Spirit Jailbreak for iOS4 Coming Soon

Yesterday I was telling you the  Dev Team is working hard on an unlock for iPhone 4. Some of you may have wondered why the Dev Team would be working on an unlock when a jailbreak is not even ready yet, right?

That’s because according to MuscleNerd, a jailbreak for all devices at iOS 4 is already taken care of by the upcoming release of Spirit by Comex.

Now the question is: when will Spirit for iOS 4 be available? With Apple supposed to release an update to iOS 4 in the upcoming weeks to supposedly fix the antenna issue, I doubt Comex will release Spirit beforehand and give Apple a chance to patch the exploit.

I bet you can’t wait for Spirit for iOS 4, can you?

  • Naturaliss

    Is it there yet,Is it there yet,Is it there yet,Is it there yet,Is it there yet…

  • Echelon

    Seriously how long does it take??? Arrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhh I’m dying here arrrrrrrggghhhhhh

    Guess I need to stop impulsive updating! Lol I suck.

  • Jason

    Only 10% and upwards of all iDevices sold are jailbroken, people only find out about jailbreaking through the net, and then on to their friends. If jailbreaking were to be in more Medias like the News, Newspaper, Magazines (Tech magazines) I reckon it be around 25% of all iDevices to be jailbroken and unlocked. What I’m trying to say is, How could we spread the news about the war against jailbreakers and apple?

  • Dilmohammod

    Please notify me
    When ios4 spirit is out

  • Xavier

    iphone 3GS 32GB
    manufactured April 2010
    baseband 05.13.04
    bootloader 6.4
    model MC133
    os4.0 shsh saved for 4.0
    never jailbroken

    this is the situation….. anyone comes accross any sort of solution or update….. please post here

  • Echelon

    Oh come on guys. Hurry it up already! I thought this was supposed to be a matter of days? NOT WEEKS

  • udoy

    i cant wait i want it now plzzz !!!

  • james

    cmon apple, update already so they can release this

  • Ana

    ooooh do i feel your pain. I bough an iphone 3gs 3 weeks ago now with version 4.0 and am waiting and waithing for the unlock and jailbreak since i’m not with AT&T.. someone up there is having a real goo laugh..

  • Gtapro151

    Lol glad to see im not the only one that gets up every and google’s thos magic three words

  • Andreas

    Only words. We wait like a idiot and guys stay and make jokes.
    But we can do nothing Wait or no Iphone . Maybe is time to chenge to Nokia 🙂


    Finally it’s coming out tomorrow



    Wat f*ck my phone was rong


    Finally it’s coming out tomorrow



    Wat the hellllllll

  • Echelon

    WTF r u on about?

  • allanballat

    go on safari on ur iphone 4 and for any idevice and type in jailbreakme.com and slide to jailbreak

  • Echelon is hilarious, you’ve been for months and I just found out today.

    Patience means how long can you wait, besides I tried jailbreaking 4.2.1 no no no success, in fact after trying a few times I reduced the device to a lot of hot air/free space.

  • I also jailbroke the same device 3 times. The DFU instructions are helpful, but I wish they found a way to have the program do that instead of the User.