Have you ever wondered how much your spanking new iPhone 4 would cost to manufacture? According to iSuppli, Apple’s 16GB iPhone 4 includes components that cost as little as $187.51.

The most expensive thing in the iPhone 4 is the retina display screen, which supposedly costs Apple $28.50 per unit.

iPhone 4 Cost

When the iPhone 3GS came out last year, its estimated cost was $179. Since then, the price of components dropped and it is now estimated to cost $134.

Like Business Week notices, the estimate doesn’t include costs for items such as labor, shipping, advertising, software development, or patent licensing.

  • Infosecguy

    I find it interesting the article deals with cost to manufacture, but it does not account for QA practices or other human interfaces. Each interface has a cost associated with it.

    Thus, the profit margin may actually be lower than being shown. Personally, I believe that there is little profit in most smartphones after R&D and manufacturing. The profit lies in comm plans and the marketplaces for third party apps. Then again, I could be wrong…. Thoughts.

  • Creativity/Ingenuity are priceless. 🙂

  • Joeyjojo

    Does that mean I could buy the parts, build an iPhone 4 myself and install the software and have an iphone4 for 187 whole dollars?

  • eric

    My i-4 felt out of my pocket and the glass its broken, a friend can fixed, but where i can buy that display retina screen..