After yesterday’s report that the iPhone 4 is indeed not as scratch resistant as Apple would like you to believe, here is a new proof that the iPhone 4 screen can break.

Well, duh! Of course the screen can break if you deliberately drop it 4 times in a row. Does it really take a genius to figure this one out?

This doesn’t really prove anything to me. Like any other cellphone, the iPhone screen is subject to scratches and shattering.

What do you think?

  • German

    I don’t have it because I live in Argentina and this guy breaks it.. =S

    I’ts just unfair =(

  • Bart

    “lets see how many times to break it” Why not just throw it to the ground you stupid jerk!

  • Alex

    What is people’s problem? I know we’re all suppose to hate apple because their the “MAN” but this goes too far! NO ONE SAID including Apple that the iPhone 4 was unbreakable…..These are the same people that take shit too seriously.

    Sebastien….I know this is fun to post because you get a kick out of seeing stupid shit that people do on YOUTUBE or whatever but can you limit these stupid videos to one a week….Yesterday that jackass went abe shit on his iPhone because he wanted to prove a point and today this idiot drops his iPhone just to say that is not UNBREAKABLE…..When will the madness STOP…LOL….

  • Jay

    Yeah not really sure what the point of that was. You drop anything it is either gonna mark or break. However, If they made phones out of rubber that would be awesome. Ball+phone= good times!

  • Apple Supporter

    This guy is a moron! It’s amazing how far people go to try to knock a superior product! Perhaps he too was dropped on his head a few times!

  • John

    I’m glad these idiots showed the obvious.

  • Juan

    omg i threw my iphone to the ground 4 times and it broke! #FAIL..

    /end sarcasm

    What a dumbass. Like Sebastien said, proves nothing.

  • brent

    Not that it matters much, but if he calls that “absolutely shattered” then he’s never seen glass shatter.

  • ATT Hater

    Who cares, get an EVO. Great phone on a much better network.

  • The iphone 4 is made to take everyday use by accidental drops which average from 3-5 feet in height. and the amount of force needed to crack it would only mean ud have to really throw it at the ground or dropped from a building.

  • Josh

    First, apple never claimed it was unbreakable. Second, there were no scratches on the screen it just shattered.

  • Chrys

    I know i’m late, but u can see him pressing the power button b4 the nd drop and he pull something off or whatever b4 the last drop.
    Fake, stupid and fake

  • Not Fake

    He was pressing the button trying to turn it on again after it turned itself off. Also most people drop their phones at LEAST that many times in a few months, 4 drops isn’t too much.

    I’ve dropped my Nokia N900 half a dozen times (off my tesk, walking and running) in the first 3 weeks and it didn’t break the screen. Also this is not a problem with the iPhone 3G/S. This is the new screen that’s brittle. It’s ACTUALLY a problem.

    Also it was scratched after the 2nd or 3rd drop. It broke after the 4th.

    Get a Nokia, then you don’t have to worry about Steve Jobs’ brain tumor antics telling you what you are and are not ALLOWED to install on your phone.

  • m

    This proves quite a lot. Dont tell me you didnt drop you 3G(S) 4 times in the year(s) of usage.

    My phone dropped a lot of times(like not fake said, off the desk..etc) and the screen didnt shatter. They advertise it as 30 times more durable than plastic but it breaks/scratches after a couple of days of usage? Fail.

  • Carlos Bula

    Actually this proves a lot. This is why I hate Iphones… They wouldn’t last even a week in my hands. My cell phone tends to drop like 10 times a week…That is why I use cheap Samsung or Nokia phones.

  • The guy isn’t a moron, at worst he’s a shameless showman. He has a business based off of repairing iphones.

    • Robbie

      Agreed. He did a good job or reaching his objective.

      Or maybe not. Some of the people making coments don’t realize it was all an advertisement for the site that probably repairs or sells parts.

  • Emmanuel

    Well sorry my phone droped on the floor morre than 1000 times and it still works! this is really an issue! i wann keep my phone for maybe 3-4 years and then I cant have phone that breaks if i hits the wrong spot!

  • Jaclyn Esparza

    My iphone 4 has a shattered screen after it fell out of my pocket not even 1 ft off the floor. this is BULL.

  • xdx

    The reason why this is a big deal is because part of Apple’s selling point on this phone is how durable it is, how much harder it is than plastic, and in it’s iPhone 4 promo video, they show two mechanical arms bending it at an extraordinary angle and it not breaking. The fact that you can drop the phone 4 times on the ground and the screen shatters proves how misleading Apple was the key selling promoted selling points of their product. Sure, they never said it was unbreakable, but they sure wanted you to believe it was. Sad part is, if you break it, they’ll charge you $200 to have it repaired. False advertising leads to high sales, poor quality parts and policy loopholes leads to high repair sales – it’s win/win for Apple. Much better off getting a Droid or EVO.

  • fredj

    This phone costs as much as a second hand car , what a scam

  • Milestoner

    My milestone (droid for you south of the border) can take a beating, I threw it out of my pocket when leaving my car on the road and the body got chipped, the screen was totally unscathed even though it was face down on the concrete. My friends iPhone screen broke when he dropped it of his desk. Same height, less momentum, softer floor.