This year for the release of the iPhone 4, AT&T is giving a special gift to some of its customers. If you are an iPhone customer eligible for an upgrade between today and the end of 2010, you have been made immediately eligible for the best pricing for the iPhone 4 with a new 2-year contract.

AT&T even released a nice little video with Seth, the guy supposed to be cool at AT&T (but I can’t stand him).

To find out if you are eligible, you can do the following:

  • Visit a store or call AT&T
  • Dial *639#
  • Go to and click on “Check upgrade options”
  • Already checked, I’m not eligible but my hubs is. We upgraded at the same time but I got the 3Gs and he got a 3G. I’m very sad about this as he is flaunting it BIG TIME.

  • You’re right. He’s annoying. Does AT&T really think this guy is cool?

  • james

    text from AT&T says i’m eligible for the upgrade…but my contract ends in 2011 not 2010..I’m not gonna argue.

  • James. Same as me!! Hope I don’t get into trouble when trying to upgrade

  • james

    I dont think we will get in trouble,,,but I do wonder why i am eligible ,,,I have 2 friends who were denied I saw there text msg and its nothing like mine,,,theirs said sorry,,,mine says just like in the video above….we will see on the 15th

  • Gomez

    I also got the text message saying I can upgrade and my contract is suppose to expire in april of 2011 I am so excited the I’m thinking the only reason im eligible is probably because I always pay my fone bill a week in advance I’ve also had the same iPhone 3g for my whole contract never had to replace it i wonder how at&t hands out the golden tickets

  • iPhoNerd

    Well, it is not a surprise that att offer eligible upgrade between 18-24 months as it always happened to me. So I guess they are not doing any special favor to it’s customers in this way. Another number game to gimmick and make people happy thinking that they doing a favor. Upgrade between 18-24 months is usually possible if u r a regular paying customer. I am not talking about early upgrade here.

  • It’s going to be easy to get the new iPhone because on the day they release it there’s a big star trek convention and all the nerds and dorks are going to be there so those binary speaking bastards will all be there ..

  • Sullivan S

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