AT&T in Mexico

As I was driving along the Mexican border between Phoenix and San Diego yesterday, I received this text message from AT&T, which I assume thought I was already on the other side of the border. The text message was sent to alert me of the prices abroad.

Almost a dollar per minute for phone calls! $20 per MB? Really? That sure is going to be some expensive emails…

The moral of this story, if any, is that you should always be careful what you do with your iPhone when traveling oversea, especially with data which can run in the background and get you bad surprises at the end of your trip.

If you’re going to use your iPhone abroad, I suggest you check out these tips for traveling overseas with an iPhone.

  • Juan

    WOW! I’m floored by those prices. AT&T is a complete ripoff when it comes to roaming.

  • Ray

    I would presume that you already were on a Mexico carrier, otherwise you wouldnt get this message.

  • For a quick second, I thought that these were their data rate plans if you wanted to buy a Mexican Sim and use one of their mexican data service. This is why we need an unlock for the iphone soon.

    BTW, do you know the Data Rate plans for unlimited internet data using a Mexican Cell service such as Telcel? I heard its around $30 for unlimited internet but not too sure.

  • Here in Mexico, Telcel offers unlimited data plans starting at $535.00 MXN (Mexican pesos) a month, but no prepaid plans

  • gh0stryt3r

    AT&T sure is proud of their services. What a bunch of greedy asses! There’s more to come, higher costs for the same thing.

  • AJ

    living on the border I get that damn message several times a week.

  • Pete

    Those rates aren’t limited to Mexico. I was in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and England at the beginning of June and AT&T data rates in those countries are the same as Mexico. Needless to say I wasn’t using my phone for its data plan. I didn’t use it for voice either, just wifi. Unfortunately the Spirit JB and something-snow unlock didn’t come out until about week after my trip otherwise I would have purchased a local SIM. Sigh.

  • Sincityskull

    Those same rates for data apply in Colombia and Panama. The voice rate however is about $2.50.

  • cap

    AT&T does have a Vive Mexico plan for those of us that live and travel in Mexico. It is the best and cheapest plan available from all the cell phone carriers for phone and text services in Mexico. It does not cover data, so I keep my data off unless I am in wifi. A dual sim iphone would be ideal for those American’s like myself that live in both countries, then I could have a telcel data plan. My local telcel phone does not have all the features of the iphone and I got tired of having 2 cell phones, a mexican land line house phone, and an American land line house phone, and even 2 magic Jacks (which did not work well). That was all too much to deal with.
    Also AT&Ts latest FaceTime commercials show a solider using facetime. Hope they are giving a discount to military for that service, or ouch that will be a big bill too.

  • Toto

    Same thing for mexico iphones going to United states. The Voice call is 2 dlls x minute, and data is the death. I live in juarez and cross everyday to El paso tx. I need to have two phones, one mexican and one US. theres no way to have data access in. Both countries with once line, that is ONLY thing that I envy from blackberry users, they dont Have this problem at all.

    • Kathy

      Are you saying that Blackberry users can use the same phone in Mexico as in the U.S. without it costing a fortune? I just had my Blackberry unlocked and now have a Mexico # and was told when i went to the US to put in the Verizon sim card and change the mobile network setting to GSM/UMTS and I’d once again be using the Verizon network. I’m trying to figure out how to have my data (presently managed by Intermedia) syncing to my phone both here in Mexico and when I cross the border back to the US without massive data charges. Any ideas?