BGR reports that an AT&T customer brought this fried iPhone 4 back to the store for obvious reasons. Apparently, the iPhone caught on fire because of a defective USB port. BGR’s source at AT&T said the bezel got so hot it actually burned the hand of the iPhone’s owner.

iPhone 4 on fire

After telling us that we’re holding it wrong, maybe Apple is now going to tell us that we’re charging it wrong! More seriously, there is nothing to worry about as this is just an isolated case.

  • Chris

    And what would of happened if that was on charged overnight !!

  • Stewart Lawson

    Erm… The phone sets on fire when you charge it up and cuts the signal completely when holding it up in the fashion of a telephone. Where’s the £600 value in that? What’s next… Life threatening eletrocution with every SMS? Think I’ll keep hold of my 3G thanks. Has the spirit of Chuckie gotten into apple?

  • Zmbieapocalypse

    I actually had to return my iPhone 4 for a replacement for the same reason except mine did not catch fire, the USB cord just shorted out and left black burn marks on both the end of the cord and the connection pins on the phone! Glad mine didn’t set my house ablaze! Burning down the house- the talking heads. Lol

  • Irha

    Something like this happening with in 2 weeks of release suggests a high probability, not an isolated incident.

  • said:

    hope we wont hear any kamikaze iphone 4 explosion with 23 dead and 150 injured

  • It was obviously rebelling against whoever put that screen protector on there.


  • Jeb Lawrence

    Just don’t charge it in that way.

  • guy