I just received my iPhone 4. The FedEx guy was quite funny and said he had been delivering a lot of those iPhone 4 today. After frenetically running around the house like a crazy mofo for 2 minutes, I finally sat down and put Tina behind the camera for the long-awaited iPhone 4 unboxing.

I felt like a complete uber iDork asking my fiancee to record the whole scene of me opening a box. She laughed too and probably called me a dork as well. That’s all fair.

As you can see on this video, I’m not that good at commenting live events. But who cares? I didn’t want to post this but a few of you asked me to show you the video, so here it is.

The video is of a very poor quality but YouTube tells me it will get better over time. Since it was just uploaded, I guess they’re still working on converting it.

I haven’t played with the iPhone 4 yet. I booted it and plugged it in iTunes to start the activation process, which took about 1 minute. Painless!

I am now syncing all my music which should take a good hour.

What can I tell right off the bat? It’s an absolutely beautiful device. I feel bad just thinking I’m gonna have to put it in my pocket and take the risk of scratching it. I am really now considering getting the Invisible Shiled for iPhone 4. We’ll see.

If you have received your iPhone 4 today, please share your first impressions in the comments.

  • jailbreakman

    DAMN!!!, that phone is just beautiful……I want one so freakin bad……need, need, need….lol

  • Ivanabanonymous

    First, your not a dork, we’re all just as excited! I can’t wait to get mine. Second, love the French accent. Have fun with your new toy.

  • bripsu

    I’m all configured. Awaiting AT&T to activate the transfer of service from my old phone to the new one.

  • Joel

    Have fun with it. Can’t wait to get mine. Can’t wait to get my iPad I ordered last night either!!

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    CONGRATES MAN !!! also please I await your review of your insight ,I decided I’m waiting for next iPhone instead of going coco for coco poofs ,still mad jealous though >.> also I know people diss huge cases like autobox armor,but honetly ain’t one pound worth knowing your phone is wter proof and can take a car running it over ??

  • Chris007

    Wow!! Thant is neat. Wonder when am gonna get one here in Ghana. My 3GS is already looking too bulky for me. LOL!

  • gary2277

    Received mine first thing this morning. Activation were perfectly and within a few minutes! Restored from my last back on my old phone and already loading some new HD video and apps.

  • Straegle

    yes!!!i just got mine. so excited

  • CPAmember

    Can’t wait to get mine, I really need it unlocked though. I’ll have to wait for it’s release elsewhere. 🙁

  • Karthik

    Just got off the phone with ATT customer service. Though they received the Iphone, they said they can only give it to me tomorrow… 🙁

  • Cionte P.

    I never post on these blogs EVER. I just read them and then laugh at you guys while you argue in the comments, but I got my iPhone 4 this morning at 9:31 a.m EST…..so I just wanted to let you guys know that lol. It truly is a magnificent specimen! I am in love…all over again lol.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncjcbyAoYkg had mine a day and ive already SMASHED it

  • Lucas Kunert

    Got mine tonight (had to pick it up from UPS hub here since I wasn’t home when delivered). I absolutely love it. Upgrading from a 3G is like going from tuna on white to a prime rib. The speed is astounding and I just don’t even know what to do w/ all that speed haha. The new look is great and it feels good on my hands. Overall I love it. Activation was decently smooth once I figured out you have to use the AT&T site (I guess if you pre-order thru them) and then restart it and voila. Easy. Didn’t take too long at all to sync everything. I set mine up as a new phone to get rid of any “extra junk” that jailbreaking may have brought over.

  • Cool Video. Here you find my unboxing pictures. I love the new iPhone 4. 🙂


  • repoed2

    I love my iPhone 4 (I’m posting this comment from it), but when I first took mine out of the box, it felt (and still feels) super fragile-it feels like if I were to drop it, it would crash into a million pieces, turn to dust, and be swept away by the wind….I get nervous holding my iPhone with one hand