iPhone 4 Pre-Order

You can now pre-order your iPhone 4 now from Apple’s website, or you can reserve it for in-store pick up on June 24th.

Hopefully you will have more luck than I did. I’ve been trying to pre-order a 32GB iPhone 4 for the last 30 minutes and I keep getting various error messages urging me to choose the in-store pickup option.

The rumors about the white iPhone missing were spot on. Per Apple’s website, you will not be able to pre-order or get a white iPhone anytime soon. Why? I have no idea.

Now go for it and let me know how your pre-order went.

  • mddupree

    I haven’t been able to get past the screen checking on my AT&T information yet.

  • Marlon E.

    I couldn’t either… ended up doing it through AT&T’s website.

  • Nelson

    Same here i been for around 1HR now in the Processing Information Wait screen…… What is going on ? is this normal?

  • Shaun R.

    Been trying since a few minutes after they went online. Only got through once, but when I got to the final step it timed out on me. I haven’t been able to get past the AT&T processing screen since.

  • Nelson

    did mines VIA att… perfect !!! My iphone 4 will be on its way !!! it was a wooping $325 hopefully will be worth it.

  • Bruce bernfeld

    Up at 4:00am. It took over an hour to get through,( finally through ATT website) but I persevered and ordered my iPhone 4. Boy, are they laughing at me in Cupertino!!! Are we nuts, or is the Apple marketing team so far superior than any other similar organization?? UP AT 4:00AM WAITING AN HOUR TO SEND THEM $300!!!!

  • Nelson

    Can we even get unlimited data on the iphone 4?? there is no option for unlimited DATA?????????!??!!!?!?!

  • The white iPhone has proven very popular, and I would say to the point Apple could charge a premium for it.

  • mddupree

    It only took 90+ minutes but I finally got through to pre-order the iPhone 4. It had better be worth the aggrivation.

  • iPhoNerd

    AT&T sucks! unlike last year they do not give me an option for early upgrade, i.e. I have to pay full price of 599 not 399 for 16GB. going to cancel my existing contract and move on with a new connection, screw them lol. still i will be paying way less than 599 even after paying the termination fee 🙂

  • Lucas

    Well, I have tried a couple times and it seems to bomb on the AT&T verification page to make sure I’m eligible for upgrade (I am)… I’d say that’s more an issue w/ AT&T’s website than it is Apple since I figure it’s got to connect thru their site to verify your account details. What a huge fail on AT&T’s part. Just may wait and go to the local AT&T store on release day after all.

  • Dave

    Haven’t been able to get past AT$T part either. Te first time it went through and then told me I timed out due to inactivity. Haven’t gotten that far since 🙁

  • iPhoNerd

    recently learned that Canada apple stores/site will sell Officially unlocked iPhone 4 starting in July, going to wait until Canada Release 🙂 No way I am going to pay $600 for lifetime locked phone to ATT right now. Waiting until Canada release will be good for me as I don’t have to trash ATT at this time and lose my existing number.

  • Kilowatt76

    I started my pre-order for the iphone 4 16gb at 8am and it is now 11:45am. I’m stuck on the screen that says, Processing information. Please wait while we process your request. Apple should have beefed up thier servers, EPIC FAIL! I will give it another hour and then I’m pulling the plug. The only good thing is I get the early upgrade price $199.00 and get to keep my unlimited data plan. Sorry to all of those who waited to join the Apple iphone family!

  • DJChapai

    I can’t get past the first selection screen. It just hangs.

  • Lucas

    I think the Apple site is handling it okay, the most problems I’m getting is trying to get the AT&T verification stuff which is what is causing it to bomb. You’ll notice AT&T’s site currently says its down for “a system upgrade” or some b.s. So I’d say they’re having the biggest issues.

  • Knight

    I just pre-ordered mine at bestbuy and I ordered the white iphone. She said that the white iphone is only available through apple & bestbuy not sure about radio shack. I kinda saw that there is going to be chaos in pre-ordering online so went to my local bestbuy and less than 10 mins my order is in. Don’t have to deal with all the crap errors that is showing. Just to wait till the 24th for my appointment to pick it up.

  • Gdoggg27

    I reserved my Iphone4 32GB for in-store pickup through a app called “Apple Store” that Apple must of just released. It’s super simple and you get a email confirmation saying that the phone will be available for pickup starting at 7am on june 24th.

  • Kilowatt76

    Update: I scrubbed the pre-order online and went with the Apple Store App to reserve mine. It worked like a charm but there is a catch! I received an email confirmation from Apple to pick up my Iphone 4 at the store on June 24th starting at 7am. There in the bottom in small print, this reservation does not guarantee your iphone 4. First come first served. If I wait over 3 hours in line and tell me they sold out. NOT WORTH IT! I think I’m going to cancel my reservation and wait to all the hype passes. I know from experience there will be defects among the first run. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

  • Colten

    @knight that’s impossible, I just talked with workers from best buy and no the white iPhone 4 will not be for sale until august. Which I think is total bull shit, I don’t wanna wait that for the white.

  • Will

    I went to the AT&T store and waited 30 mins to get help. So finally they helped me out and computers had crash so they had to do everything manually . Paper work and everything . It was like an 2hr process to just pre order my 32 gig Iphone . I just wait wait until the 24th !

  • Kilowatt76

    I just confirmed from the Apple Store my name is on the list and I will have an Iphone 4, 16gb waiting with my name on it. I told him about the email stating the first come first served basis. He checked and told me I have one reserved. I was told to call back on the 23rd to get full details on the in-store pick up. Wish me luck!

  • Gdoggg27

    I just called the Apple Store I reserved my Iphone4 at as well and they also told me that If i received an email then i am gauranteed a iphone4 as long as I come that day and buy it.

  • Kilowatt76

    I just called the Apple Store today and asked how many pre-orders they had. They could not tell me! I was told because the pre-orders were cut off they are offering the iphone 4 to walk-ins as well. I was like, WHAT!!!!!! So, you are taking the people with pre-orders first, right? WRONG!!!!!! There will be two lines, one for pre-orders and one for walk-ins. I just got a reminder email from Apple, pick up your reserved iPhone 4 on June 24th stating: When you come in to pick up your iPhone 4, you’ll be directed to a line for those with reservations. We’ll have specialists ready to transfer your contacts, set up email, and help you get apps so your iPhone is just the way you like it. (Forget that, just activate my phone so I can get the heck out of there) We look forward to seeing you at the store.

    The Apple Retail Store team.

    Your reservation will be held until close of business on June 24.

    So, if you did not get to pre-order, you may still have a chance to pick up an iPhone 4 on the 24th.


    I’m getting there at 5am! The store opens at 7am but I know there will be people camping out and the line will be probably be wrapping around the mall(SouthPark Mall, Charlotte, NC) by then. Wish me luck!