Microsoft Exchange on iPhoneAfter updating to iOS 4, you might have encountered issues when syncing your Microsoft Exchange account. I know I did. Immediately after setting up Google Sync on my iPhone iOS 4, the sync took forever to complete. I ended up deleting and adding the account several times but it didn’t really fix the issue as it would still take forever to sync new contacts or new events in the calendar.

According to this Apple Support ticket, I am not the only one. Here are the symptoms: immediately after updating to iOS 4, some users may notice that Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts, or Calendars do not sync, or sync very slowly. In addition, some Exchange Server administrators may notice their servers running slowly.

Here is the fix offered by Apple:

To work around this issue, users should install a configuration profile from Apple that increases the amount of time the iOS 4 device will wait for the Exchange Server to respond to its sync requests. For best results, the profile should be installed on as many iOS 4 devices at your company as possible.

To install the profile:

  1. Use Safari on your iOS 4 device to download the configuration profile. It may be easiest to read this article with your iPhone or iPod touch and tap the download link there, but you may also email the attachment to another email account on your iOS 4 device, and tap the attachment to open it.
  2. Tap Install to install the profile, and enter your passcode if prompted.
  3. A warning message will appear because the profile is not signed. Tap Install Now.
  4. Tap Done to complete the installation, then power off your device and power it back on.
  5. Wait for your Exchange data to finish syncing.

After installation, the profile will be listed under Settings > General > Profile.

Have you had this issue? If so, did this fix work for you?

  • xMort

    I try to install profile both from Safari and iPhone configuration application but it always fails. In Safari due to “unknown error” and Conf utility doesn’t import few fields (but they are only description fields – only one important looking is PayloadUUID) and after clicking on Install, nothing happens.

  • Landlubber

    Installing the profile with the link above doesn’t work: “URL not supported”

  • Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  • Waltraut

    Load config file vie desktop pc and send it forward by mail to your iPhone and install it dirctly out of the mail.

  • xMort

    Waltraut: thank you for hint. Mobile Safari or Conf utility doesn’t work but e-mail attachment allow me to install profile. Thanks again ­čÖé

  • smc1139

    I loaded this profile but it still does not sync the email quickly. It doesn’t seem like the profile is helping.

  • Frustrated

    Loaded and installed thus but it didn’t resolve my mail sync issues. I still have loads of mail appearing in my inbox on my handset that have Bern deleted or removed in outlook, which has synced with exchange.

  • Mark W

    I was advised to install this profile, it does not work. All it does is extend the time before you get the message ” cannot connect to server”. See this article

    Apple has created this problem with OS4 and are now not doing anything about it. If you have not yet upgraded your 3G or 3GS to OS4, don’t. If this is not fixed in 30 days Apple will be sued initially for breach of trades description as they are and continue to promote a feature that does not work and they know it does not work. So if you bought your iPhone 4 or ugraded your 3GS to OS4 Apple has 2 choices to either fix it or buy you out of your contract so you can get a phone that actually works. The more people that complain through customer relations the better the chance of a fix. First you have to raise acase log with thechnical support, once you have this, you can then get them to escalate it as a complaint to customer relations

  • Jan B

    thanks Mark W. i actually just got off the phone with apple support. i had escalated to tech manager. she kept insisting this was not an ios4 problem but rather an exchange problem, and kept telling me to go back to my employer to have them fix the exchange problem. she even suggested i install microsoft entourage! i tried to make sure she understand that that is impossible to do, since there’s no entourage for the iphone… she was mean and condescending throughout our conversation, and i ended up hanging up on her after i used a couple of choice words…

    good luck anyone else trying to find a fix to this…

  • Just posted an article on my blog with a REAL fix. We got a NEW profile from Apple that reverts EAS to 12.1. So far, 100% fix rate.

    • Kelly


      This link you posted is broken and does not work.

      I’m highly frustrated… I work for a small company and IT is only one person and I am at the bottom of the food chain.

      I just got the iPhone 4 on Jan 6th – and this morning (Jan 27th) my outlook calendar info disappeared from my iPhone calendar.

      I made the mistake of deleted my work microsoft exchange account completely from my iPhone, thinking that readding it would force all the info to resync with Outlook. All this did was now also clear all my contacts too.

      I installed the configuration profile link above earlier today and now all my emails are back, and some contacts are back (no rhyme or reason why only a small percentage are back) and birthdays (from birthday info in my outlook contact entries) and a few all day events are back on the calendar.

      This is sooooo frustrating! I also called apple support and they insisted this was an exchange problem. If this is true – why would it have worked for 20 something days perfectly and other people at work – their iphones are still syncing???

      Anything anyone has to suggest to fix this is highly appreciated. If I can’t get this fixed – I may take advantage of the 30 day return and get an android platform phone instead.

      • Mark W

        Have you tried restoring the phone through iTunes. This will at least restore all your contacts and emails.

  • Simon

    Didn’t work. Sadly.

  • Madhavi


    Is anyone there with a solution for this.

    I got an IPhone 3G. I have configured the exchange server email account successfully. I am able to send the email out of the exchage server but i am not able to sync the Inbox.Not able to see a single mail in the inbox.

    It will helpful if any one can suggest a solution to this.


  • Michael

    I had the exact same issue and found the solution at this link, looks like it is an AD permission issue:

  • Andy

    So far, it worked on my iPhone like a charm. Thanks!

  • MichaelC

    Thanks a lot; it worked when I e-mailed the article to myself, opebned the e-mail in Safari and clicked on the Apple Support link within the article.