Are you curious to see how much the iPhone 4 stacks up against the other major smartphones in term of cost of ownership?

This nice infographics created by Bill Shrink puts the iPhone 4 side by side 3 Android phones and compares the cost of ownership over a 2 year period.

This shows that the iPhone is doing ok on the unlimited data plan, and it’s actually the cheapest of them all in the Minimum Plan Total Cost category. It’s worth noting that AT&T’s minimum data plan will cap you at 200MB while other carriers still offer unlimited data plans.

Infographics iPhone 4 Cost of Ownership

  • ghettocowboy

    not a fair comparison? 2 gb data plan for iPhone VS unlimited data plan for the rest

  • Larry

    Does anyone care about going international? The iPhone is a quad band GSM phone. All that sprint/verizon CDMA tech will get you nowhere in Europe. I’d rather buy a GB of int’l data from AT&T than buy an inferior phone to use while abroad.

  • ghettocowboy


    Get out of the Cave man. iPhone is not the only phone out there that supports gsm and quad band.

    CDMA is a network, not a phone and a few CDMA phones out there are technologically superior to iPhone 4.

    People always forget, iPhone is good because of the software. iPhone OS is very intuitive but Google Android software is getting better and better and the gap is getting closer. But in term of Hardware, nothing is extraordinary about it.

    • Ascrack

      The display is extraordinary