Ladies and gentlemen, there is a jailbreak for iPhone 4. iPhone hackers PlanetBeing and Chpwn have managed to get root access (jailbreak) the iPhone 4, by using a variation of the Spirit jailbreak by Comex.

A few hours ago, PlanetBeing posted the following on Twitter:

Think I’m the first one I know about to get a root shell (and SSH) on iPhone 4, using poor @comex’s code (since he has no iPhone 4)

This was later confirmed by MuscleNerd who posted a tweet containing this retina display image of Cydia on an iPhone 4.

Cydia Jailbreak on iPhone 4

And now for the bad news… iPhone hacker p0sixninja confirmed on Twitter that this version of Spirit used to jailbreak the iPhone 4 cannot be released at the time being because it contains parts of Apple’s proprietary code, which is obviously illegal.

This bad news was also confirmed by PlanetBeing which insisted on the fact that Spirit is nowhere ready for a release. What does that mean? Well, it means it might take a few more days, maybe weeks, until Spirit can officially be released to jailbreak the iPhone 4.

  • am i being thick or is the iPhone4 not already broken? I assume the 4 runs iOS4 like my antique 3G – which has been jailbroken since last Monday.

  • Jeremy

    IPhone 4 has totally different hardware so no it’s not the same jailbreak. This is the first for iPhone 4 jailbreaks. Although I read on redmond that this jailbreak is no where near ready. Major bummer bcuz I really miss my jailbreak apps. But at least there is progress.

  • Juan

    They better give us a jailbreak about the 3GS os4 not some restore tools I’m stuck with iOS 4 not jailbreakable fuck

  • Shitty !!!!

    Great !!!!! Now we just need to get it , its not good news when its something you cant have ! Stock iphones suck !!!!!

  • GGg

    Fuck you shitty

  • T.C.

    Juan said:

    “They better give us ….”

    Really? Show a little gratitude for what is given you in time. Otherwise, code it yourself or do without. ASSHOLE

  • LoooL

    go mind your own buissnes fag , they may never release it , so what doese that mean that im fucked?
    i will find those fuckin dev teams and put a bullet in their head or they code it in a minute

  • T.C.

    You don’t have to be fucked. As I said, you could always do it yourself.

  • Oliverf

    I’m done jailbreaking. Been doing it religiously since 1.1.4 (I think that was it) and in the end all I ever really enjoyed was 5 icon dock (which should be stock), supreme preferences and one theme (Dream)

    In the end it’s just not worth the full restore headache anymore.

  • ghettocowboy

    therefore apple rushes the release of version 4.01. iPhone 4 launched on the 24th, new firmware will be launched on the 28th?? Any1 sees this coming?

  • Lollok

    Take your time dude
    wait until they release a fixed and Syble version of ios4
    so ghettocowboy is right

  • Fuck juan !!!

    Its because assholes like you , developers should charge for their jailbreaking software . Dicks like you think they owe this to you for some reason and have no clue how much work goes into creating these programs ! Fags like you should not even own a iphone .

  • Albion

    What is the point of jailbreaking anymore??? Enjoy your phones guys and forget about the bullshit that u have to go thru to jailbreak, and for what????? I Just don’t get it. Plus do u see what how horrible the iPhone is compare to the other phones? Plus don’t forget AT&T is the worst phone company u can be with. My suggestion is to wait till your contract is over and go get yourself a chiper company with a far better superior phone.

