That’s an instant classic!

  • Justin

    I can’t wait to show that to people at work… on my néw iPhone… When it comes in… Hopefully on the 24th.

  • Lucas

    WTF that’s a joke the guy says he is going to talk to is kid in 20 years!!!!! This whole video suck . If they use this on the Steve jobs conference they wouldn’t have sell a single iPhone 4 LOL ..

  • That’s pretty damn funny.

  • Alvaro

    Very funny. LOL.

  • pn2bade

    Lol, it’s i-phone sex.

  • MrSandman

    Eggggggxactly what I’ve been thinking all along….
    This was well worth the laugh!
    ( I hope it goes viral real fast).

  • Burge

    That’s ficking brill lol lol lol lol lol lol

  • Carlos

    hahahha that was funny :]
    “we’ve could put 3 cameras there”!!! lol

  • David

    that video is awesome! damn i wanted to be the first to video phone sex someone.