Sync iPhone notes with GmailYou probably already know you can sync your Google emails, calendars and contacts with your iPhone using Google Sync. But do you know you can also sync your iPhone notes with your Gmail account?

The only requirement for being able to sync your notes with Gmail is that your iPhone be updated to iOS 4. When you set up your Gmail account on your iPhone, you will now have the option to sync your notes.

If you have several Gmail account set up on your iPhone, you will be able to sync your notes to specific accounts. In the top left corner of the, a new button will appear letting you choose what account you want to sync with.

One downside to this is that it’s a one-way sync, which means that you can only sync your notes from your iPhone to your Gmail account. You can’t sync from Gmail notes to your iPhone.

  • Peter Ngan

    Yeah… but you know what, My notes could not be updated to gmail and I lost the most of the text that I have been editing for an hour.

  • Cathrinerose

    My problem is the notes tab under calendar has vanished. How?

  • I was able to sync my iPhone notes to my Gmail account. Is there a way to now sync the notes to my computer too?

    I am looking at having all my iPhone notes synced to my computer as text files and not simply as emails.

  • ohlittlechief

    I synced my iphone notes to my gmail account, but have gotten frustrated by the extra spam I receive in my gmail account. It all directly relates to content in my notes.