phone.

  • Derrick

    I’m still working on getting my first. Preordered it on June 18th. Still not here. Apple has been sucking with getting these things out.


    Can I exchange one I bought from apples website at an AT&T store if it’s defective? Closest apple store is 3 hr drive

  • I am also on my 3rd iPhone 4. I got mine on the 23rd (preorder) and the FedEx gave me a box that had obviously been stomped on and totally mangled. The box inside seemed ok, however, the proximity sensor was very slow so I was muting, holding or even cancelling calls with my cheek when I put the phone to my ear. I took it back after 2 days and they gave me another one.
    #2 had the same issue, bad proximity sensor. Took it back after another 2 days. When they gave me the 3rd phone, they also handed me a box with a code for a year of mobile me! Very nice of them to basically give me $100! This phone has had no issues and I am completely satisfied!

  • Thefallen


    if you purchased the iPhone @ Apple, you cannot exchange it @ an AT&T store. They don’t have iPhone 4 in stock anyways.

  • DRSZ24ss

    I’m having issues with my proximity sensor. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar. I was able to replicate my issue. The Genius said, and I kid you not, that “I’m holding the phone wrong.” I was very dissatisfied with this response, although not surprised.

    I’ve had iPhones since the original and never had these issues. And to tell me I’m not holding my phone the right way is an insult to my intelligence. As if I’m supposed to learn a new way to hold a phone. Apparently the way I’ve been holding mines the past 13 years wasn’t the right way.

  • Drew

    What I seem to be having a problem with is turning on my 3G. I have to shut my iphone4 completely off then back on just to snag a 3G service. Plus from time to time even with a new sim card it either kills my call or tells me “No SIM card Installed”.
    I’m picking up a new white one when their released in mid July. (July 14th & on??)

  • Gilbert

    Should of bought the phone from AT & T. I’ve had no issues thus far especially the ones you’ve been blogging about.

  • Fatherdaddy

    Regret anyone’s misfortunes – and there will always be tech problems with millions of new devices released in a week – but we have had no real problems, even not with the notorious bad antenna voice calls. I did NOT pre-order anything an although I waited in line for hours on Day 1 (I had fun meeting fellow iPhone fans), I bought three iPhones – for my 80-year-old mother, my son at Stanford (FedEx iPhone which he got next morning), and myself. I was the only one with any hassles and that was with restoring from my 3GS, but I use Windows and hardly ever sync my iPhone or back it up (not smart, but not Apple’s problem). We all really appreciate this wonderful tool called iPhone 4 and look forward to using it more and more. (I’m typing on it now) Best of future luck to all of you currently having problems!

  • Bona P

    Damn that sucks. Maybe I should stay with my 3gs!

  • Jordan

    I have experienced occasionally the proximity issue and have been able to replicate the signal issue, though it hasn’t seemed to be a problem since I use a case.

    There have been a lot of times now that the phone has been unresponsive for several seconds – not activating from sleep when home button pressed or not swiping unlock for several attempts/seconds. Especially noticeable when recieving calls and being unable to swipe to answer for a few seconds. I have not yet tried to get a replacement, was wondering if my former jailbreak was screwing with the new phone’s OS…

    I can’t wait for the jailbreak to get my real multitasking and categories back and the usability of quickreply, sbsettings, action menu, quick scroll, ringtones, and customizations like five icon dock and springboard. Can’t hardly stand the imprisoned phone.  At least they figured out spell check finally!

    Two jailbreaks have remained through the transfer I haven’t heard anyone mention: Find In Page and my iBlank icons! Any one else have lingering jailbreak tweaks?

    Otherwise I’m loving the iPhone 4!

  • ghettocowboy

    I feel your pain. The question is: is it worth it since other manufactures out there make similar or better phones than apple. I am surprised that iPhone users are remained silent and not demanding a recall from Apple.

  • Z

    I’ve mentioned and predicted a recall from iPhone, but Considering they sold over 1.7 mil units on the first day, it sounds relatively impossible.

    I feel bad for everyone who has issues with their new toys – must be a huge turn off. But I’m happy that I delayed my upgrade. My 3gs with 3.1.3 is still very loyal to me with it’s service =)

  • zeb

    No Problems here. Had it since launch day. I don’t believe I’m one of the lucky ones….I believe the author is one of the Unlucky ones….. And by the look of it has very bad karma.

  • Joe

    @Zeb- I agree with you.

    Not one single problem, nor are any of my friends or family having a single problem with the iPhone 4. I find reading about the various problems surrounding the amazing device interesting to say the least.

  • dana

    I still have my 3gs and i dont know if i want to upgrade because of all the complaints but i think im going to take the plunge because its simply too cool
    I got my iphone 3gs from cell2get i may go there again for the 4g unless someone has some recommendations?

  • ghettocowboy

    I never had any problems with iPhone 4 and will never have any problems with it since I dont have one and will never buy one because I dont want to have any problems with it since it is plagued with problems

  • Humming birds

    Wow that’s a lot to go through. I haven’t gotten mine yet. My reserved black one came in the store but i decided to wait for the white one. Hopefully there won’t be any issue by that time.

  • Paul

    You changed 4 time your iPhone… Thanks God is called “iPhone 4”, what if was called iPhone 50!?!? 😀

    Seb, you should tell us If you would buy again the iPhone 4… after this “via crucis”!

    • @Paul No doubt I’d still buy an iPhone 4 after all.

  • Andre M

    Haven’t had any issues with my iphone 4, neither has my wife! I got the bumpers for me and my wife on day one so have not experiences any service issues either! Got my iPhone 4 from apple!

  • Sorry to hear that. I picked up my iPhone 4 on iDay 4 and checked it out thoroughly. No yellow screen. No yellow pictures (so far). Not even reception issues in Honolulu, Hawaii nor Portland, Oregon.

  • Leroy brown

    Got my iPhone the other day. Am able to replicate the dropped bars but it doesn’t in any way affect the call quality. Also, the proximity sensor does seem to be less sensitive than it’s predecessor, but it’s not really causing any problems. Overall I’m quite happy with the upgrade from the 3GS, the screen quality has me in awe everytime I look at it. Just wish a jailbreak would come, I check about 50 times a day, that’s bad right?

  • New Customer

    Most of guys are able to replace your phones.

    Did you guys have a protection plan?

  • Jose Enrique

    So is it easy to buy an iPhone 4 as a gift in an Apple Store? Do they have plenty stock?

    I’m thinking to buy one as a gift and then give it to someone to activate it, but I’m not sure is it possible?

  • Zeb

    Protection plan fees you know in the uk my provider wants £15 per month. That is outrageous I’m on a 24 month CONtract . you do the maths

  • just got mine… only issue -like Sebastien- is the yellow’ish photos in low light area. it has iOS4, wondering if iOS4.0.1 resolves it. will put it on mine tomorrow or later this week.


  • Chris Vlasvich

    my iphone 4 just started having gps issues. It says I’m in Springfield, IL when I am really in Quincy, IL about 120 miles away. Any one have this related issue with GPS? Any way to self fix it, I even tried restarting but no luck.