Will the iPhone 4 blend? Of course it does!

  • Kabriolett

    This guy…. Fed up with him… Wonder if he blends!!!

  • ghettocowboy

    stupid people do stupid thing. Wasting natural resource

  • Lukeluke

    Sebastian, stop posting stuff about destroying the iphone, its getting really stupid.
    if course the iphone can be destroyed. apple says scratch resistance and stronger than regular screen, but not scratch PROOF.
    someone please back me up on this.

  • Steph

    People are actually starving out there in the real world, but this guy finds it necessary to waste good money on an iPhone in order to freaking blend it!! Anything to get attention these days…

  • Alex

    @ Lukeluke……I told Sebastian to stop but I guess it brings in ratings or something because I think is every day now that we’re seeing some idiot doing something different to the iPhone…either burning it, scratching the hell out of it or slamming it on the floor until it breaks!….This is STUPID!……Why not write about something that someone can benefit from instead of posting something that is so stupid that I think I just got a little bit closer to being a retard!

  • Lukeluke

    thank you alex.
    btw i am still using 3gs on unlocked 313. seems like 3gs is a better phone than 4 because of the reception issues recently, AND no JB.

  • Albion

    Well. This is an iphoneblog after all I come here because I expect to find it all. I think the videos are very funny. Good job
    Seb specialy on the post of reasons why i4 sucks ass

  • amit

    haah i cracked up on the facetime smoke bit haahh

  • Oliverf

    The guy is selling his blenders very creatively. Granted the campaign is becoming tired but you gotta give his viral approach some credit.

  • Yurdle

    Lol I love this guy. It’s always fun watching this kind of stuff blend. Thanks for the post. Don’t know why people are complaining.. It’s his money he’s blending.. Not yours.

    I agree with Albion lol

  • Don’t Really Care

    I don’t know about sucks ass, unless by sucks ass you meant to write just flat out rocks your mom’s ass, but hey, who hasn’t. That footnote aside, has he ever found a phone that won’t blend? Of course it blends. That must be a pretty badass blender though. Entertainment value: 3. Waste of time value, likely a 9.