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    • Amg

      Shut the fuck up GROW UP AND WAIT for what is given to you for free or Fucking jail breakit yourself asshole I too miss my jailbreak BUT SO FUCKING WHAT YOU INCONSIDERATE ASSHOLE

    • Amg

      Shut the fuck up GROW UP AND WAIT for what is given to you for free or Fucking jail breakit yourself asshole I too miss my jailbreak BUT SO FUCKING WHAT

    • Amg

      Shut the fuck up GROW UP AND WAIT for what is given to you for free or Fucking jail breakit yourself asshole

  • hey fag

    fucking prick Juan is right you are a motherfucker shut your mouth mind your own shitttt

  • Jason

    Just wish the dev team release the tool that support iphone 3gs running ios4 that never jb before too. Best wishes to dev team 🙂

  • Yave

    Wow patience is the key word i do miss jailbreak on my iphone 4. But we got to understand that the dev team do have live (i hope) and time is very crucial. Plus they dnt charge for anything. Jaikbreak is a provilage and not a right. They can stop making jaikbreaks any time they want

  • Joeyjojo

    Whatever happens and however long it takes the dev team always release a jailbreak for whichever iPhone u have when the time is right. I love my 3gs jailbreak and miss it when I don’t have it. But for the quality I will wait. Long live dev team woo yeah.

  • i don’t see the point of jailbreaking anymore

  • My TOP 10 Reasons Why I still jail break:

    1. Getting the chance to try FaceTime on 3G

    2. Being in the room with others that own iPhones. Every time they get an ALERT. Everyone looks at their phones! (unless you can set alert tones in 4.0)

    3. Wireless Syncing (need I say more)

    4. SnapTap (unless they fixed taking pictures on 4.0 or if you have an i4)

    5. MyWi (sharing is caring)

    6. Tethering (unless you wanna pay that $20.00 fee go head)

    7. Popping the SIM CARD in for any country I am visiting. I travel a lot!

    8. SB Settings, OpenSSH

    9. Shrink (shrink down your icons making them look nice and neat with your theme)

    10. Swap Camera Roll (easy way to hide the photos I have of your mom from your dad!)

  • Thomas

    FaceTime on a 3G? Without frontcamera???

  • ^^^
    Ahhh I am looking towards the future JB of the i4 🙂

  • Thomas

    But you talked about FaceTime on 3G:

    1. Getting the chance to try FaceTime on 3G


  • ^^^
    Oh I mean on the AT&T 3G Network 🙂 I didn’t keep the unlimited plan on for nothing!

  • Nate

    I just way mywi and dtunes please release the jailbreak soon. I have not activated my iPhone 4 because my 3gs is jailbroken and I use mywi all the time.

  • Confused

    WOW, seriously some of you are IDIoTS…!
    Thanks DevTeam for all you do…!

  • Rick

    Some of the comments were helpful, and some were just rude.

    Appreciate the time hackers work on these things. Go, dev team!

  • ged

    i have the new ig4 but i dont want to activated because i love my iblacklist & internet teethering apps.. can i back them up on itunes…i know its a longshot

  • T.C.

    I personally just use Rock to back up all my jailbroken stuff. There are other methods, but this one works for me pretty well. So when (and if) the new iP4 jailbreak is available, I can just go there to get everything back. They say the licenses stored with them carry over to other devices with the user. (hopefully)

  • GED,

    You should have no problem backing up most of your CYDIA apps with ITunes. Just that it won’t install on the i4. I am guessing you probably don’t have the file installed that let’s you sync ipa’s with iTunes? If so you will need that from CYDIA.

  • Zachary

    Geese… stop with all the sneak preview reporting. I hate the stock iPhone operating system, and I WANT MY JAILBREAK NOW~
    It can’t be that hard to do. Why didn’t I go to school for computer programming.
    It would have been released by now!!!
    (hypocrite I know. but!!!!)
    Come on guys and gals!!!
    Give us what we want, what we really really want!!!
    I’m sitting around thinking, wow, it cant’ be that hard. I can access Cydia as a website on my iPhone and its a big tease… what’s so hard about opening up the iPhone as a little computer to do whatever the F*** its user wants? What’s so hard about that?
    Thanks for joining me on that short rant adventure.
    We are truly grateful for the jailbreak when it comes. My iPhone 4 is sad though… please help it escape from jail… boo hoo.

  • Thanks for this. I’m waiting for the white iphone 4 to come out first though 🙂