PixelpipeThe iPhone 4 video camera can shoot movies in full HD at a resolution of 720p, but the problem is these videos are scaled down to a maximum resolution of 568 x 320 anytime you try to export them to YouTube or via email or MMS.

So far, the only way to get your video exported in full res is to transfer them off to your computer. Not very convenient for a mobile device…

Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

Pixelpipe, a free application in the App Store, will export your mobile videos in full HD 720p up to 200 MB to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, MobileMe, Viddler, Posterous and a bunch of other sites. You can also email or upload those videos via FTP.

Additionally, Pixelpipe has been updated for iOS 4 and allows full multitasking for background uploading, which might come in handy if you upload a 190 MB video over 3G.

[via TUAW]

  • Justin

    Wonder if it leaves a pixelpipe watermark on your video.

  • Lucas

    How long is 720 p Video for 190 Mb?

  • Better make it brief. That (200MB) is ~3 minutes of HD video on the iPhone 4.

  • Evildomain

    Don’t bother if you have an iPhone 4. It crashes or can’t retrieve your media from the camera roll. All the comments in iTune’s say it is crashing on them. It’s not working for me either….Hopefully they will update it soon.

  • iphoto->Export clip->then its stored in a folder.

  • rick

    crashes here too….had the earlier version it crashed alot then they removed it from app store. now its back……still crashes though.

  • Kingj

    Downloaded it because it claim to be able to handle large media files only has 100Mb and pixelpipe says its too large to upload. It was a lot simpler to retrieve videos when phones was not so smart.