No JailbreakIf you read this blog on a regular basis, you probably know by now that I am a firm believer in jailbreaking the iPhone. To me jailbreaking opens up all the doors that Apple intentionally closes on the iPhone.

Thanks to the jailbreak community, we had copy/paste before Apple introduced in with iOS 3. Thanks to the jailbreak community, we were able to run multiple apps in the background a year before Apple introduced this new feature in iOS 4. Well, you get my point.

Before getting my new iPhone 4, I was stressing out about not having a jailbreak on it, thus not being as productive as I used to be. I was hoping the Dev Team would release an iPhone 4 jailbreak within a day or two of the i4 launch but even though they confirmed Spirit will work on the latest iPhone, the jailbreak has yet to be released.

It’s now been about 2 weeks since I became jailbreakless and to be honest with you, I don’t miss it as much as I would have thought. I am actually doing pretty well without my jailbreak.

What jailbreak apps am I missing the most?

MyWi – Not being able to tether my iPhone 4 is almost painful. How am I supposed to get internet access in airports if I can’t tether my iPhone?

Winterboard – Even though iOS 4 lets you customize your home screen, I am really dying to get rid of this ugly dock, change some of the icons (mostly the folders icons), and get my matte UI mod.

InfiniDock – That’s another app I’m missing a lot. I love having 5-6 apps in my dock so I can easily get access to them from any page on the home screen.

ActionMenu – I kinda replaced this app with PasteBot, which is doing the job pretty well but it’s not as convenient as ActionMenu.

Xpandr – I use PasteBot as well to replace this application. Again, it’s working ok but it’s not as convenient as using Xpandr as I have to switch back and forth between apps to do things I was able to do in 3 taps before.

At first I was missing ProSwitcher but I got over it. Sure I like being able to choose what apps I want to run in the background but I’m getting used to Apple’s way.

I am still anxiously waiting for an iPhone 4 jailbreak and I’ll sure be right on it as soon as it comes out but in the end, I’m doing much better without a jailbreak than I expected.

What about you? How are you doing without a jailbreak? What apps are you missing the most?

  • I’m not affected, since I don’t have an iPhone 4 but I still know it from the time, when 3.1.3 came out! I wanted to visit the CeBit (exhibition in Germany), but their App needed 3.1.3! But there was no jailbreak back then, so I decided to live two weeks without it (I wouldn’t have to stay at 3.1.3. of course, but I was too lazy to do the old game of backup-restore all the time… 😉 )
    Anyway, it felt the same as you write it, I thought I’d miss it much more than I did then!

    But I think theres something important missing in your list: SBSettings ?!
    Well, I missed SBSettings most! I set my phone to airplane mode every night when I go to bed, and it’s very embarassing when you have to search Settings and so on every time!
    Currently, on my 3GS with 4.0, the Phone-Toggle in SBSettings doesn’t work, which is just that bad…
    Or don’t you use SBSettings?


  • louiev

    While I’ve been an iPhone owner since version 1 and have been following you for quite a while I never actually jail broke my phone. I just patiently waited for Apple to catch up. Now with the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 I really see no need for jail breaking. Aside from the free tethering I can’t see what we’re missing now.

  • Dadditude

    For me, what I miss most are SBSettings, LiveClock, and WeatherIcon. What’s the point of having an icon showing the time or weather unless it’s going to be the CORRECT time or weather?

  • Guy

    I also miss miwi and GVmobile installous and most of all SBsettings! I find myself trying to swipe it open all the time them realize I don’t have it! 🙁

  • I don’t, and won’t, upgrade until the jailbreak comes out. And anyway, the 4.0 version doesn’t have anything I want or need.

    Jailbreak > Apple. The iPhone is useless to me without being jailbroken. 80% of what I use is jailbroken apps.

