AT&T Ships iPhone 4

Apple has reportedly started shipping iPhone 4 orders for a few days. Most people who ordered via Apple probably received emails letting them know their iPhone is on the way.

Now AT&T has been emailing people who ordered via the carrier to notify them their iPhone is coming.

My Word With Friends buddy Rahmoore sent me a screenshot of the email he received from AT&T. If you ordered with AT&T as well, check out your email inbox!

  • Jeremy

    Not me my status says processing! Of course I did order at about 3:30pm est time. AT&T rep claims the phones are in it’s just a matter of processing and shipping the orders. They said they are trying their best to get them there by the 24th. I’m not too optomistic though.

  • Renee

    When I log in to my AT&T wireless account on the web and check order status, it shows my phone shipped via FedEx on 6/18. It gives me a FedEx tracking number, but when I click the link FedEx says they have no information for that tracking number. I haven’t received an email from AT&T, yet.

  • Beanyboy

    Got my email. Shipping ups from tenn.

  • Justin

    I don’t have an email yet, but I’ve been following my order and it finally shows that it’s in Memphis this morning. As I’m writing this it’s 4:38 am on the 23rd, but my UPS tracking shows the carrier picked it up at 6:02 am. I’m in central time zone and I’m pretty sure it’s only 5:38 in Memphis.
    Strange, but I don’t care. At least it’s on the way!

  • Mike P

    Mine shipped Monday via UPS. I have been checking the status (REGULARLY), and it shows “Out for Delivery” as of 7:22am this morning (June 23).

  • Sarah_ ang

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