New Ways to Hold iPhone 4Until Apple figures out a way to fix the antenna issue, NPR came up with 12 new ways to hold your iPhone 4 to make sure you get the best signal without having to buy a case.

Check out NPR for 12 interesting ways to hold your iPhone 4.

  • appletiser

    doh! pity NPR has used flash, kinda makes the link pretty useless for anyone who keeps up to date with this blog on their iPhone lol

    • @Appletiser You’re right. I had to load this on my laptop to see the images.

  • Z

    Pitty Flash is not part of iPhone 4 instead of the antena issue

  • Zee

    Whats wrong with holding it in your hand lol. But i must admit, some of them ideas are cool in a funny way 😀

  • Sy cook

    I don’t get the reception thing mines fine! Perfect reception even if I try and block it? Tho blogs make it sound like 90 percent are affected.

  • Lex021

    @sy cook more than 90% are affected.