So, did you update your iPhone to the latest iOS 4? I have and you know what? I already miss my jailbreak!

Please take a few seconds to take this poll and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Alex

    I updated to iOS 4 and I do miss my jailbreak because I miss apps like MyWi and my custom themes but iOS 4 isn’t too bad. It runs like a champ on my 3GS. The mult-tasking is so smooth I can’t believe it! When I was using backgrounder / proswitcher it seem to slow my 3GS up but now I can have up to 6 apps running at the same time and I don’t lose any speed! I can’t wait for the jailbreak though…:)

  • said:

    Im on my way updating to Os4,i cant wait to explore the new os,yes, i will have to my Nokia as a phone but i will keep with me iPhone allso 🙂 and wait for the Jb/Un to be released 😉

  • Updated to 4, in the process of downgrading to 3.1.3 again. Not worth what I have to give up on my 3G.

  • akasha

    anyone having probs with apps that dont naturally background that you can background with the JB apps?

  • Alex

    @akasha…did you check out that list of apps that work on iOS 4…..Sebastien posted a list of apps that work and don’t work on the new firmware, you should check it out…..maybe is just hasn’t been updated by the developer yet.

  • Juan

    no jailbreak, no update. I require read/write access to my device.

  • Pete

    I updated to iOS4 (restored to it) but I haven’t been able to put my back up back onto it ie contact and messages.

    My previous 3.1.3 was JB but it just won’t restore.

    Am I missing something?

  • Alex

    @Pete….I’m not compltely sure but this might be one of those bugs that people have been reporting. Just google it and see what you turn up with. If all else fails, downgrade to 3.1.3 and wait til the jailbreak comes out…it might have something to do with the fact that your 3.1.3 was jailbroken and now your iOS4 isn’t……you see what I’m saying?

    But I’m not an expert so just google it because I might be wrong!

  • Pete

    @Alex – thanks for your help.

    I’ll have a hunt round Google cos I did hear something about it recently. Also, I tried to downgrade to 3.1.3 again but it just kept failing and giving me an iTunes Error number (can’t remember it now).

    It’s not that important – I got all my contacts back (the hard way) so I might just wait and reJB when it becomes available.

    Thanks again for the help, appreciate it!

  • Alex

    @ Pete….yeah, just like I telling “said”…I was on twitter last night and from what I was reading from Hi8Sn0w aka the guy that created Sn0wBreeze…..he’s working on the jailbreak and should be releasing it VERY soon!…Don’t quote me on this but I think before the week is done, he should be releasing it!….So just hang in there because I feel your pain too…I lost my JB/Unlock just see what the hype was about…..

  • Dont understand why r u waiting for jb/unlock? Its already done

  • The jailbreak and network unlock have been live and available as long as iOS4. Can’t think why all those polled people chose “im waiting as want to keep jb & unlock”. I guess if theyre too lazy to look they dont deserve it lol

  • Desire

    @Jjsan; If I’m not mistaken the only jailbreak released so far for the new OS is for the 3G and the iPod 2G. Those of us with a 3gs are without a jailbreak for the time being.

    I updated mine because curiosity got the best of me, but I already miss my JB. The new updates/features are an improvement for sure, but not better than a JB by any means.

  • oh, except of course for 3GS handsets. Mibbe thats what people are waiting on

  • Alex

    There you go people…always jumping to conclusions without knowing…….go ahead!…Open wide and stick your foot in your mouth!…LOL

  • said:

    Just one more question for wo has the kindless to answer me…
    I just back it up the 3gs and going forward to restore and update

    How can i put the back up again after updating to os4? i dont know this procedure…

  • Sucré

    I’ll keep my Jailbreak and wait till the final version JB for iOS 4. When ALL APPS fully supported! Heh.
    Thanks for the review iOS 4 guys! :))

  • said:

    @Scure what doese that mean…that i wont be able to use all the apps if i go on updating now and jailbreaking later??

  • Alex

    @ said…..what he means is that some apps have not be updated by the developers to run on iOS 4 yet BUT a lot of developers are catching up quick so I would say upgrade now and JB it later…It’ll be alright…..some people are just worried about change….and have no faith.

  • Beanyboy

    I am waiting for delivery of my iPhone 4. I won’t bother updating my 3g.

  • VnABC

    No iOS 4 until jb with many useful Cydia apps. iPhone without these… Sucks (OK, not that sucks) 😉

  • Lisa

    I’m a N/A – my iPhone 4 is arriving later this week, so I’ll lose my jailbreak eventually – I just didn’t see the point in starting over by updating my current iPhone when I’m gonna have to do it again in a couple of days.

  • Andre

    So i have a 3G…and when i tried to update last night i left it backing up before i went to bed, woke up and its still backing up after 7 i cancelled and tried again and it keeps getting stuck on “backing up iphone” , i dunno wat to do, any help?

  • Eric

    @ALEX its not the fact that we are worried about change but if everything is running smooth now for us especially those like me that have to UNLOCK because i am on VODAFONE in italy and why mess up your phone and not have apps that you use on a regular basis. I can just wait a few days for the new jailbreak for 3GS to come out and then we are set!

  • Burge

    You  can downgrade but spirit is now a tethered jailbreak. ( Apple fixed spirit loop hole and it stays fixed after downgrade )  I got my 3GS new bootrom  back to 3.1.2. So because of this iam  now  back at 4.o waiting for another untethered jailbreak 

  • Usman

    I have successfully upgraded to ios4, in iPhone 3G. jailbroken with redsnow to add more features like multitasking and folders.
    It works great but the overall processing speed seem to be a little slow while u reboot the device.

  • goofball

    I’ve upgraded to OS4 and now I have lost the use of visual voicemail. Has anyone else experienced this problem? thanks.