This is pretty cool. I wish I had half of this guy’s talent. In case you’re wondering, this is made with Brushes app for iPad.

  • Amazing. When two true forms of ingenuity come together (technology and art)

  • Justin

    The brushes app is really cool. I have it but can’t create art like that. That’s awesome.

  • Eric

    WoW that is freaking awesome. I can hardly draw a stick figure, lol.

  • Awesome! That’s all you can say! I want my ipad now haha

  • Eric

    I know mine is in the mail! Deliver it to me nowwwwww too bad i am in italy and its going to take another week to get here probably!

  • Oliverf

    That’s truly impressive.

  • knoopx

    music is from maserati ;D

  • i am totally stuck !! you cant just image how creative the human being is !

  • Totally awesome….i am still amazed at the great info i come accross on the web….thanks

  • When something becomes hot, then swordplay is hot, too.

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