iPhone 4 Pre-Order Successful

Like me, you probably spent a good part of yesterday refreshing Apple’s pre-order page, filling in the information required and getting various frustrating error messages.

Besides trying to pre-order the iPhone 4, I spent most of my day at the hospital with my fiancee who was meeting with a couple specialists (nothing major). I frenetically checked my iPhone every 2 minutes or so and tried countless times to go through the pre-order process.

At some point I heard rumors that AT&T was running out of iPhones and I thought it wouldn’t be too long until Apple does too. In the meanwhile I had received several tips from people on Twitter telling me the Apple Store application that Apple had released was working great for pre-ordering.

So I decided to use this app to reserve my iPhone for pickup, instead of pre-ordering it for delivery as this option wasn’t available. In less than a minute I had reserved an iPhone 4 which I was supposed to pick up on June 24th.

I was really relieved I did have my name on one of those iPhones but I still wasn’t completely satisfied. I didn’t want to drive 45 minutes and wait in line to pick up an iPhone that I wasn’t even sure would be there for me. Yes, when you pre-order an iPhone for pick up, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get this iPhone. It’s all on a first-come, first-served basis!

So I kept trying the Apple Store website in the hope that it would go through at some point. And it did! While we were stuck in traffic on our way back from the hospital, I was able to add an iPhone 4 to my cart. I then started praying for 3G not to die on me. It didn’t.

After a few minutes of filling out information, I had successfully pre-ordered my iPhone 4 for delivery on June 24th. That made my day!

Since I was not eligible for any kind of upgrade I had to pay full price for my iPhone. Total amount came to $742.69 ($699 + $43.69 in taxes). That ain’t a cheap iPhone! For that price, I could probably get an unlocked iPhone in Canada…

I still have the other iPhone 4 reserved at my local Apple Store and I will leave this reservation opened, just in case something goes wrong with my delivery.

That was a painful experience which ate up most of my day, but of course it was worth it. What wouldn’t we do for an iPhone?

How was your experience pre-ordering your iPhone 4? Let us know by leaving a comment.

  • Al

    Wow, that was a brutal experience to go through. Probably not as bad as working 12 to 14 hour shifts for the company that makes these devices though.

  • Teddy F.

    I woke up at 4:30AM EST on pre-order day yesterday morning knowing full well that AT&T and Apple servers would be overwhelmed by orders during the day and only the early-birds would have any chance of getting their orders in relatively pain-free. Well I was wrong. I tried Apple’s website first and couldn’t place an order for almost 35 minutes…timeouts and the sort. Decided, reluctantly, to go to AT&T’s website (which I am quite familiar with having been an AT&T customer for many years) and what a surprise! I was able to place 2 orders, one for each of my lines, in under 5 minutes! What surprises me is how shocked people are that they would have problems placing their orders throughout the day on the first day that pre-ordering was available. This new iPhone is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade to previous versions and almost everyone who has an iPhone today (and are happy with it) would most certainly have wanted to upgrade to the latest model. In all honesty, until Apple decides to allow other cellular provides to carry the iPhone, you can expect these issues to continue every time they offer a new model. Next time I’ll be even better prepared! LOL…I’ll be ready to order as the clock strikes midnite and wait until the very instant the order process goes online! Call me crazy…

  • deb g

    I was also able to order the iPhone4 via the Apple Store app on my current 3G phone. When I followed up in person at my local Apple store I was told that they ABSOLUTELY would hold a phone for me until the close of business on the 24th, which for that store is 9pm. I hope this is true!

  • Jack

    I ordered mine through AT&T at around 6 AM EST. After trying for a bit on Apple’s website, I went to AT&T and got through pretty easily.

    The only thing is, even though I got a confirmation page from ATT, and called them to make sure they had received the order, I never received a confirmation email with delivery date. Also, it says under my order status on their site that the order is still processing.

    Hopefully it all works out and since I ordered so early I get it on the 24…..

  • Angel

    Is a lot of money for a phone!!!
    I didn’t pre-order it and instead I’m going to wait until all this caos pass. By the end I’m pretty sure I’m going to have it at the upgrade price since I’m eligible to do so. Also I like to wait and see if is no problems with software or hardware.

  • Rachelle Morgan

    Im from the UK and the pre order didnt go on Apple site till 9am. It took ages as the servers stopped responding and crashing. It took me till 10.30am. Hour and half to order my phone for delivery on the 24th. Paid £499 for the 16gb black iPhone 4.Woooooooooooooot bring it on 😀

  • Jason

    It doesn’t have to be painful if you have the patience to wait till the rush is over and stocks are replenished…

    I remember when the first batch of 3G phones were released, they had all kinds of problems with the antenna in them. It wasn’t until the second batch came out that they were able to correct some of the issues.

    It might be worth waiting…. just sayin’

  • David

    I’m pretty sure you’re wrong in saying that having a phone reserved doesn’t guarantee you’ll get one. all of Apple’s material clearly states that as long as you pick it up before the end of the business day on the 24th they’ll hold it for you… I’m pretty sure they only allow a certain number of pre-orders per store and that they know exactly how many iphones they have available to sell to walk-ins before they get started.

  • Angi

    Wow. Had no idea it was so steep without the upgrade. Ouch. I hit AT&T early in the morning, was clearly clogged with people so tried again in the afternoon, maybe 1-ish? A few refreshes, maybe 20 minutes, and $212 bucks. Next Thursday I wait in the bushes to jump the fedex guy, lol. With all I’ve read these past 2 days u guess I had it super easy….

  • gs

    Didn’t go to sleep and checked store at 12AM EST… nothing
    Put an alarm for 3AM EST… nothing…
    Stayed up till 4AM… and yes… store was up… error after error – session expired after seconds!!!!
    Tried again and again till 5:30AM, thought maybe it was chrome, tried Safari… initially even thought that worked but NO…. error after error…
    Gave up and went back to bed, tried again at 6:30AM but store was closed…
    Got the kids to school and at 8:30 while driving to work found the store was back online – used Safari in iPhone (while in red light) to get the order going… actually made to the next step but then the next step just kept “processing”… never finished…

    Got to work, tried again on the computer, tried the iPhone app (which keeped crashing… and crashing… maybe since I’m already on iOS4…) at some point was able to reserve on the app…
    Tried all day with no success….

    At around 7:40PM EST was able to finally get my 2 orders in…

    What a horrible day!!!!! Shame on AT&T…

  • Jacob

    I’ve heard a lot of stories like this….I just went to BestBuy at 1:30pm. I was the 6th person to pre-order a black 16gb. I had to wait in line for maybe 15-20 minutes waiting for the person ahead of me getting a new phone (not the iPhone 4). So, I had a rather pleasant iPhone 4 release day.

  • brent

    Geez…$742? I think the iPhone is awesome, but not $742 worth of awesome. I know a lot goes into them, but they must be making a ton off of these unsubsidized phones. Then again, they probably make more in the long run if they’re getting a cut of the phone plan $$ from AT&T.

  • What a great resource!

  • Francesco

    Well im not getting an iphone 4 but wow man lucky you got to place a order for your iphone im just waiting to IOS 4 to come out 2morrow so i can make qnd hopefully working jailbreak, is the IOS 4 GM the real firmware that will come out the 21st???????????

  • Ryan Graves

    $742.69????? Dude. eBay.