iPhone 4 Prepared for Shipment

Woop woop! My iPhone 4 has been “prepared for shipment”. It’s probably somewhere in China right now being loaded in a UPS aircraft on its way to Kentucky.

Has your iPhone 4 been prepared for shipment yet?

  • Elvenking

    iPhone 4 user? Wow good. I am a iPhone 3gs user.

  • Iain

    Seems there are no “prepared for shipment” status changes in the UK….yet!

  • marcos

    Check musclenerd twitter, confirmation about unlock version 4.0 next week!

  • Robman

    No way why does mine still show “in progress” WTF!!!!

  • dannyswrld

    Mine *would* be preparing to ship BUT thanks to apples giant fuck up, I might not get my iPhone 4 until whenever they have them in store (can’t go on launch day). Sigh.

  • wb4whd

    Yeah mine only shows processing too but they charged my credit card thursday so I am assuming it will be shipped soon.

  • Prepared for Shipment is what mine account shows. I am super anxious for it next week.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Jack

    Ordered mine through AT&T. Still shows it’s in porgress. But since I ordered at 6 AM on the first day and they already charged my credit card, I hope it’s here on the 24th….

  • pat

    i think this time it come from south korea not china.

  • Joel

    I am number 7 for the Best Buy pre order. Hopefully they get at least that many and I’ll
    get mine on the 24th.

  • KP

    just noticed that mine got updated with “Prepared for Shipment” too. Com’on THURSDAY!

  • Justin

    I ordered mine at the AT&T store but I can’t find a way to check the status. I’ve tried every number I can find on the reciept. Can you only check the status if you ordered online?

  • Adam

    In the UK. Prepared for Shipment!