I’ve had my iPhone 4 for just about a week now. The Engadget and other BGR have had access to the phone before all of us and they gave pretty extensive reviews of the iPhone 4 so I won’t go too much into the details. I just want to tell you what I think sucks on the iPhone 4, and what I think should make you want to buy one.

What I Like About the iPhone 4

  • It’s beautiful
  • It’s cool
  • The screen resolution is amazing
  • It’s fast
  • The camera is great
  • The LED flash
  • The front-facing camera
  • FaceTime
  • The battery
  • Fast app switching

What I Don’t Like About the iPhone 4

As you can see there are more pros than cons. You will also notice that the battery and the app switching appear in both pros and cons.

On my first iPhone 4, the battery was crap. I could barely go through one day on a full charge. I exchanged my iPhone 4 last weekend for these reasons and the battery on this new iPhone is much better. Same usage, same phone, but all iPhones are definitely not equal when it comes to battery.

As for app switching, I love how it works. It’s just great to be able to quickly switch between apps without having to wait for them to load again (that is for apps optimized for iOS 4). However, it can get very messy really quick in the app switcher, often showing over 20 apps in the background for me. Sure Steve-o says not to worry about them, but I still like to be in control of my apps, just like I am with ProSwitcher. With Apple’s app switching, I’m not, unless I manually kill those running in the background.

As for the UI, I think Apple could have done a little spring cleaning in there. The iPhone UI is great and simple, but after 3 years seeing the same stuff, I really get tired of it.

What do you think about your iPhone 4? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

  • Albion

    What i think is that iphone4 is the worst phone of luxury phones out there. Worst than iphone 3g, 3gs, nexus1, palm, bleckbery, and all android phones.
    I realy hope that all of you out there be a little smarter and dont go with all the hype which people that have profiting interest from iph4 have build so religiOusly.
    Compare the facts. There is nothing more than the iphone 3gs noticeable to make want to buy one. Ohhh exept the words its beautiful its cool its awsome, well…… Is it really??? Probably if u lockIt in a glass box and leavit as a display in your house and never touchit.

  • Chris

    I know this shoud not be put here because it’s about a 3gs. I gave up on ios4 just because of that bloody app switcher. Evey app opened goes in it and then you to open switcher and close the apps again. Like you ( seb ) I like pro switcher because I can choose what I wont left running.
    If any one knows any one who can make a cydia tweek that can turn off that bloody switcher have a word with them ( please ) even if it only runs 4 apps that would be better than evey app that is opened….

  • Chris

    Forget what I just put, I found it, you can kill that switcher. Tweek is in sinfuliphone repo. All I need Now is jailbreak for mc model 3gs

  • appletiser

    I think a simple solution regarding the app switcher would be to implement a feature similar to that of the Windows start menu whereby the user can set a limit of how many apps (programs) are kept on the list – and while they’re at it add a ‘kill all’ option so u don’t have to end each app one by one 🙂

  • kirk

    If you install backgrounder you will have better control over what goes in the appswitcher. Install that and ‘remove recents’. I love the appswtcher now that i have done this.

  • Kev

    Hey, Albion. Rather than just saying it’s the worst of the worst, even worse than a 3g, how about telling us why?

  • boo

    “iPhone 4.. where’s the iPhone 4?

    I need an iPhone 4..!

    I don’t care!”

    http:// yfrog.com /miautomotivatorj

  • Kelp

    Not really true for the old UI, Apple introduced folders ….. wuwu, not really sure it’s better than infinite board but it’s here

  • VnABC

    Jailed iPhone 4 can’t be better than my jaillbroken iPhones 3GS….

  • If your device is jailbroken then install “Remove Recents” for iOS4. I have it installed and it only allows apps that are actually running in the background to stay in the app switcher and this alone cleans up the whole thing a lot. No more 20 app icons sitting there that are not even running.

    Give it a go, its free 🙂

  • T-Mizzle

    advice needed for an iPhone that has gotten wet.

  • konvict

    The apps that show up in the app switcher are NOT all running. That is a list of recent apps that have been launched. Only apps that support iOS4 will stay open when switched. Notice when you press some of them, they seem to ‘launch’ again. Because they weren’t actually running.

  • Chris

    @ konvict
    what happens when all apps are surpported on ios4. It’s ok for now but the time will come.. !

  • konvict

    @ Chris

    This sheds a little more light on the subject:


  • Polemicist

    Hmmm. Interesting.

