SymbolsIf having emoji icons on your iPhone keyboard is not enough, maybe you can follow this little trick that will easily allow you to add symbols to your text entries.

To do so, go to from your iPhone and follow the onscreen instructions. It will add a bookmark to your homescreen from which you will then be able to copy/paste various symbols.

There are 48 symbols right now but more will probably be added in the future.

  • @Lappygirl

    Sweet! I love my Emoji..I’ll take this too! Probably only other iPhone users can see, eh?

  • Appletiser

    its just like using the character map/palette symbols, however the recipient wont be able to see them unless the font has been installed on their computer, as i just emailed myself some symbols and they never displayed, iPhone to iPhone should be ok 🙂

  • Rainrose

    cool! Thanks for sharing Sebastien. I read your blogs everyday. You’re the best! xoxo