So in case you have been hiding in a tiny rabbit hole in fear of nuclear war for the last year, Apple has announced a new iPhone, iPhone 4. And what originally started out as a product you could only get online, in an Apple Store, or in an AT&T Store, can now be purchased from just about anywhere.

It seems that Wal-mart has just added their hyphenated name to the long list of retailers that will carry the iPhone 4 at launch date. Among those names are stores like Radio Shack and Best Buy who have carried Apple products for quite some time, but are still a surprise to most, as participants in the typically chaotic iPhone launch date.

If you’re like me you’re just glad that hopefully this will absorb some of the lines of customers at the stores, and maybe mean that there will be enough iPhones to go around. I don’t know though, since AT&T decided to make everyone and their dog eligible for an iPhone 4 upgrade, there’s no telling how crazy this launch day will be.

Will you be waiting in line or will you pre-order online?

  • Eric

    Call me crazy. But I still want to get mine at the apple store. Pre ordered and picked up. The way they cheer for you makes me like a rock star. Launch event in the lehigh valley Pennsylvania are pretty damn cool. It’s a great apple retail store. I’ve been to some that aren’t that enthusiastic. Heading to a friends 50th Bday party the next day. I think I’ll be the one everyone wants to talk to.

  • Lucas

    My wife & I plan on getting to the AT&T store here in town early on the day of the release, but hopefully it won’t be too crowded here, but I guess we’ll see in about 10 days. 🙂

  • Iphone Tutorrials

    I agree with Eric and will be getting mine directly from Apple. The service just seems better. And if you get to know one of the genius’ then you can always pop in anytime to ask a question.

    iPhone 4 is definitely going to be amazing.
    Ou could theoretically create a robot out of one.

  • Lucas

    No Apple store here or that’d be what I would do as well. :\

  • Rachelle Morgan

    Definatly gonna be preordering mine tomorrow. Dont wanna be disapointed come launch day. Bring it on 🙂

  • Justin

    I’m really looking forward to upgrading my 4gig 1st gen phone. No Apple store around be either. So I have to order online or at the AT&T store. Not sure which way to go. I’m sure that ordering at the store I would go back to the store to pick them up. But if I order online, do they get mailed? How are the rest of you going to order?

  • Gregory Foster

    I’ll be trading in my iPhone 3G at radio shack and receiving a $102 credit towards the new iPhone 4.

  • Scott

    Don’t trade in your old iphone-you can get much more on ebay.

  • Gregory Foster

    Just checked out eBay and the most I see my phone (3G 8GB) going for is $165, I’d rather lose the $63 and save myself the hassle and from paying eBay fees.

    I did think about doing that beforehand and decided against it.

  • Lucas

    Does anyone know if Best Buy and/or Walmart will be opening early to sell iPhones? I know AT&T stores are supposedly opening at 7am. I don’t know what the normal hours for Walmart folks to show up to sell iPhones in the electronics department is at a 24/7 store (I’m guessing 8 or 9am).

  • Gregory Foster

    Wal-Mart’s usually open at around 6AM but I’m sure they are under strict instructions not to start selling before AT&T or anybody else so if AT&T is selling at 7, I’d bet Wal-Mart is selling at 7 as well.