iphone 4 camper

I love my iPhone and I can’t wait for the new iPhone 4 to come out next week. I consider myself a total iPhone geek but there’s a limit to what I’d do for an iPhone.

This guy took it a step further by going from iPhone geek to super uber mega dork when he decided to set camp in front of Apple Store in Dallas no less than 7 days in advance.

I hope Captain iDork here is not waiting for the white iPhone because he might have a bad surprise on June 24th.

Awesome or awful? You tell me what you think.

  • VnABC

    Dumb & jobless, but he got what he wants… In the news!

  • Colten

    Maybe a day before the release but a week? Too much!!

  • Fer

    He must be crazy it is 92f heading to 100 here in Dallas

  • Burge

    Shows commitment.

  • thefallen

    One word: Ridiculous.

  • Alvaro


  • luvmyiph

    i hope they push the launch date

  • said:

    omg what the fuk…NWO man…brainwashes,kill your self for salvation…pfffffffff,fukin dumb

  • I think all your comments are rude, even the author !! All ppl have something they would go out on a limb for , yes !! I can understand how this guy wants to be first inline for a product that he finds incredible. Who are your to judge and call him super duper idork. Maybe he couldn’t pre-order, maybe when he tried he had too many issues…whatever the reason I can see his side.
    I am sure that every person will do something unbelievable just to get their piece of sunshine.
    Is that stupid ?

  • Brittany

    I’m in line with 4 friends at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA. Got here at 9 am, and now the city says we can stay if we stand, but we can’t sit down. It’s gonna be a long 5 days…

  • Jeb Lawrence

    I’m in line in the Antarctica Apple store, but we can’t sit either. It’s like so totally cold out.

  • Al

    What a loser.

  • ricado

    you go boy!