Apple and AT&T Prevent Jailbreaking

Ok people, take this one with a huge grain of salt but there is a rumor going around that says Apple and AT&T might be preventing iPhone jailbreaks on iOS 4 via OTA updates sent to your iPhone. Does that sound wacky? If not, read this “tip” that was sent to some unknown blog called Addictive Tips from a so-called Apple insider.

How it works is every 7 to 14 days We (Apple) and AT&T send a message to your iPhone that gathers some data from your iPhone without you knowing and we see what is running, baseband and firmware. We then send a following message. “There are optional updates for your iPhone, Would you like to install them now?” two options “Yes” or “Later”. Those are what would would call “OPTIONAL UPDATES”

Now there are things called “MANDATORY UPDATES”. They tend to work the same way, grab data from the iPhones sends it to AT&T and us then back to your iPhone with the message, “Your iPhone (name of iphone) must be updated to the current AT&T standards to run”, your only option is to “Accept” Now you can try to work your way around it until you get the second mandatory message again “You must plug iPhone into iTunes and update”

If you don’t do this you will then receive no Signal from the network anymore and your iPhone will potentially lock up with no signs of use until you update your iPhone via iTunes. You all agreed to this terms and condition when you installed iTunes 9.2 and then again once you updated to iOS4. With that being Said go ahead Try to unlock the iPhone it will only last 14 days max…

I think it’s complete BS from a blog that wants its 5 minutes of fame but I thought it was still worth mentioning on the blog and see what you guys think about that.

But wait, that’s not over. There is more controversy contained in this “leak”. According to Addictive Tips:

  • AT&T shipped some iPhone 4 early to verify their OTA update system.
  • Apple stealing user information via FaceTime, which lacks encryption.
  • Some Apple employees who are aware of this situation are not updating to iOS 4.

Does it sound wacky now? Of course it does! If it’s true though, Apple and AT&T might have a lot of explaining to do…

What do you think? Do you buy into this?

[via TNW]

  • Wow. If they really do this than it will suck big time. However, if they do, there must be a way to conceal the jailbreak and still update. I’m sure the hackers know what they are doing and can manage. 🙂

  • Juan

    so does AT&T expects to sent OTA commands to T-Mobile? lmao. mkay.

  • Oh internet, you and your wacky rumors. If I believed every stupid thing you said, we’d all have Verizon iPhones now, eh?

  • Lol. I wouldn’t put it past AT&T to mishandle private consumer information – just look at the first day of the iPhone pre-ordering (how many people were logged into someone else’s online account, again?)

  • ryanstylee

    im glad some are looking at this. it scared me a sec when i first read it, glad you folks are looking at this. i dont see it happening, i dont think they would alienate jailbreakers to this extent?

  • Xorlathor

    Oh please, I’ve heard better and more realistic “rumors” about Google taking over the world with a robotic army… * rolls eyes *

  • Z

    I believe some of it, however, under no contract’s terms and conditions should either apple or AT&T have access to MORE info than they’ve already been provided about a costumer by that costumer when signing up for a 2 year plan and acquiring an iPhone. Even police can’t enter your premises without either your consent or judge’s permittion. Each one of our iPhones is our property in this case. Apple has a right to imply it in their 100 page agreement, which is almost NEVER read, but would they do that considering all the problems they’d face?

    On the second note, this privacy violation is definitely not a positive marketing strategy, which I’m sure would negatively influence their sales. And apple, in my oppinion, has been very impressive with their marketing, boosting sales like crazy. So I tend to believe 10% of it. OTA updates seems to be a likely case. That’s just my opinion.

  • hideous

    ok…so lets say that this is somehow true and this started happening. This would cause a shitstorm of epic proportions that no matter how much positive PR spin apple and att threw at it– it would ruin their reputations for a long, long time.

    on second note, i saw the same story on another blog which directly quotes the “source” in which the source uses the wrong spelling of “were” (using “where”) I hardly believe someone that is on the iphone development team at att doesn;t know the proper spelling of “were”. Then again, ive talked with a lot of people at att and they have been pretty stupid.

    “I will tell you this right now the things I am saying if you where to go to Jobs himself he would deny.”

    THIS STORY IS RUBBISH. but please go head and put on your tin-foil hats.

  • Justin

    Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, maybe they already are! It sucks, but I can’t imagine they would have much interest in my mundane day to day life. Can you imagine how boring it would be having the job of monitoring millions of phones?

