iMovie for iPhone iconWhen Apple revealed the iPhone 4 last week, they also announced iMovie for iPhone, a video editing application that goes beyond the trimming option of the iPhone 3GS. Much was left unknown about iMovie, with many people asking about the capabilities of this soon-to-be-released application.

Jeff Carlson of TiBits got a bit more information about iMovie from one of his sources at Apple:

  • iMovie for iPhone will be for the iPhone 4 only. It will not be compatible with the 3GS or older models because it requires the A4 chip
  • iMovie will not be able to run on the iPad
  • Edited movies can be transferred to iTunes but they can’t be further edited on iMovie on the Mac.

At $4.99, that is an application I will make sure to download as soon as I get my hands on the iPhone 4.

  • While I didn’t expect iMovie for iPhone to run on the 3GS, it’s a little dumbfounding that it doesn’t run on the iPad which has an A4 chip. Perhaps they’ll come out with iMovie for iPad and charge you $9.99? Which is fine by me.

  • Josh

    Since this is exclusive to the iphone 4… why do you have to pay for it? I have it for free on my mac… Is apple going to go microsoft style and make you pay extra for every program they have? While $4.99 isn’t much for what you’re getting, to me, it’s the principal behind it. You pay a lot more for an apple product because it’s a high end product- i.e. your not supposed to have to buy extra stuff to enjoy all of the capability of the product. If this was a third-party app, absolutely should be a paid app, just not from apple.