FaceTime on MiFi

I am currently at Tina’s dad, in Nowhere, Michigan. They don’t have cable internet here. They have MiFi, which I have to admit is pretty freaking cool.

Yesterday I had some FaceTime with my cousin back home in France. I took the Mifi in my pocket and went outside sit by the lake. The image and sound quality was as good as if I was on cable Internet. Very impressed.

When I see how well FaceTime works on MiFi, it gives me hopes that it will work ok on AT&T’s slower 3G network once there is a jailbreak for the iPhone 4. In the meanwhile, you can already use FaceTime on 3G with this trick.

  • Kylerayk

    Hey, I grew up right next door to Nowhere. We are still waiting for cable too. That is why I have ALWAYS (9 years) used an unlocked AT&T phone on Tmobile. I get the best rate and roam off AT&T towers with the best phones. Tmobile didn’t even have a GPS phone till about 2 years ago! This has nothing to do with the blog, I just thought I’d say “Hi” to another Michiganian.
    Say hi to da UP, eh!