AT&T Sends Text Messages to iPhone 4 OwnersAfter emailing customers to let them know their orders had shipped, AT&T is now texting new iPhone 4 owners to give them more details about their new device’s activation.

The text message contains a link to AT&T’s website which provides more information about the activation process, being yet another indication that some orders might indeed ship a day ahead of schedule.

Under the overload of activation requests the last couple years, some users had reported not being able to activate their new iPhone for up to 48 hours. Maybe Apple decided to ship these iPhone 4 earlier to some of us in order to ease the load on AT&T’s servers on Thursday, when the iPhone 4 is officially hitting the shelves.

I haven’t received  such a text message myself but I’m curious to see who among you got one. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

[via RWW]

  • Nick N

    I received that text message on my phone around 1 E.T after I received 2 confirmation emails about my order had been shipped.

  • Angicat

    Hey Seb,
    Got my text a few hours ago. Tweeted it immediately, lol.

  • Jack

    I got one a couple hours ago. Odd, since the fedex page still says they hav no news on my tracking number.

  • Clayton

    I got a text this morning.

    I also received two shipping emails..

    However, the tracking number says there is no information available..

  • Stragle

    Haven’t got that text yet , but have got two emails on the shipment. My phones been moving bc fedex updated twice this morning. Scheduled to be at my front by 3pm on the 23rd. Let’s hope it does….

  • Joe

    You’re tracking numbers only say “no info” to the outside user. However within the FedEx system your tracking numbers are tagged with a comment saying “being held at FedEx location until 6/23”. Only FedEx systems recognize these comment scans. No worry, they will ship from the FedEx holding location and be dispursed on Wednesday.

  • SteveP

    I got a text today but have not received a shipping status email and my order still says ‘in progress’. Also, in spite of getting my pre-order in on the 15th first thing in the morning, the site says I ordered it on the 16th.

  • Straegle

    I havent recieved any text messeges but I got the at&t shipment status emails. My phones been moving to according to my tracking number and fedex and should be in my hands by 3pm tomorrow(23rd). Or atleast lets hope so…

  • Darren

    Received an email last night congratulating me on my new iPhone 3G purchase. This was after the previous email confirming my iPhone 4 purchase.

  • Jason

    I received TXT notification (on my 3GS) that my AT&T navigator was now active. Received email that my phone has shipped, but no FedEx details. Two friends are able to both track. One is an AT&T premier customer, the other is not. One is being shipped via FedEx (This person is a UPS employee), the other is being shipped via UPS (this person does not work for UPS). All over the board! I ordered on the 15th at 530am EST. I thought I was ahead of the curve. I thought I could received tomorrow. Go figure.

  • Joe

    FedEx and UPS are both under strict agreement with Apple and AT&T regarding the disbursement of the iPhones. Both for operational reasons for both FedEx and UPS, and also for AT&T in regards to massive activations on release day. Therefore the iPhones are being releases in waves or, trickling if you will. The reason some tracking numbers do contain data is simply because the iPhone is being stored inside a trailer or other storage device waiting to be sorted. They are stored while being locked and often with armed guards employed by FedEx, UPS, or outside agencies.

  • Alex

    I got me text today but haven’t yet got an email saying my iPhone was shipped. :/

  • mike

    I received shipping confirmation, then checked fedex and my phone is on it’s way out of the fedex location and in transit to my location. I’ll receive it tomorrow no later than 3pm. We actually get priority shipping here at my work around 11am, so I’m guessing it will be then that I receive it. Wohoo. Let’s hope AT&T let’s us activate a day early. They would be stupid not to.

  • Nicole

    I spoke with both fedex and AT&T today, I also am not able to track my phone! The AT&T customer service rep told me the phones have shipped from apple but fedex has not processd the shipment yet

  • Jack

    Just checked this morning and it looks like i won’t be getting my phone until tomorrow. Hope everyone that gets it today enjoys it!!

  • John

    Got the TXT yesterday. Product hasn’t shipped yet.

  • Nancy

    Anyone consider just how BONEHEADED the idea of sending these texts are? What if you’re trying to SURPRISE someone (ummm like two kids you’d like to see open them on Christmas morning)? Instead, both kids are getting texts ANNOUNCING that they will be getting an IPhone. Whatever rocket scientist at ATT thought of this should be fired.