If you’re looking for a white unlocked iPhone 4, you can either wait for its release around mid July, or, if you have an extra $20,000, you may want to go for the bling bling version by Stuart Hughes.

iPhone 4 Diamond Edition

I wonder if the diamonds can prevent the iPhone death grip? One thing I know for sure though is that it looks incredibly tacky.

[via Engadget]

  • Eric

    Yea what a waste of money that would be! Could you imagine if you did have this queer lookin iphone4 and you accidently left it in a bar??

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    Wow ,WTF ,maybe they should invest
    money in helping people rather then this god awful thing that looks Luke it belongs in the 90′ s

  • brian

    At least with the damond bezel, you won’t have to worry about bridging the antenna…

  • Rainrose

    I agree with Idgaf syndrome man.

  • adesh

    @ idgaf aka fool .
    Wft, y not buy this or make this u fool! That is exactly What make ppl different, this is y ppl buy a Benz and u buy a Ford, don’t be an ass* and say why he shouldn’t help ppl with the money, why the hell u don’t go live in Africa and help ppl!

  • T-Mizzle

    So the face on the white iPhone 4 will be white? Correct me if I’m wrong but the front of the white iPhones of yore were black weren’t they? Would be awesome if the whole phone was white.

  • well come to anusenu

  • is the whole phone going to be white like that? can anybody confirm? not sure whether to wait to get a white version

  • @ iphone 4 deals
    where r u living ….on the f-ing moon ? Do a google on that , go to the nearest moonbuy aka bestbuy store and look at it, dipshit ! …This forum is for ppl who actually like the iphone not for your type…..1 month after launch u want to know if the whole thing is white…..jeeeezz!!!

  • brent

    On the white version the front and back glass is white.


  • T-Mizzle

    Compare brent’s answer to Adesh’s answer and tell me who is more civilized? LMAO Geez dude take a xanax!

  • Why would someone waste that kind of money on something like that? More money than brains, I guess. It is pretty though.