Satisfaction GuaranteeNot satisfied with your iPhone? Apple’s phoney fix for the antenna issue won’t do it for you? Then you can return your iPhone at no cost as Apple dropped the 10% restocking fee in a move aimed at calming down angry iPhone customers, and possibly to try to avoid lawsuits.

Me? I don’t want to return my iPhone 4. I just want it to work. Sneakily incriminating AT&T and taking a cocky stance while telling me I can return my iPhone 4 if I’m not satisfied is not what I expect from a company like Apple.

What do you think?

[via Computer World]

  • what?>!

    Over my dead body!

  • maybe

    what about the 2 year contract with att? will they drop that too?
    if they are i might return my iphone 4 and wait for Verizon iphone (January 2011) (possibility for 4g network)

  • freddie

    i just avoided the anthenna issue with a bumper….at first i wasnt happy with it but now that my baby got hold of my iphone the other night i am glad it had it.

  • J

    I’m going to buy an iPhone and then return it within 30 days. Fun, and no penalty, right?

  • fer

    Let’s punish apple let’s move to Android for a contract period. Nexus One with firmware 2.2(aka froyo) rocks. Oh, did I mention it has adobe flash player?
    Give it a try.

  • @Sebastien – Get over it or return the damn thing.

    @maybe – Yes, the AT&T contract will be cancelled without a fee. There will be no Verizon phone in January. It’s vaporware from Verizon to stop people from jumping to AT&T.

    @J – Why?

    @fer – smoke another.

  • Don’t Really Care

    From my cold, dead hand.

  • ghettocowboy

    AT&T gives 30 days to try out as well. Well folks, start camping to return the phone since there is gonna be a long returning line

  • Ifonechip

    I’m with you on this. So far my iPhone 4 is working great no problems at all yet but I don’t think I can make myself return the phone. It’s a great device and like anything that’s new there will be something that goes wrong with it.
    One good thing apple is trying to solve the problem .

  • Drk_knight

    I just got my Iphone 4 yesterday and as soon as I got it. I tested it several times for the death grip and the said problem did not occur. The funny part is my 3gs keeps losing signal than the Iphone 4. There are alot speculations and opinions about the the problem and we are all entitled to discuss and express our frustrations. Maybe apple has a problem with the design of the phone or even with the software. One theory that I can come up with it is that maybe there is
    a problem with the first batches of production. As all manufacturers do, they do it by batches. The first set of batches may have this problem from the start and was overlooked because of the soaring demand. No, I’m not an apple fan and I’m not here to defend apple. In fact the iphone is the only device I purchased from them. Like everybody here, i disagree how apple is treating the problem and giving lame excuse about the problem. They should take a more agressive and proactive approach towards the problem.

  • Z

    @Ryan Walker Thats exactly what apple is trying to make it’s costumers do: get over it or return it. That’s NOT the option people spend over 700$ for, and neither it was why 1.7 million iPhones 4 got sold on the first day. Crap like that shouldn’t be happening and shouldn’t be expected from a market leader. They need to recall the product, FIX IT and relaunch.

  • honkj

    telling me I can return my iPhone 4 if I’m not satisfied is not what I expect from a company like Apple.

    well, obviously telling you to grow a brain wasn’t going to work, if you don’t like it, return it and save us the stupid comments…

    obviously you won’t return it because it actually works… the antenna works BETTER than other antennas, because it is exposed. Covering it only brings it down to what other antennas already are… covered….. covering it completely, will bring it down even more if you don’t cover the other phone’s antennas also…

  • Z

    Being able to return a merchandise if not satisfied with your purchase is what everyone should expect from any neighbour corner supermarket/liquer store. Isn’t that what the whole ‘Return Policy’ idea about?

    However, what I personally expect from a top tech manufacturer is a stable, well tested product, that doesn’t need to be returned due to some malfunction. The number of sales on launch day also show that was expected from Apple Inc. by the public in general. If costumers were not so sure in stability of apple’s products and did not expect it, I doubt the sales would be as great at launch.

  • Brian

    Apple, Apple, Apple. What has happened to you? Just two weeks ago you were riding high on the iPad and the iPhone 4’s pending launch. Then you let AT&T kill the unlimited data plan and gave us a phone that has lots of problems. You gave us a lame response from a petulant CEO and now you cannot even get the mea culpa right in iteration #3 or 4.

    Guess you could have done worse and held the line on restocking fees, but really you are falling off the cliff on this iPhone 4 launch.

    Read this awesome article that lays into Apple for its quasi apology. Very funny.

  • MIA

    I will be returning mine.

  • Jeremy

    So far not satisfied! Look at the awful pictures my iPhone 4 takes!