  • zeb

    I Have an iPhone 4. I’m really missing Winterboard for similar reasons to the author, SBSettings, RoqyGPS so i can use my external GPS device. RetroDialer theme oh and access to the iphone via SSH so i can replace some of the SB sounds like text/mail messages.. and many more that i can’t think of at the moment

  • Austin

    SBSettings!!!! I have my iphone 4 and I’m so used to sbsettings that i’m still swiping across my iphone. I have been googling iphone 4 jailbreak since the release. I need that jailbreak software. Keep up the work Dev Team

  • James

    Mostly missing lockinfo, irealsms and reminder

    Having access to emails on the lockscreen is really great. Same thing with irealsms and text message quick replies.

    And reminder……what phone does not have a missed call reminder as a stock feature? 4 phones and 4 OS’s in and this is not a feature?

  • Still on 3GS 3.1.2 and Faking 3.1.3.

    Will not upgrade until there is a JB for iOS4.

    Things I would miss:
    – SBsettings.
    – Winterboard
    – Illumine theme and Icons, (I like it so much i actually payed the author, even though I got it from Cydia before it was pulled)
    – Infinidock.
    – 5 columns.
    – Flashlight app, I don’t have a LED flash on my 3GS.
    – MyWi
    – My3G, I want to pick what apps can use 3G, not Apple, especially not AT&T since I don’t even live in US.
    – Ability to unlock my phone, I like my carrier and use them when I’m home, but paying the insane roaming charges when abroad is not for me so I buy local SIM cards.

    And lastly, I like the iPhone, I use Mac and Linux at home, but Apples insane need for control needs to stop, It’s my phone I payed dearly for it, I freaking do what I want with it.

  • Drew

    Mxtube! The high quality YouTube as with being able to download the video!
    Also being able to change your name in the carrier!

  • Javier

    Is this article a way to take away some attention to geohot ? 😛

  • derrick

    I honestly wouldn’t miss it so much but I live in BFE and can’t get highspeed internet. So i rely on my 3g to play ps3 online and such

  • Leroy brown

    All the AppStore apps that I get for FREE…..yes, I’m a dirty, swashbuckling, pirate. Also, in hindsight there aren’t that many AppStore apps worth paying for, I just like pissing Jobs off.

  • Armando Lara

    SB Setting

  • Bart

    I agree with Moritz we need SBsettings!!

  • Jblaze1903

    The one I miss the most is my3g. I hope I’ll be able to use FaceTime anywhere with this app…

  • Evan

    I miss using quit a few apps…
    -Mywi to tether is a must have I should have to pay a monthly fee to use my wifi as a hotspot when other companies offer it free
    -my3g it lets you trick apps to thinking it’s on wifi for those of you who don’t have an unlimited plan the is a way to go around paying extra if you go over cause you data will stay at zero if your phone thinks ever app is on wifi
    – ifile and safari downloader with these two apps your phone truely become s a pocket pc with safari downloaded you can dl files directly from the Internet or email or by Bluetooth into your phone and I mean anything mp3 files zip rare movies etc. You can then Open them with ifile choose where you want them to be saved ect. Also with ifile you don’t need to connect your iPhone with ssh to browse the directory you can do it right on your phone.
    -sbsetting, winterboard, bitesms, and countless other
    An iPhone is only and iPhone when jailbroken if you want to be ahead of the curve you jailbreak it…most of the new things on the ios4 were only made because the jailbreaker who pushed the phone apple just gave it a apple look and feel
    And for those who say your warranty it void not at all all you have to do is back up phone and wipe it…I’ve down this to get a new phone a before

  • Chris

    I’ve just read all the above posts and not one of them has put ( and that includes you Seb. ) the most important app, and the one that all of the jailbreak community uses CYDIA. With out that you would not have all the tweeks and apps that have be mentioned above. So would you not miss cydia. I think you all will. As for me I would miss it and wifi sync, ibluenova, sb settings, my wi and every thing I can do with a jailbroke iPhone.

  • Kosesho

    :(( i cant use my iphone4 at all, i cant wait to JB it ( i got at&t fone but not im in the U.S)
    apple sux without JB community.

  • Bona P

    Quick question , I have a 3gs running MyWi with an unlimited data plan. I won’t get charge extra for tethering? Will I?

    • @Bona You won’t be charged unless you get caught, which is very unlikely.

