Call Us FaceTimeIf you just got an iPhone 4 and non of your friends did, you probably couldn’t try the new FaceTime feature. Apple thought about you and now lets you try FaceTime with a few Apple reps.

Although I had tried FaceTime before, I wanted to give Apple a call and have some FaceTime with a random employee for a few minutes.

This is what you need to do if you want to try FaceTime with an Apple rep:

1. Call 1-888-32238463 from your iPhone

2. An Apple rep will pickup the phone and ask you a few questions about your iPhone setup (FaceTime ON, wifi ON, and caller ID ON)

3. The rep will transfer the call to his iPhone to start FaceTime and will go with you over the few features of FaceTime

The whole experience took about 5 minutes. I FaceTimed with a very fun and friendly girl. I asked her if she had already had some awkward ChatRoulette-style moments today and she confirmed that no one had showed her his penis yet… I guess it’s just a matter of time.

FaceTime with Apple Rep

FaceTime works great. It takes a few seconds to connect but once you’re on, the sound is crystal clear and the video is of a very good quality.

Try it on!

  • This is a really good idea by Apple. Until Facetime capable devices are much more widely available it would end up not getting used very much. I will give this a play later on today and will do my very best to be wearing clothes when I call in.

  • ghettocowboy

    The first thing they will tell the customer: this feature only works where there is wi-fi connection, so do not confused with Sprint Evo 4G Qik video where you do not need to use Wi-Fi

  • Alex

    You’ll properly be able to use this using an app like 3G unrestrictor!

  • Jose

    @alex, that’s exactly what i was thinking …

  • Will

    Yes sir ..

  • DES

    Did anyone else not get their iPhone. After three hours of waiting to speak to three people they finally are now only shipping my phone. It was promised on my order status by June 24th. Am I the only one who now has to wait an extra week while they ship it from HK. Ps it took my ten hours to finally get through to order my phone on the 15th 🙁

  • Archie

    Can’t connect to that Apple hotline number. Am outside the USA, am here in China. So there’s no way for me to test my facetime. But if anybody out there is willing to give a test facetime call to me, i’d be very thankful and greatful.

  • Leonard

    I bought an iPhone4 16Gb, I can’t find Facetime slider on/off neither at phone settings nor at restrictions. Please reply regarding on this matter. Thank you