  • AppleBits

    I’ve read this pondering before, but worth a re-mention: How many iPhone users would still want to own or would buy an iPhone if they KNEW a j/b would never be an option?
    Probably most folks who have one. I know I wouldn’t. Just sayin’.

  • Z

    I remember some sort of an implimentation of OTA updates. I wasn’t happy when I was FORCED to upgrade to 3.1.3 after my battery accidently died. I’m sure everyone got annoyed with the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen. The question that bothered me back then was HOW. Ultimately, I presume that without my awareness apple sent a small package via edge that locked my phone after its shut down. So OTA is not a NEW thing. But is the way they do it legit?

  • Alex

    Common sense tells you this is complete bullshit! Plus if you can see that this is clearly a piece of shit photoshop job! LOOK AT THE UPDATE BUTTON…DOESN’T LOOK FUNNY?

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    Wow ummm yea muscle nerd also known as #1 iPhone hacker has said this is garbo so yea I trust him not to brick my phone and jb it and he says it’s Garbo then amen!case closed !

  • thefallen

    Just the fact that it shows “ROGERS” as the Network Carrier… *sighs*

  • Well if you are unlocked using a different carrier it would be impossible for at&t to send this update to you thus making this even more bull shit 🙂

  • jayphill89

    “What its doing (supposedly) is sending an update without which the phone would lock down, only affecting those on a different network that won’t get the signal.

    The lack of the “update” is what does the damage. Not on the network, no update. Thus, your phone gets locked down.”

    direct quote from the article says that iOS 4 NEEDS the update/packet to keep giving you service. that means if you arent on AT&T with a US phone you’ll get locked out of service.

  • Alex

    @jayphill89….you’re so stupid!…you’ll believe anything won’t you? Is people like you that make it easy for jackasses like those at Addictive Tips to start a rumor like this. I bet you get scam all the time huh? Hey do you want to sign up for a FREE iPHONE 5G?….Just send me your first and last name…credit card information…bank info….your SSN….As a matter a fact, just send me a copy of your credit report too!….Oh and all your passwords and pin numbers!……Oh and in 6 to 8 weeks…I’ll send you an iPhone 5G….TRUST ME…I’m a prince in nigeria!….FUCKING LOSER!!

  • Z

    As I understand correctly, Sebastien, it’s not the jailbreaking that apple and AT&T are trying to prevent. It’s the unlocking of locked FOR AT&T iPhones that’s the issue there.

    I can see only one reason for that, which I hate to say but I agree with – discounted iPhones for new users. AT&T sells an iPhone half the price, same is the cost of an upgrade. AT&T pays shit loads for their exclusive rights, gives iPhones to their costumers for cheap and then gets screwed over.

    Like you wrote in the past, if anyone wants to have an officially unlocked phone, they can buy one in Canada for half a grand. If they want an iPhone 4 for 200 bucks from AT&T, they should stick with AT&T then and not worry about unlocks.

    For those who think they are safe on a different cell provider should realize that apple is working with AT&T hand-in-hand, and apple will do anything to help AT&T keep their exclusive rights.

    What I do disagree with though is this: if a costumer decides to pay the full price for the phone free of contract, they should be able to do so from apple stores. But once again, that would interfere with att’s rights.

    So, Canada, here I come! =)

  • MDS

    Don’t take it too lightly guys, the iPhone 4 design turned out to be true and that was a “rumor” as well. Ok well that’s not the same thing but you get the point and that is that Apple has consistently been trying to battle the jailbreak scene in favor of their “closed” system. Can’t you guys see it?

    1. New iBoots in the 3GS models

    2. ECID-SHSH Verification via servers.

    3. Permanent Baseband upgrades (cannot go back)

    Perhaps Apple’s next move won’t be something like what is mentioned in this article, but I do have a feeling that they will do everything in their power to stop jailbreaking; don’t be surprised if the party isnt around within the next two years.

  • Z

    @MDS Apple is very very dependant on jailbreak development community. 95% of apple employees have jailbroken phones, how do you explain that?It is obvious that apple wouldn’t have been as POPULAR w/o jailbreak being available, and I’m sure they know that would be their biggest mistake to try and fight it. They steal ideas from other developers and implement them in their updates. They track the hacking activity to fix their own mishaps and mistakes.

    And all of us know that with every update of the bootrom, baseband, firmware, etc. It is only the matter of time till it gets hacked. Fortunately for us users apple developers depend on hackers more than hackers depend on apple.

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    *aploads z*great educated insight my freind color me impressed,I agree whole heartly with you ,

  • choemin

    AT&T has no reason to send carrier settings to phones other than their own (waste of resources).

