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Just got a new iPhone 4 and you’re not sure how to use it? That’s why Apple created an iPhone 4 user guide. From setting up your email to adding contacts, this 244 page PDF will walk you through every single step of the iPhone set up.

Obviously this iPhone 4 user guide was not designed for people who already own an iPhone but I’m sure it will help first-time iPhone owners.

You can download the iPhone 4 user guide in PDF from here, or just go to help.apple.com/iphone/ from your iPhone.

If you have a specific question about the use of your iPhone, please DO NOT ask it here. Instead, go to our forums where other users will be able to help you.

  • deeles

    when the call is coming time in phone only number is display in mobile not name in display (iphone 4s)

  • sreenu

    hi sir plz iphone documentation

  • aminullah

    sallam plz tell me how i find my sim contact in iphone4 plz

    reply me 03367776999

  • Me

    Can I remove the mute icon off my phone. I keep hitting it with my cheek and muting people

  • Abhishek

    hey guys, i need some guidance. I own an iphone4 sice about an year but perhaps never backed it up or updated the OS, nfact i never used iTunes etc. Now, as i wanted to download whatsup, it needs me to update OS, which currently is 2.1.3. I have just downloaded iTuenes on my home computer and started updating the OS using iTunes, but then I hastily aborted it realizing i might lose all my data on the phone i never backed up earlier. Now, I can not find a way to backup my iPhone data without upgrading/updating the OS on it and do not what should I do? Can somepne please help? Will really appreciate it. thanks. Abhishek

  • Dewyodor@gmail.com

    I get a little circle with a picture of a lock in it at the top bar of my iPhone – what does that mean ?????

  • pauline charlts

    instructions on how calendar works

  • Roda

    Any way I can get a hard copy of manual by mail? If so how do I get it ?

  • jonas

    how can I manage ringtone in i phone 4?
    any help ?

  • Chad

    My mail account on top where it says inbox always has a (14) showing even though I have no unopened emails. Does anyone have any ideas on why this won’t go away?

  • BobPrint

    iPhone 4s will print photos but not email or anything else.

  • DOT


  • melanierlovelace

    I was in the settings and turned on Voice prompt. I’m sure I did more than that as now on my locked screen it will not allow me to type in my 4 numbers to unlock..

  • Linda Jalloh

    How can I get siri on an iphone4

  • macout2@bigpond.com

    I have downloaded photos from my Iphone, now I need to disconnect the phone from the computer, but I’m not able to find the symbol
    on the task bar to activate before moving the phone.

  • how do i put in the sim?

  • Linsey

    how do i turn on rome

  • Debby

    I am trying to delete an entire photo album from my I Phone 4 and can find no help. Anyone out there who can help me with this?

  • alan taylor

    how and were do you insert the sim please

  • Sonu Singh

    A best phon

  • Cris L

    How do I turn of the apps that are running in the background. Before I got the ios7 update it was easy you just hit the button twice and they come up then hold your finger on it till you get the little signs and then delete them with the ios7 this does not happen how do I turn them off?
    Cris L

  • Jerry

    Down loaded ios7 .since then my Iphone4 has gone to my message manager and will not ring if someone is trying to call me. Have tried various things to fix it but nothing seems to work

  • Jerry


  • Peggy Fake Gibson

    I had an iPhone 3 and now an iPhone 4S. How do I close open. Pages on iphone4. On the 3, I would press the home key 2 times and then close each on page, but that doesn’t work on the 4.

  • james

    I have a question if someone can help.. I just got a Iphone 4 and I cant get in to my facebook would someone know why that would be?

  • purdy

    I’ve lost my volume on everything???

  • shreen

    lf lphone stopped to work what l have to do

  • Steve Grayson

    How do I use a song I downloaded for a ring tone on my iPhone 4 ,can anyone help please

  • Debbie

    Hello, I am new to the iphone. My husband gave me his iphone4. Can anyone tell me if there is an app I should install to do a clean up as on a computer?

  • Laura Cocorochio

    I think I may be the last person on this planet to still have the iphone4!!
    Waiting for my contract to end. Couple months. But you know what I’m happy to have it. Can’t everyone just get along and be nice. Lol. Randomly found this and read some comments so
    Figured I’d just leave one myself. Why?? Idk!! Have a great day everyone.