Many people have been sending emails or tweets asking me whether or not they should update their iPhone to iOS 4. The short answer is there is no right answer. It all depends on your needs and the state of your iPhone (ie. is it jailbroken?).

iOS 4 will now be released in a few minutes and before hitting the “update” button in iTunes, I will try to weight the pros and the cons of updating to iOS 4.

Pros of updating to iOS 4

  • Multitasking – although not a full multitasking solution, Apple is now allowing certain apps to run in the background.
  • Wallpapers – You will now have the ability to add custom wallpapers to your springboard.
  • Folders – iOS 4 will allow you to create folders to organize your apps better
  • Improved email – iOS 4 enhances the email experience by bringing unified inbox and threaded conversations to the iPhone.

The cons of updating to iOS 4

Clearly there aren’t many cons to updating your iPhone. I heavily rely on my favorite  jailbreak apps on a daily basis for work and making the decision to update was not an easy one.

What motivated my decision is the fact that I will get my iPhone 4 in a few days and there won’t be a jailbreak for it right away, so no matter what, I will be jailbreakless. At the end of the day, only you can make this decision.

Can you think of more pros or cons to add to the list? Will you update to iOS 4?

  • there’s only one reason I can think of to get rid of the cursed 3.1.3 — not because it was bad per se but only because of the months and months of waiting for a network unlock that simply didnt come. From what we’re hearing the network unlock is ready and waiting to go on 4.0 from DevTeam so it’s “ta ta to 3.1.3 you sucked!”

  • eray

    Have I got it wrong or read some people asked whether they should update to IOS 4 or not?… IOS 4 comes with over 100 new features. why not update? who deosnt want more powerful features? I really dont understand the people… Apple produces more effective operating system for its clients and now those clients are in doubt huh!!!!….

  • Pete

    Does anybody know if u can use a custom tone for text and email in the new OS?

    It’s pretty sad if you can’t

  • kirk

    “Most of the new features of iOS 4 can be replicated or even improved by jailbreak apps”

    I dont get it. Why is that a bad thing? When you try to replicate those features you degrade the performance of your iDevice considerably. The good thing now is i dont need to have so much mobile substrate plugins slowing my phone down anymore just get these features. They are built into the OS now.

  • Usman

    There I no point in update. I have waited so long for the update and I completely agree with Eray on the update. I mean who doesn’t wanna try it??!

  • Pete

    people don’t want to update the OS because the jailbroken old OS does more than the new OS.

    If I can’t have custom email sound and custome text messae sound I will not be updating to the 4.0 OS. I know it sounds trivial, but it’s pathetic that the best phone on the world can’t have a custom tone for email and text.

  • eray

    ok pete but iphone is bad at bluetooth or you cant have a reporrt message showing if the message is delivered or not….these can be the reasons even for not buying iphone. cause all the other phones, even not smart ones, do these tasks I wrote. I think that’s up to people themselves….use it or not…

  • AppleBits

    FYI-I have noticed a few of my Apple app store programs have “updates”, but the developers have clearly stated that the update is NOT compat with OS4 yet, and they are waiting for Apple to get it fixed. Just keep in mind that some or many (??) of your apps, free or otherwise, may or may not yet be compat with 4. But….I’m still seriously considering the move…

  • usman

    I am still waiting for the update! What time is it suppose to be live?

  • eray

    usman in which country are you?

  • usman

    Australia, It’s like 2am in the morning… :p

  • eray

    I am in europe..there is no sound from IOS 4 yet:D:D:D:….. ıt looks like we will wait a bit longer:D

  • eray

    the time shows 7 pm here bye the way:D

  • usman

    hehe let’s just wait coz I know it’s gonna be worth it!! 🙂

  • eray

    I hope so too.. but in this waiting time, we could have made IOS4 by ourselves…. .please apple dont make us wait any longer:D

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    Ehhh pros how about a full feature list when new is comes out ,honestly I know yes it’s major,but it’s bounds to have some kinks in it just like new iPhone ,all programs hardware ect have some bugs comeing out ,also I have full multitasking already all apps background sec for YouTube ,unified mailbox and threading meh ,I have resupoorted so I didn’t have to pay 50$for a cord I payed 10 includeing app ,ohhhh and ya can’t name ya folders @.@

  • notafan

    Not updating ot 4 until it is able to be jailbroken. Main reasons =

    1. No MYWI
    2. No MY3g
    3. No Quickreply
    4. no custom sms/email/voicemail sounds
    5. No mxtube
    6. No iFile
    7. No lockscreen widgets
    8. No SBSsettings
    9. No Cydia
    10. No backgrounder/proswitcher

    Those are just a few reasons. Yes, iOS4 has some upgrades for sure, but not enough to make me want to sacrifice the usablity to have my phone the way i want it.
    @ kirk, no disrespect, but it almost seems apple is replicating the jailbreak side of iphone, NOT the other way around. The “degrading your phone” theory hardly stands. My 3gs runs just as fast with my jailbreak and all the “replicated” apps as it did non jailbroken.

  • need help

    I don’t know if anyone can help me, but I downloaded the new 4.0 and I ended up having a slower phone. If that’s not bad enough, I have the contacts of someone else , numbers and email addresses ended up in my phone. As well as my app store was switched from my info to someone else?? I am freaking out, and because the software is uber new, no one knows what I can do.. they just tell me to do the upload again! I’ve done it twice, same problem.
    Anyone hear of any thing?
    I should also mention that I have the 8g 3g, not the 3gs.

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    @ subject need help
    just tweet me man and well go from there these issues have happened in previous ios updates tweet @dracossaint ,but for a start go to settings>reset>reset all settings and content then restore through recovery and set up as new phone ,so not use your old back up

  • kaden

    IOS 4 is a terrible update…..

    1. my included map app doesnt show where i am directly anymore while driving

    2. game apps run slower…like in slow motion

    3. delay on texts

    4. stupid voicemail password requirements

    If theres a way to get back to 3…somebody please tell me!!!

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    there ya go man full guide
    for iPhone 3gs if that don’t work try again ,still won’t comment which IDEvice u have

  • the ios 4 has started to drain my battery a lot faster

  • Kaden

    @ syndrome man

    I have the 3gs

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    @Kaden okay then your good btw spirittopwn is fake so please don’t even consider it >.>it could damage ya 3gs man

  • Idgaf syndrome man

    @Luke ,ya recalibrate your battery yet (run to 0% then full 100% charge uninterrupted ) that always helps me