    Tracking or barring IMEI would jam their systems. There are also too many different possible combinations to consider carrier free (from Canada, UK, New Zealand…), jailbreak, and unlock.

    Just be careful when upgrading software & basebands and you will be ok.

    Apple takes 2 years to render your iPhone obsolete. Then you’d probably buy a new iPhone and play a different cat and mouse game.

  • MDS

    @Z: But if that was the case, they wouldn’t have implemented the anti-jailbreak system which we have all grown to hate.

    While you may be right about a large number of Apple employees having Jailbroken iPhones (though 95% seems to be a little extreme), it won’t stop Apple from doing what they have to do. Think about it, would you care about a few pissed off employees (who aren’t going to quit their jobs just because their phone can’t act as a remote) or the total *potential* revenue shares lost from the AT&T/Apple tie-up AND from the main culprit, Piracy? Any CEO would pick the latter in a heartbeat.

    If Apple REALLY didn’t care about JB, they would keep an open mind like Google and wouldn’t go to such measures like covering security holes and such. There may be a point where all the security holes are covered up and we will no longer see a day where every iPhone can be unlocked and jailbroken.

    At this point, I think Apple is just counting in terms of App Store purchases lost to piracy which, lets admit, most of us Jailbreakers have done at one point or another.

  • Erb

    I already got this Message After updating to iOS 4.
    T-mobile Germany!

    Am I the only One?


    using 02,orange and t-mobile,
    got the same message through itunes as well

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    I do believe 95% of iPhones of apple employs beign jailbroken is a bit extrem honestly ,I do also agree they mostly resiste and consider jailbreaking illegal because of app stealing ,but also i believe some apps are ridclously priced some should be cracked just to show an example but not a program that has a widerange of such apps should be allowed or encoraged,just let me take a prime example Ira retenea pro 900$ for a app that there is ones who dose 100% same thing for 1-5$ and some even better ,also I do agree they block jb mostly due to the fact an obligation to there clients who sell products and for apps like resupported because the fact is ,they are required to tax there products by law so a chip is placed into represent that tax is paid in full ,so honestly I believe two factors are at play for apple anti jailbreak is the two obligation to app develpores and another to the fact that laws are beign broken by a jb app like resupported

  • Burge

    I’ve just done a test of over the air calendar, I don’t know if this worked before 4.0 but what ever you type in you app calendar now in my case shows up on my yahoo calendar ( if this was there be for 4.0 please let me know ! ) but could this be the OTA update that your on about ? , so you iPhone now syncs with your email calendar

  • Burge

    Sorry I also ment to put that you iPhone will need some sort of update so your carrier will work with over the air calendar

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    I dunno ,honestly this line is becomeing fuzzyer by the comment ,som reports have been taken down but then came from a gossip blog -_- It would make sense though ifthis is a one time thing to fix bugs in ui and no it dosnt sync with yahoo calandrt on 3.1.3 (never upgraded iTunes or phone so I can sync still even :p ) before it required a sync in order
    to do so but if this whole blah blah ota update is legit I think it’s most likely a one time thinG ,because such a thing would smash reputation of buisness I believe it is mostly a basebamd update really like people reported before on 3g ,but I think odds are this thing is false I’m still going with musclenerd on this

  • Z

    @MDS You’re right about the 95%, I haven’t done an apple employees jailbreaking activity research to give you exact figures, but 5 out of 5 employees I had dealt with had jb’d iPhones. So please take the number as a figure of speach.

    This debate is gonna go on for a while, but results are showing that OTA does exist, was/is being used, and will continue to be.

    AT&T is trying to protect their rights. Each phone sold in US is LOCKED, that’s what AT&T is trying to maintain. I see nothing wrong with that.

    I used to work for a soft dev company facing similar problems but on a larger scale. Every time a hacker would break the security, our support guys would trace it, see where the weak spot is and patch it up. This is what I mean by apple’s dependance on the jb community.

    Piracy? You kidding me right? You CANT fight/prevent/stop/eliminate piracy. All that can be done about it is penalties. Why on earth would app store care as much as you saythey do about app sales? The developers get the money from sales, and majority of the apps are third party. Besides, I would never spend money on an app without testing it out. Why? Because there is just such a wide variety of apps that do similar things and to find the right one for my needs is not easy. Imagine how much money I would have to spend to try out all the apps to find the one for me? So app sales, in my oppinion, has nothing to do with AT&T preventing unlocks, doesn’t it?

