Sad iPhone

I’ve had my iPhone 4 for almost 24 hours now and passed the euphoria of the first few minutes with the device, I’ve actually noticed 3 very annoying details.

The yellowish screen

Remember two years ago when the iPhone 3G came out and there were many reports of screens being yellowish? It seems me and many others are having the same issue once again.

Most people are reporting yellow spots or lines on their screen. My screen is just yellowish overall. It’s not preventing me from doing anything but it’s annoying.

I took a screenshot of the yellow screen but when I look at it on the computer, it just looks perfect, which is a proof that the problem is not from the software, but it comes from the hardware.

The loose home button

Another annoying issue I have is with the home button that feels a little loose. See, I can put my finger on it and move the button left and right. I can even feel the looseness of the button every time I hit it.

The weird noise inside

I don’t know exactly how I found this one but there is a strange noise going on inside the phone when I shake it. It’s like there is a loose part in there. I had the exact same issue with my iPhone 3G two years ago.

What’s next?

Well, today is the official launch day so I’m not even going to go near an Apple Store but I think I’ll make an appointment with a “Genius” maybe for Monday. I know for a fact that Apple has replacement iPhones available and I’m sure they’ll give me a new 4 as soon as they get the phone in their hands.

If you’ve received your iPhone 4, have you experienced any of these issues?

  • Steph

    With regards to the yellowish screen:

    ‘Apple is using a bonding agent called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011 to bond the layers of glass. Apparently, Apple (or more likely Foxconn) is shipping these products so quickly that the evaporation process is not complete. However, after one or two days of use, especially with the screen on, will complete the evaporation process and the yellow “blotches” will disappear.How do I know? I was involved in pitching Z-6011 to Apple.’

    According to Appleinsider that is…

  • Jason

    I haven’t noticed any of those problems. My screen is perfect, there’s no rattling, and my home button feels normal.

  • Ivanabanonymous

    Sebastien, when you had the rattle issue with your 3GS, did you receive a new one from apple? If you did, did you have the apple care plan or not?

  • George

    Sebastien, do you also have an antenna issue ?

  • Blapp

    Regarding the rattling issue; My 3G had a problem with the power and volume buttons triggering without being physically pushed. I took it apart and there was a loose screw just tumbling around in there, short circuiting the ribbon cable. Bought it brand new through official vendors and had never opened it before. Must’ve been loose from the manufacturing or unscrewed it self during what i consider normal use(!!?).

  • Eric

    Interesting sombody is either stealing your post Steph or vise versa.

    post #139

    seems fishy.

  • Eric

    ^ actually original post was # 122 on the above link.

  • Jeff

    My screen is clear, home button tight as a virgin, and no rattle. I pre-ordered from ATT and received 6/23.

  • Tim

    I also have yellowish area along bottom of screen. I called Apple Care and they said make a Genius Bar appointment and they will swap it out. I made an appoint for Friday afternoon. This morning though the yellow seems more faint so maybe the first post is correct.

  • Have seen numerous iPhone 4’s with the yellowish screen. I thought it would be a bigger issue with swapping out due to the enormous demand – glad to see they’re swapping it out tomorrow @ Tim

  • Tim

    @iphone4gplanet – I haven’t talked to the store, just made appointment online, so we’ll see how helpful they are tomorrow, which I am guessing will still be busy and if they even have replacement phone in stock.

  • Matt

    You got a bad phone. My iPhone 4 shows none of those issues

  • @Ivanabanonymous Yes I received a new one from Apple because the phone was still under the one-year warranty. I don’t buy Apple care for my iPhone because I change it every year anyway.

    @George I don’t have the antenna issue that was reported by a few people.

  • yave distancia

    I arrived at the apple store in monterrey CA. At 7AM I knew I had no chance of getting one but I just went to take a look at it in person when I got the it was packed and the local channels were interviewing people…. so I left. On my way home i called the walmart in marina,CA they only had only 1 in stock and said had to wait to 8am for them to sell it. went to walmart No customers at the cellphone stand inside. Went home happy…

  • roh75

    Exactly the same problems here except the spare-part-sound.

    I have a yellowish screen (compared to my bright white 3G screen it is obvious), a horribly annoying loose home button and of course, it loses signal.

    BTW, I live in Paris, so same problems here in France.

  • Tim

    Quick update, went to my Genius Bar appointment, employee skeptical, but took my word for it. Swapped out iPhone 4 w/yellow for new one. New definitely has no yellow marks.

  • Kaft

    I wander.. when Steve Jobes presented iPhone 4 was his device screen yellowish ?

  • StuRoma

    None of the above issues except the stance rattling when I tap on the back of the phone near the apple logo. Could this be the giro?

  • John f

    Loose home button here, pretty annoying. I also hear a rattle when I tap the back by the apple. Probably the gyro.

  • Rattle

    i hear the rattle when i tape the top back of my phone but not when i tap the mid to bottom part. also when i turn it upside down and tap anywhere on the screen i hear no rattle at all…any ideas?

  • shyonelung

    I’ve had none if those problems. I can’t even duplicate the antenna problem.

  • @LappyGirl

    Glad Apple helped you out!

  • AnotherBrian

    I have none of the issues that are going on, nothing but praise from me. The screen and video rocks.

  • Wayne

    I have to rattle / metallic sound when tapping above the apple logo or rear camera area. Seems like most users are having the issue. Performance doesn’t seem to be affected though.

  • Michael

    I have the rattle, but it’s the power button on top of the phone. I’m sure it wasn’t doing it until the last couple of weeks. Every time I put the phone against my ear I ear a tiny click. If I hold the power button still while I move the phone, the rattle goes away. Button must be loose…

  • Toro

    The rattle sound is actually the autofocus of the iPhone 4 5Mpx back camera.. FYI: The 3GS has the exact same sound!

    • Jacob

      Does that mean the autofocus may fail down the road compared to a “nonrattle” iPhone?

  • prando andrea

    la telecamera del mio iphone4 si attiva ma riesco a vrdere solo immagini in bianco e blu

  • Samantha

    I have the button problem it’s like a joystick 🙁 I am not happy. Will be returning it to o2 tomorrow. Btw I’m in England and we do have the same probs as you guys.
    My signal however is amazing!!

  • Rob

    The loose home button problem continues into 2011 in the UK. I’m on my second iPhone 4 in two weeks as the first one had an issue with the keyboard in portrait mode (the I, K and M buttons could not be selected).

    This replacement has a slightly loose home button which if it were only annoying I wouldn’t worry about. I noted comments on threads elsewhere however that a loose home button has the potential to allow more dust/moisture into the phone and this could be a problem as it ages. With many people in the UK opting to sign up to 24 month contracts to get their £500 iPhones for £100 or less I would suggest this is an issue worth resolving as soon as you notice it.

    I will be calling Vodaphone today for another swap as I am loathe to part with good money for a substandard product I will be tied to for 2 years, particularly if it has the potential to get worse.