    What Sebastien Likes About the iPhone 4

    It’s beautiful (Yeah and it scratches easy)
    It’s cool (I’ve heard that it gets hot. 🙂 )
    The screen resolution is amazing (Won’t deny that but the screen size is still small)
    It’s fast (Umm so is every other new smart phone I’ve put my hands on)
    The camera is great (Again this is the same for new smart phones)
    The LED flash (Yeah they took their time adding something everyone else was doing)
    The front-facing camera (VGA… Yay. Again they are behind the eight ball)
    FaceTime (LOL. Been doing that over 3G on other phones for how long now?)
    The battery (How is this a PRO and a CON?)
    Fast app switching (How is this a PRO and a CON?)

    What Sebastien Doesn’t Like About the iPhone 4

    The battery (How is this a PRO and a CON?)
    Fast app switching (How is this a PRO and a CON?)
    The same old UI (You expected what exactly?)
    The antenna issue (LOL… and LOL again … lawsuit is even funnier)

    What I dislike about the iPhone… The iPhone… It is stale. Same size. Same design. Same software only including stuff the JB scene has been doing for years. More fragile. Easier to scratch.

    My number 1 dislike.

    Bad antenna design – the idiot who did that should quit – the idiot who signed it off should slap himself – I owned an AM/FM radio as a kid and I knew that when I went near or touched the metal antenna the signal screwed up and you could feel the voltage buzz across your hand (Some old radios and tv antennas could even emit a tiny spark) so that kinda means that you are earthing out the device and therefore wasting battery life. I guess Steve must have lived a sheltered life without any form of advanced technology like a radio as a kid. XD

    My only like:

    The screen – it does look like very nice technology. I want to compare it to a 4+ inch super AMOLED screen in my hand as I’m pretty damn sure I know they are gonna look damn similar.

    @T-Mizzle The phone has water detector thingys in it. The only sure cure that might save your arse is to find a nitrogen environment (they use them in places like capacitor factories) then stick the phone in that environment. It will suck all the liquid out of the phone. But if you have powered it up while wet then you may be out of luck. Most likely you would be better off claiming it on insurance. Sorry bro. 🙁

    • f3te

      1. The phone is a lot more scratch resistance then previous models and some other phones… and you can hardly see scratches unless under a source of light at an angle.
      2. The iPhone 4 does not overheat, it’s a software problem that displays that the iPhone is overheated. So it’s not crappy Hardware… it’s crappy software =P. I guess some disfunctional iPhones do overheat though…
      3. I agree that other smart phones are fast… or even faster then the iPhone 4.
      4. It’s personal opinon to how big the screen is. I hear that a lot of people have problems with the HTC evo because of the screen size, saying it’s too big.
      5. Yeah, i agree that the front facing camera isn’t much of a deal 😛
      6. Facetime actually works really well. Even though other phones do have video chatting that doesn’t need WIFI, it’s still not as good. The 4G network is still buggy… I also hear that there’s a jailbroken app called My3G that allows facetime over 3G, and other apps that need wifi to go on 3G.

  • ghettocowboy

    I agree with Polemicist. All the Pros listed are minor stuffs and the cons are major problems.
    The battery should belong to con since it is not replaceable. Why not watch the video posted a few days ago about EVO 4G VS iPhone and list all the cons mentioned in the video.

    I find all the Bias in here since it is apple fan boys playground

  • jako.uk

    PRO: Physical Design, Physical Design, Physical Design, Wow
    CONS: No innovation (I mean Led flash, 5MP camera, front face camera… come on), Antenna issue , Battery, white-balance problem, same old UI , limited “multitasking” ….

    I’ll stick with my old 3gs(now used as an iPod touch), and my Nexus One

  • Chris

    & Konvict
    thanks for that, That has cleared things up alot. But it would still be nice to be able to turn off the switcher or choose how many apps can be displayed down.. 

  • Bryan

    I agree with all of your points. And yes, everyone, the OS is stale. But it works. I love my new iPhone 4 even without JBing. I hated the iPhone 3GS without JBing. Yes, I am looking forward to JB for iPhone 4, but I am loving fast app switching (except for the buildup of app I gotta manually kill).

    Also, the battery life on the 4 as opposed to the 3GS with backgrounder/ProSwitcher is so much better. I can usually go 1 to 1.5 days now. On the JB 3GS, I often couldn’t make it thru a day.

    Using the new folders I have 2 screens up (as I did on the 3GS with Categories). This old OS look boring, I agree. But, with fast app switching and 2 pages, I can get anywhere fast.

    I have bitched about Apple a whole lot. But, the bottom line is “I love my iPhone 4 a lot” and i am really glad i bought one.

  • John Dickinson

    You can switch off multitasking on ios 4.

    Edit the following file and change the multitasking option to false.


    Save and reboot the iphone – NO MORE MULTITASKING