Check ListWith iOS 4 coming up, jailbreakers might wonder what Cydia apps will or will not be compatible with their iPhone. iDB reader Ed left a comment in my article about how to make sure your iPhone is ready for iOS 4 in which he linked to a spreadsheet of apps that are compatible with iOS 4.

Check out the list and contribute to it if you can. The more the merrier.

  • Please dont ruin the spreedsheet

  • Andrew

    Please just post a link to a closed copy of the doc

  • Dex1010

    I uploaded a safe copy of the file before it became screwed 4 JB Compatibility.xls

  • Kona_Mtbkr

    Removed for violated Google’s Terms of Service 🙁
    I was finding this list very handy. Who else can host this?

  • Kona_Mtbkr

    nm, it’s back up, and there’s a wiki now too!

  • AliG

    I have the same prob with Iconoclasm. is not working on IOS4 and after install, it out the device in SAFE MODE! Is here any update coming?

  • AFER

    multiiconmover does work