MacGyver iPhone 4 Antenna Issue

Welcome to episode #649 of the iPhone 4 antenna issue program. Since Apple doesn’t seem to be doing anything to fix this annoying issue, we have to be inventive and figure out our own way to get things to work as they should.

A discussion in the Mac Rumors forums suggests that the issue could actually be from the SIM card itself.

I just tried this. My sim contacts were under the edge of the tray too. I cut a piece of electrical tape to exactly cover only where the gold contacts of the sim touched the tray. I went back to the exact location in my house where I had 1 signal bar. I now have 3 signal bars. Unreal, I can’t believe this did anything. Tested before and after with a bumper on the phone. I’ll keep an eye on the performance outside the house tomorrow. I don’t want to jump to conclusions that this helped my iPhone reception without more data. Looks promising so far though!

What seems to work for this guy didn’t work for others, me included. Hey Apple, we’re still waiting for an official statement from you about the issue!

  • Juan

    no bubble gum??????

  • Alex

    Actually what works is if you take your iPhone put in on the palm of your hand….put your arm at a 90 degree angle and slam it across the room…LMAO!….OR if that doesn’t work, go to the nearest park and find a large rock (10lbs or more) and place your iPhone on the floor, about 2 feet away from you and drop the rock on it!……..I’m so glad I didn’t buy that piece of crap…I love my iPhone 3GS jailbroken/unlocked on 3.1.3……..

  • @Juan No bubble gum but a “leaked update to this fix” makes me believe it will require a matchbox and a Pepsi can 😉

  • Juan

    I’m running to the store for some electrical (black) tape to test this. If it works, then all Apple has to do is ship insulated SIM trays.

  • Juan

    Well, I tried but my hands aren’t stable enough to cut something so small and then apply it. hehe. Oh well.

  • Juan

    Ok. This is odd. After giving up and placing the SIM back into the phone, I can bridge the antannae and it no longer kills data on my phone, even with one or two bars. WTF?

    • Hands aren’t stable enough? Stop smoking 2 packs a day 😉

  • Hawk

    The “SIM tray” or “SIM Card” Fixes only seem to work because you are removing the SIM from the phone. Tape has nothing to do with it.
    If you are having major issues, turn the phone completely off, eject the SIM, reboot the phone, go into SETTINGS-GENERAL-RESETS-RESET NETWORK SETTINGS and wait while the phone does it’s thing and reboots again. When it comes back up, re-insert the SIM. – instructions from Apple Support when I called them.
    You should see a slight to moderate improvement. It does NOT eliminate the problem, just seems to lessen either the severity or reaction time of the signal status meter. If you bridge the antenna long enough, you will see the problem return.