Getting Ready for iOS 4

iOS 4 will be released in just a few hours and depending on your setup, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that you and your iPhone are ready for the latest software update.

1. Make sure YOU are ready

If you jailbreak/unlock your iPhone, you have to understand there won’t be a jailbreak or unlock out at least for a few days. If you rely on your jailbreak/unlock, don’t update to iOS 4 yet.

2. Make sure your device is compatible

  • The iPhone 2G and the first iPod Touch won’t be getting the iOS 4 update.
  • The iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G will only get a “partial” update as not all the features of iOS 4 will be able to run on these two devices (ie. multitasking) because they aren’t powerful enough.
  • The iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G will get the full update.

3. Update iTunes to 9.2

In order to download and install iOS 4, you will need to have the latest version of iTunes.

4. Sync and backup your iPhone

Before hitting the “update” button, make sure to sync and backup your iPhone. If something goes wrong, you’ll always be able to revert back to your old settings.

5. Make sure you know what your jailbreak apps are

Before updating to a newer OS, I always take screenshots of what apps are installed on Cydia, as well as all my sources. Taking screenshots is much quicker than writing down the name of all your apps and sources.

6. Keep your App Store apps in order

Just like I do for jailbreak apps, I take a screenshot of every page of apps on my springboard. This allows me to remember in what order these apps are installed. Once my iPhone is updated, I make sure the apps on the first page of the springboard are in the same order as prior to the update.

7. Restore, don’t update!

This one can be a bit controversial. Usually people prefer “updating” their iPhone rather than “restoring” in order to keep all the settings in place. It’s fine if you run a stock OS. However, if your iPhone is jailbroken, I suggest you restore and set up as a new phone. Sure you will have to set up your iPhone all over again, but it’s a good way to make sure the upgrade to iOS 4 doesn’t bring unwanted parts of your jailbreak.

8. Seek help in the forum

If you have any problem during or after the update, you can find help in our iPhone forum. Simply create a new thread there and the community will be here to help.

9. Check back here again

If you’re a jailbreaker, make sure to check back iDB on a regular basis to find out when the new jailbreak is available. For up-to-date information, subscribe to the RSS feed, become a fan on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

Any other tip, feel free to share by leaving a comment below.

[Credit image TiPb]

  • Cool post aka to-remember list. Waiting for the iOS4 j/b’s to be delivered…

  • i wonder if the new jb and unlock will come as easy as spirit was… one click and its done.

  • Jill

    Sounds like most of your ‘tips’ are for illegal jailbroken phones.

    What should a *LEGAL* user do?

  • Eric

    #7 is the key. Stops many headaches.

  • Mike D

    A *LEGAL* user should read another blog?


  • Francisco

    I can’t wait to get it with JB

  • @Jill @Mike

    A legal user can simply skip everything that mentions “jailbreak” on this list. You basically don’t have much to worry about. Click “update” and you’ll be good to go.


  • AppleBits

    LOL….bless the hearts of the innocent… 😀

  • Sucré

    Dude, will my Installous Apps/Games back ups in iTunes be deleted? What about Cydia?
    So lets just put it this way.
    After updating to iOS 4 and Jailbreak-ed, my phone will be a ‘stock’ Jailbroken iOS 4??
    Thanks for your time.

  • @Sucre There are some apps in Cydia to backup your jailbreak apps but they never worked for me which is why I don’t even mention them. If you dare, try aptbackup.

    Or else, yes, you will be back to an all simple jail broken iPhone once you jailbreak and you will have to redownload your jailbreak apps.

  • Lance

    When will the update be available? 12:00am EDT?

  • kyle

    do you think if you copy the app folders from the phone to your computer using a file browser, then just copying back over after the update could work? at least for saving progress on some of the games?

  • And you don’t have any idea, how long it could take until there’s a jailbreak out?
    Because, my thoughts were: If it was just a week or so, I would propably upgrade earliere just to have the new features 😀
    Do you think that’s a good idea?

  • neil

    if i restore as a new iphone i wont be able to get my messages and contacts back on my phone.

    so how should i get them back?

  • Said

    Can’t wait 

  • iOS 4 will remove all jailbreaking capability once you install it, which can cause the installation to take longer than normal.

  • Ed

    There is a jailbreak for iOS4 The latest Redsn0w wiill do and it will enable wallpaper and multitasking on 3G and 3Gs.

    Aomeone mentioned AptBackup … don’t do it many or almost all Cydia Apps do not work with iOS4 yet and will give you major srams if installed and AptBackup will freeze yor phone on reboot. I have tried several times in the process of installing iOS4.

    Here is a link to a compatability list of Apps Native and Cydia that will work and will not work with iOS4 right now.

  • akelly182

    I have several installous apps on my phone which are synced to my itunes. When I sync my phone it ‘transfers purchases’ to my itunes if I have downloaded them on my phone. This makes me think they are permanately in my itunes account now. If I upgrade to ios4 will they sync across and stay on my phone or will they be deleted?

  • Said

    How about I have a 3 gs / os 3.1.2 / baseband 05.11.07, can I go directly for os 4 or should I pass through 3.1.3 first? That’s the only thing I need to clearify, for all others thanks alot all you guys 

  • Al

    Can you further elaborate on step #7? How do I upgrade via selecting the restore option?

  • Said

    @Al just restore Ok it will be better or otherwise you iPhone will freeze out and you will go I big trouble

  • Alex

    Can u please tell me how to restore my iphone 3gs to ios 4
    Thanks in advance!

  • To be honest, with the new features I can’t think of many reasons to stay jailbroken. Except for piracy that is, and I’m not really into that

  • T-WIll

    If I do a “restore”, will I have to manually reinstall all Apps (select them one-by-one), or will iTunes remember which Apps I had installed and just do a clean installation of each?


  • The sole reason for keeping my phone jailbroken, in spite of iOS4, is MyWi. I use this to tether my Wi-Fi only iPad to my iPhone 3GS and so avoid the need to spend more on a 3g iPad, and also pay all over again for data.

    I’ll update once MyWi becomes compatible with iOS4.

  • Your backups wont be able to be used to restore settings once you’ve updated to the iOS4 software. manually back up all contacts,photo’s, emails, etc that you want to be able to access. Might as well just do a restore no matter what the circumstance. Figured I should let you know since this guide tells you to create a back up before updating.

  • iPhoneHT1234

    First off jailbreaking is not illegal, it is perfectly legal. Second of all PkgBackup works flawlessy to back up your cydia apps and sources, it has 0 problems and works every time. Aptbackup is 50/50 and I dont use it. As far as cracked apps go, I am not too sure as I don’t use them myself but my understanding is if you can sync them to iTunes, you should be good to sync them back to the phone once there is an AppSync program for 4.0

  • Nicole

    I updated my iPhone to the ios4 software last night. It took about 3 hours and now I regret even doing it at all. I have no reception, service & my apps keep telling me they can’t connect to the Internet. My iTunes store won’t even open… I’m considering just trashing this phone and buying a droid. I thought I was a loyal apple customer but they did a crap job on this firmware.

  • Good tips, thanks for sharing Sebastien… I missed many while writing the similar posts on my blog.

  • HitecHippie

    Aptbackup is a good app to have even if you don’t use it the way they intended.
    Before doing the restore,
    Run aptbackup
    SSH into the phone and copy to the computer these files:

    They are found:

    Put them here:
    Users/(your account)/library/itunes/iphone Software Update/Cydia Backup Files