Zagg, the maker of the Invisible Shield for iPhone has come up with a new product called ZaggSkins.

ZaggSkings allows you to personalize your device to be as unique as you want it to be. ZAGGskins will personalize and protect your mobile devices by combining the scratch protection of the Invisible Shield with customizable images.

You can choose to use one of Zagg’s professional design or you can choose to upload your own image to create your very own custom iPhone skin.

You can get ZaggSkins for every iPhone model, including the iPhone 4. Best of all, it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back and get a full refund.

Learn more about ZaggSkins here.

  • Alex

    WOW, same article in the same week! You’re really pushing us to buy this shield! Do you get a cut of the money or something?…LMAO

  • Alex, this article is the one I posted earlier this week. It’s just a STICKY, which means it stays at the top. I wouldn’t post the same shit twice in 3 days.

  • Alex

    WOW…I guess I touched a nerve there…I’m sorry, don’t go jump off a building now!…LOL…I don’t have the inside scoop on your blog, I didn’t know you had STICKY articles(I thought you had a girlfriend…LOL)…..I just remembered that I saw it on Monday and then all of sudden, I see it today and I just started laughing!

    • I think you’re just too sensitive ­čśë You didn’t touch a nerve at all. I just tried to explain to you how it got there, that’s it.

  • Alex

    WOW….you’re so classy! I’m sensitive? I’m going to do us both a favor and I’m going to stop reading these second hand articles! You’re always about 3 or 4 hours late on just about everything and if you’re not then is something stupid like Pink winterboard themes or some shit like that!

  • Haha, I’m 3 to 4 hours late because I have a life. I’m not behind my screen all day hitting F5. There are over 1,000,000 people coming here every month, I’m sure the blog will survive without you. Adios!

  • iPhone 4

    Damn, Alex. Put down that iPod touch 1G your Mom bought you from the flea market. You obviously need to get laid!

    Seb, I enjoy your blog on a daily basis and think you do an excellent job. You may not always be the first to post about something but at least you provide the articles for those who may not follow other blogs.

  • Matt

    I think the Zagg products are overpriced. I always go with products. Its the same thing.

  • Heyyouguys

    I prefer a case to these.

    @sebastien, great blog! Remember to never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Im fr0m philippines n i wanted to purchase zaggskin.dnt kn0w how?pls email s