Apple Lying PinnochioAfter issuing a somewhat weak statement about the App Store hacking situation, Apple is now blatantly lying to our face and downplaying what seems to be a massive criminal activity.

Apple recently told Dayton Morris that around 400 or so iTunes users were impacted by the fraud, which, considering there are over 150 million iTunes users, only represents 0.0003% of them.

Oh great, they seem to have this under control, you might think. Wrong, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Here is why…

Thuat Nguyen, the developer who was first caught taking advantage of the the iTunes App Store got 41 of his applications rank in the top 50 of the book category. Now tell me, how can 400 iTunes accounts boost an app sales all the way up to the top 50? Right, they can’t. You need muh more purchases than that to rank at the top of your category. Each app needs to be downloaded thousands of times on a period of time to rank that well.

Let’s use conservative numbers and assume that to rank at the top of the Books category you need 1,000 downloads for 30 days. So each app would need to be downloaded 30,000 times (1,000 downloads x 30 days) in order to take the top spot because one account cannot buy the same app over and over again.

All the sudden, we are far from the 400 accounts Apple claims were impacted by the fraud. I might not be exactly right about these numbers, but I’m sure I’m not too far from the truth.

Apple impassiveness has been pretty flagrant lately and I’m not really sure the “no-talk policy” Apple has been maintaining for years now is a good things for both the company and its customers.


  • Thefallen

    I can’t help thinking Apple is going down little by little… Their reputation is being severely degraded lately with the whole iPhone 4 antenna fiasco.

  • Houli

    I read the other day (don’t remember where) that only about 250 sales are needed per day to get into the top 50 books. This was said by a developer who has top 50 books in the US. Also the period of time is one day not a number of days. That means 400 accounts each buying a copy of the app and getting in to the top 50 sounds reasonable.

  • Lilbitbrit

    I don’t know if that’s completely true in the books section… Plus that’s assuming they weren’t popular at all in the first place

  • Lilbitbrit

    @Houli I agree

  • Actually, they’re probably not lying in this case. 400 sales in a day could easily bring an app to the top of the list, for the books section.

  • Thefallen


    I agree…

    • See, I don’t agree.

      I also read what a dev said that he was in the top with 50 downloads a day. Yes ok, maybe in was #50 in the top 50.

      Reality is if you look at the top charts for the book category, you can only assume these books are downloaded hundreds if not thousands of times per day. Simply look at the amount of reviews they have. Most of them have well over 100 reviews, which to me a clearly a sign they are downloaded by the truck load.

      I’ll stick to my idea that there is no way 400 downloads can push an app to the top. And even if it did, it would be at the top for a day or 2, then it would go down in the rankings again because for it to stay at the top, it needs to be downloaded every single day. See what I mean?


  • VnABC

    Agree with Sebastien, I smell something fishy !

  • atavision

    this sounds like a discussion for the new Apple “Friends Bar”

  • Chris

    If a app or book was getting in to the top 50. Then just because it was in the top 50 the chance that someone else ( not hacked account ) would be buying said app/ book would go up ! .

  • Houli

    @Sebastien they weren’t at the top for more than a day anyway. They probably would have disappeared the next day.

  • E

    You can’t just call people liars. It is slander. U did last week too. You have no idea. You may be right or not. You cannot be sure. I would sue you if I were them. But I doubt you’re on their radar.

  • Soundsav

    Fair comment on a matter of public interest, statements made with an honest belief in their truth on a matter of public interest (official acts) are defenses to a defamation claim, even if such arguments are logically unsound; if a reasonable person could honestly entertain such an opinion, the statement is protected.

    Sue away armchair lawyer!

  • Joshua

    I think you are making some pretty broad assumptions to base your claims on, including how the algorithm for getting a top 50 app must work, and exactly to what extent the 400 confirmed accounts were abused. As an Apple user, I’m distraught over some of the crap that they’ve been pulling recently. However, your claims seem to have no solid data other than a hunch about the way things “must” work. I can’t prove without a shadow of a doubt that your are wrong about Apple lying about the extent of the problem (and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are underplaying things) but you have no data to back your claims. It’s really just a hunch.

  • JD

    i used to love to come to this site to get the latest in jailbreaking news. now its just one hateful rant or conspiracy theory after another. from what i have read it seems like apple was pretty forthcoming with info about the security breach and have handled the situation appropriatly. if you dont like the company, dont buy the products. looks like i will have to get my jailbreaking news from another site from now on, peace.

  • Thefallen

    @All of you

    It wouldn’t be the first time Apple lies to people or keep their mouth shut when there’s a problem…