    I really think you are missing the point here. Apple doesn’t care about some 100 pissed off employees that can’t jb their phones. But do you honestly think they don’t care about millions of unhappy current costumers that put apples in apple’s offices, that continue to buy upgrades and accessories. That’s where the profits come from, not some 1 – 5$ apps.

    So let me ask you, what would you choose? To keep the current customers coming back and happy, free source of ideas, feedback, programming codes, suggestions and, finally, the ability to patch up what’s been jb’d for the sake of our security? Or to continue with apples marketing strategy, and not more than that, by locking everything up and slowly unlocking different features with new iOS updates and phone upgrades?

    It seems you would side with the marketing strategy. And this is where that marketing strategy without jb available would lead to: a few unlucky/unhappy costumers that are stuck with a 2year AT&T plan, and millions waiting for that FINAL version of the phone where you can use it however you want. In this case, like Syndrome Man said, it would smash apple’s reputation.

    The big boss in the states is not apple now, it’s AT&T. And once again, in my oppinion, AT&T does not care about jb. All their concerns are about unlocking locked FOR them BY apple iPhones.

    Look at the stock market and compare apple with MS. The ONLY reason why Apple is so successful is due to the jb community. Their inventions are great, but restrictions are shit. Why would I buy a phone that I know is capable of replacing my laptop for my day-to-day activities, but will not let me use it as such?

    Bottom line, I’m expressing my oppinion without any offense or disrespect to anyone. One can agree with it, one can disagree. More readers – more oppinions.

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    I do agree on testing apps. That’s only I metioned that is because honestly ,the fact is I believe the app store should allow trails ,like on cydia and I agree that a good chunk have jb devices at apple ,but I agree people are gonna do as they please regardless of what is said and done , so far honestly z ya seem preety educted about this matter and also four words sum up my idea of iPhone without jb “f*** AT&T and apple ” kind of maybe a lil harsh I am a apple lover just the fact is ,I hate big brother looking over my shoulder ,it’s mine !!! Not yours apple ,mine !! Also on pirating issue ,I agree no way in hell to stop it just hinder it ,maybe a jb app that allows you to get a trail for 5 days for each app or something close

  • if you have a factory unlocked iPhone will you be safe?
    I dont have one. just asking before I might get one if it safer.

  • Z

    @MiTom I don’t see why you shouldn’t be safe. I mean that’s the only reason why I want to go to Canada =)

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    Very true ,ya know 90% of AT&T people were like huh when I asked them about facotory unlocked phones before 4 came out when i got
    my 3gs

  • Mark

    Lolz @ “some unknown blog called Addictive Tips”; For you information Author, this blog which you term as unknown actually has a PR 5 which quite surpasses your unknown PR 2 blog and traffic ranks not in the first millions. So be-careful when you term other blogs as unknown coz with this PR, you simply don’t exist


  • Mike

    It blows my mind that they want to put that kind of resources to use to stop us from jailbreaking. It is our phone if we want to jailbreak we should be able to. Hopefully geohot and the dev team stops them from doing this.

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    Good god anyone know
    buisness ethinics and
    contracts -_-

  • yaya

    all i have to say is FUCK AT&T!!!! i hate them and i think its bullshit that they wont for anyting give you the damn unlock code i shouldnt have to go through those money sucking bastards with their shitty high priced plans just to have and use an iphone legally thats bullshit and they know it as well as apple………..

  • Regal

    I think it just happened to my unlocked i-phone… (old 2G, bought it legit with Att contract, upgraded to 3GS and kept the 2g on a t-mobile plan I have for long-distance calls)
    Just did an upgrade and can’t access my phone except the dial pad… unless I put back in the att sim card, in which case I can access everything, but no service of course.

  • Keith

    OK I have a 3gs ATT phone version 4.1 that I tried numerous times to jailbreak using the greenpois0n stuff and your instructions in the other thread. No success. I am overseas and want to break the phone so I can use China sim cards etc and have functionality while I am here.

    Got any suggestions for this issue? I followed the instructions and the green bar completes but jailbreak failed every time. I want to load the Cydia and free my phone from the bonds of since ATT charges $4./minute to use it here. Therefore I am not using it and using a vonage app for overseas and local calls.

    Thanks for any assistance

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  • Zenon

    The whole “its my phone I can do what i want” idea could be stopped by apple and AT&T extremely easily by licensing the phones, much like how cable companies license the cable box. Then the devices would no longer be your phone, they would be contracted to you.

    But AT&T would never do that because Apple knows people want to own their phones.

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