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Are you tired of the Verizon iPhone rumors yet? Or maybe you can’t wait to dump the big bad awful AT&T for… well… the big bad awful Verizon. Personally I’m kinda tired of these but I always feel the need to pass the information rumors on because my goal is to keep you up-to-date.

The latest round of rumor claiming the iPhone will come to Verizon comes from Bloomberg, which was tipped by “two people familiar with the plans”. According to the anonymous sources, the iPhone 4 will appear on Verizon network in January of 2011.

An odd date for the launch of a new product for Verizon as it comes right after the holidays madness. Even more odd is that Verizon spokesperson John Johnson said not even a month ago that there was no plan for Verizon to support the Apple mobile devices in the “immediate future”.

I still don’t think Verizon will have the iPhone next year but hey, I might be wrong.


  • Keith Stone

    According to Steve Jobs’s tweet, it is coming next year 2011.

  • Erik

    I’m so sick of it personally. I laugh everytime someone at work comes to tell me. “did you hear verizon is getting the iPhone?” I’m perfectly happy with AT&T. Everyone is different though.

  • Federico

    Just dribble to drown out news on the long lines at AT&T stores today. This rumor is not to help apple but rather to prevent churn at verizon. News three days ago was that verizon did not need the iPhone and was launching a droid on July 15. This is WS payola at it’s best.

  • @LappyGirl

    @ceoSteveJobs is a fake account, but it’s hilarious!!! Anyway, Good Morning America has it as a scrolling headline on the bottom of the screen this morning. Makes you wonder. I’ll be sticking w/ AT&T until VZW is GSM. Well..that and the pesky 2 year contract I had to sign when I got my iPhone 4… 

  • Smore04

    My whole thing is this……..AT&T still has the contract with Apple. Verizon has been really backing the Android platform and phones. Apple and Android are in serious competition. If the iPhone was to come on Verizon, AT&T sales would plummit and no one would choose to purchase an iPhone with them because of the crappy service. Verizon is rolling out its 4G/LTE early next year, like January next year. They already have 4G phones in the works. bringing the iPhone 4 to Verizon is just too easy. I really think Apple and Android should continue to battle it out to see who has the best platform and over all smart phone. Don’t get me wrong Apple is powerful, but Android is on the rise and I believe there will be ton of phones from Android that will “Raise the bar” lol. The HTC EVO 4G from Sprint and the Motorola Ddroid X are just the begining of powerful Android devices………

  • Audrey

    It actually makes perfect sense for iPhone to wait until Verizon has their 4g in place. That is exactly what it’s been rumored they’ve been waiting for. They don’t want to release a 3g compatible phone just to have it be obsolete a few months down the road because 4g is now in place. I just hope and assume that it will also work on their 3g network as well, since most areas won’t get 4g for a really long time. As far as the Android/iPhone competition, AT&T is also starting to carry Android, so that’s not really an issue in my opinion. They may not be pushing Android like Verizon is, but right now, Verizon has no choice but to push Android, because they don’t have anything else worth pushing at the moment. But when/if iPhone arrives at Verizon, you can bet your patookis that iPhone will rule whether it’s being pushed or not. Everyone who wants the iPhone but can’t stand AT&T for whatever reason will want to get their hands on it, if only just to compare it to the Android on the same carrier. Right now, you can’t really compare the two. The Moto Backflip is AT&T’s first Android offering, so that’s as close to a comparison that people have for now. But I sorta think there won’t be many who will compare them since most people with AT&T already have the iPhone and love it.