  • RH

    Autosilent is the one absolute “must have” for me. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I missed from inadvertantly toggling silent mode when putting the phone in my pocket. This app bypasses the silent switch completely. Also nice to have it go automatically silent when I go to bed and not have to remember to turn off silent mode in the morning.
    Its the one reason I haven’t upgraded. Yet

  • Paulo Camilo

    I miss so much jailbreak: I have a supid ipod touch 3g with 8g ( mc model a 2 g) – and I regret so much this upgrade. And I can’t back.

  • One thing I’m missing, that I can’t believe apple didn’t add yet, is notifications in top bar AND notification privacy that I got with iBlacklist. The least you can do is change notifications to brief, but it STILL shows who’s calling or texting. It’s nobody elses business, ESPECIALLY if my phone is sitting by itself locked on the table. Oh, and SBsettings of course as well. Also, apple should put quick toggles under spotlight search bar.

  • chizzle187

    im really missing bitesms , sbsettings, mywi, and all the nice tweeks and themes …. just so many things……

  • NearDeath

    If there wasn’t a jailbreak ever I would of never purshased an apple product keep up the good work dev team. (Wake up Steve)

  • Bona P


    thanks hommeyy!

    About jailbreaking, I like jailbreaking because it turns the iPhone into “myPhone”, the ability or freedom to customize your phone into however you like. Themes and tweaks are a major for me. Without jailbreaking, everybody’s homescreen would look the same. Boring and simple! How steve wanted it to be, now do we want steve to beat us? Haha.

  • Cheeks

    Question: (reminds me of Dwight from The Office lol)

    Has anyone jailbroken their iphone and returned it under warranty? I have the extended hardware warranty, and Ive jailbroken my phone, but aren’t sure what Apple does if I needed to return it. I’ve got the iphone 4 on the way, and I want to jailbreak it, but don’t if I should due to their anti-jailbreaking policy…

  • Please release. I need and want it. My new iPhone is boring and once it is Jailbroken again I will be in Heaven!

  • Ced

    I have never jailbroken my 3gs just because I had no reason to, but now with my IPad wifi I was all set to dive in head first. I didn’t think it would be a big deal I had done this several times on the 2g. Then I found out the phone I bought 1 month after the 3gs release had the cursed new bootrom on it and on top of that I had upgrades to 3.1.3 without backing up my shsh. I keep being told by folks not to upgrade to 4.0 just wait at 3.1.3. At this point I’m wondering why am I waiting. No one has jail broken 3.1.3 since it came out several months ago so what the hell am I waiting for. So today atleast I will get the new 4.0 features my wife has been giddy about for a month now and I’ll just stay on the hunt for free wifi or I’ll get Clear wireless.

  • Bill

    I would be cautious about Apple’s update and not jailbreak until there are no drawbacks with the jailbreak. Let’s say the firmware 4.01 was made and people jump to it to find the jailbreak can only work with 4.0. A similar thing happened with 3.1.3 for quite a while. Just saying a little patience may pay off.

  • Bill

    If these guys had a free trial I might try it but it looks too bogus:

    Also though they claim to be able to jailbreak iPhone 4 the next web page only says 3g and 3gs.

    No way.

  • Bill

    Sorry, it’s the other way around; the order page says iPnone 4 but the web page does not mention it.

  • Chris

    @ Ced
    what you on about no jailbreak for 3.1.3 ! Use spirit.

  • @LappyGirl

    3G Unrestricter & MyWi are the 2 apps I miss the most. However, the feature I miss the most is 5 Rows & 5 Columns!

  • Haroon Tareen

    I’m gonna kill myself if I don’t get free apps I love doodle jump, don’t call me cheap or anything cuz my parents won’t let me use their credit card bumer isn’t it?

  • He

    Sucka my cocka

  • thaSaint

    SBSettings, MyWi, 3gUnrestrictor, Haptic, Snappy, SnapTap, Circuituous, iMobileCinema, Install0us, QuickScroll, UCID faker, Safari Downloader, MewSeek, Universal Search, Infinidock, LastApp, Screen Dimmer, Action Menu, fuck I could go on & on!!!