Do you have 3 minutes to spare? If so watch this funny video. It shows how pathetic us iPhone fanboys can be. Sigh…

  • Justin

    There’s white ones at walgreens?!?! Crap, I shoulda checked there!

  • Marijn

    I want one too. Right away. Can you give me one with a SIMcard remove thingy

  • Pedro

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO Love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    I love my iPhone 3GS but this is true about some apple fans.

  • lol, funny video, but there is one point to the “but it’s not an iPhone” argument.

    All the money one spent on Apps, this you can not take with you to another phone.
    I have not dared to count but know it is a lot.
    I guess whenever the argument to move to a different phone becomes big enough, the iPhone will become an iPod for the kids.

  • MrSandman

    That’s it…. I’m gonna check out that Sprint phone today!! :o)

  • ROFLMAO, I love the type and talk feature of a winPC, I make it say all kinds of stupid shit, just like this video. lol

  • ghettocowboy

    This video is awesome. Apple iPhone fan boys are the stupidest people on this planet like. Another article on saying some idiots tried snake oil, nail polish, etc… in attempting to fix iPhone 4 antenna issue. When are they gonna issue a recall??

  • greytone

    My cat is homeless.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    That was hillarious!

  • Burge

    Lol lol lol lol

  • Juan

    i’m going to cut off my dick now because i don’t want my children growing up with retards like you.. lmao. classic.

  • Anonymous

    Iphones the best phone ever in the world and android sucks